The Commuter - Let Me Explain

the commuters like one of 47 train

movies that's being released into

theaters and his literally just Liam

Neeson's non-stop but on a train I

personally say that it's a rented and

you should just watch it on your train

ride to work since it's the length of

that movie but let me explain we follow

Liam Neeson before his family gets taken

working a nine-to-five at an insurance

agency where he seems to be in good

hands every day his wife drives him to

the station and he takes a train trying

to save up for its kids tuition until he

gets fired he meets up his buddy at a

pub who just so happens to be his

ex-partner since of course Liam Neeson

was an ex-cop and they start talking

about how corrupt the police system has

become and they seem to be blaming

everything on chief Allen grants over

here and moan about how noble guys don't

win his buddy reminds him that he's

gonna miss his train so like your mama

running late he rushes to it but forgets

his phone trains completely stacked

since it's prime time and Liam society

to all the regulars as he finds a seat

and comes across a non regular Lorraine

Warren over here can still sense things

because she knows that Liam's a cop and

that he's in need of $100,000 that she

offers him in a bag in the bathroom and

all he needs to do is drop a GPS gum

ball into the bag of a person named

print who he doesn't know what they look

like cue the 90-minute game of guess who

that he's about to play even though he

tries to get off early but then that

chick from the last episode of Black

Mirror stops him and tells him that

they're always watching him so I don't

know if this is like that episode of

black man where this big corporation is

controlling a bunch of civilians to do

their dirty work but I wonder if they

have so many spies on the train already

why bother Liam Neeson's after getting

his wife's ring he starts freaking out

and nonchalantly asks Mike for helps and

he's about to get off and then whoever's

running this thing has an agent

straight-up Regina George him onto a bus


if this corporation has so many people

why not fine print yourself turns out

that it's the government slash police

force doing this because earlier in the

news a dude committed suicide who just

so happens to have some dirty secrets

obviously he was really killed and print

just so happens to be the witness who

witnessed it all and has a harddrive

with evidence Prince is then put on this

train to go see to detect

instead of them coming to them and

that's why Lorraine and her evil group

want to kill the witness before that

stop Liam then starts sagging people who

are gonna get off at zone seven only for

them to not be Prynne which means that

he's getting innocent people murdered

like we're talking a dude who Liam tags

and is actually an FBI agents and

somehow gets killed by the jazz player

on the train who's really an assassin

for the people and he stole him away

underneath the train and no one seizes

like if y'all got assassins on the

strain how can you not find preening

yourself either way it becomes Murder on

the Orient sat Neeson and the police

stopped the train since they get a call

that Liam Neeson has been acting pretty

suspect he bunks with the corpse so they

don't find him the train starts moving

he traced a spider-man his way back into

the train from the outside loses the

hundred Cray for his kid and he still

gotta finish the movie he messes with

the AC so that way the remaining cast

can all go to the last train he has a

one take old boy fight with the Jazz

assassin and Big Sean's him out the

window and he finds that prin is a

random girl we saw one little glimpse of

in the beginning of the movie named


Liam won't kill her like Lorraine wants

to so she freaking door rails the Train

and I'm not saying that that Washington

incident happened not too long ago but

one they detach the final car and for

whatever reason everything's okay - they

flip all over the place yet none of them

get a scratch and three they give no

justice to the conductor man here who

sacrifices himself the cops arrive and

they all think it's a hostage situation

with Liam so they send his buddy Patrick

Wilson to go in there to calm down the

situation and dun-dun-dun turns out he's

the one who's been conjuring up a plan

with Lorraine get it cuz they're both

and turns out his buddy is actually the

corrupt one who set the whole thing up

because he wanted to help out Liam since

he knew he could use the $100,000

Patrick then demands to know who print

is so he can kill her and I kid you not

all the passengers stand up saying I am

prim like they're auditioning for The

Hunger Games or something all of a

sudden they all got this negan loyalty

this thing ends up turning into a scene

from a Disney Channel original movie

no his buddy Patrick ends up getting

killed they all get saved

turns out the chief ain't that bad

Neeson rejoins the force to stop bad

guys and right at the end of the movie

he goes to Chicago to find Lorraine

taking the metro overall I'd say these

movies are they're still alright they're

decent action movies for what they are

but they're not as good as they used to

be but if there's one lesson that you

should learn from this movie and all of

the others it's don't ever travel with

Liam Neeson's thank you guys for

checking out this video as always let me

know your thoughts and what movies you

want me to explain next that are coming

up let me know what you thought about

this movie where you think it ranks in

all of the Liam Neeson movies that have

been out there of course taken to me is

so the best one nothing's ever gonna

beat that but we'll see how long he has

to go now that he's like in his 60s

other than that let me know your

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