Top 10 - Greatest All rounders in Cricket Ever


with hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes

showing the world how it is done in a

limited overs match and proving that

they have it in themselves to be called

as impactful all-rounders we at simply

Choma started fiddling around with

statistics and checked out if these

players can be termed as the best

all-rounders ever the result just said

these two still have a long way to go

today at Sibley Chima we are going to

talk about the top 10 greatest or

rounders of all time we are mainly

taking into account first the test

performance and then the ODI performance

this top 10 will be purely statistics

driven so batting average total runs

wickets economy rate etc have all been

taken into consideration to come up with

this top 10 before we get on with the

list the missed by that much segment

Daniel Vettori runs 4531 test runs and

2253 ODI runs 362 Test wickets and 305

ODI wickets number 10 Andrew Flintoff

called the new bottom in his younger

days Andrew Flintoff had the capability

to be called the greatest all-rounder

could see the ability and raw talent

that he possessed bowling in excess of

140 km/h Freddy took 226 Test wickets

and 169 ODI wickets in a career marred

by injuries eight centuries in both

formats of the game at an average of

more than 30 highlights the prowess that

he had he is best remembered for his

performance in the 2005 ashes wherein he

scored 402 runs along with 24 wickets

number 9 Sir Richard Hadley the finest

cricketer New Zealand has produced

Richard Hadley was a bowler of

devastating control and intelligence the

first two 400 test wicket

and one of the four great or rounders of

the 1980s

Sir Richard Hadley was instrumental in

elevating New Zealand from being

pushovers to being a fiercely

competitive test unit number eight

Shakib Al Hasan Shaka is rapidly

climbing up this chart a modern-day

all-rounder who is as good with the bat

as he is with a ball with more than

8,000 runs and more than 400 wickets in

tests and ODS combined this all-rounder

has achieved the legendary status and

with many years of cricket still left in

him he is sure to surpass some big names

in this list and we are expecting that

he will end up in the top four for sure

when just the statistics is taken into

account number seven Imran Khan one of

the greatest players from Pakistan Imran

Khan is best remembered for making a

name for himself when the West Indian

bowlers were creating havoc he is still

revered for his reverse swing and pace

taking 362 Test wickets at an average of

22 point eight one he finished his Test

career with 3,800 and seven runs at an

average of 37 point six nine becoming

only one of the eight cricketers to

accomplish the all-rounders triple of

3000 runs and 300 wickets in Test

cricket number six Shaun Pollock Shaun

Pollock was blessed with great fitness

and ended up playing for South Africa

for a long time this all-rounder made

three thousand-plus runs in both test

and ODI formats and with more than 400

wickets in tests and almost 400 in ODI

he was a force to reckon with with the


Pollock holds the record for the maximum

wickets by a South African in Test

matches even in OD eyes

the South African holds the record for

the best economy amongst bowlers with

more than 300 wickets

number-5 Sanergy Surya Saran jayasuriya

became a force to reckon with as one of

the most devastating ODI batsmen scoring

more than 13

thousand runs but let her know people

know the statistics unnethe had as a

spin bowler he had three hundred and

twenty three wickets in ODI alone and if

you add in the test figures of six

thousand nine hundred and seventy three

runs and a possible ninety eight wickets

he can hardly call himself a part-time

bowler he was indeed a genuine or

rounder number four Sir Ian Botham one

of the finest all-rounders of all time

Ian Botham was the fastest to the double

of thousand runs and hundred wickets an

English icon full of endless self-belief

he could change the course of a game

in an afternoon beefy as he is popularly

called was known to be a hard hitter

scoring runs at a fearless rate he

averaged 30 3.54 with the bat in Test

matches and picked up 383 wickets the

highest while English batsman dill James

Anderson surpassed it he is best known

for single-handedly awarding England the

ashes in 1980-81 when he scored three

hundred and ninety nine runs and picked

up 34 wickets in a series that has come

to be referred as bottoms ashes

number three coupled a with almost 9,000

international runs and almost 700

international wickets to his credit this

Orana stands tall and is easily the best

all-rounder in india ever this haryana

hurricane became only the second bowler

in world history to cross 400 Test

wickets ending with 434 then a world

record with the bat he scored 800 at an

average of 30 1.05 they've snatched 253

wickets and his knock of 175 against

Zimbabwe during the 1983 World Cup year

marked him as one of the greatest

all-rounders to have played the game a

spectacular fielder as well number two

Gary Sobers if Don Bradman is the

cricketer who has set the standards for

batsmen in the sport sir Garfield soba

stands as the pinnacle of the or

list setting the example for his

achievements in all spheres of the game

the most fearful of the West Indian

squad of the 1970s and 80s

Sobers both statistically and with the

kind of impact he had over the

opposition established a benchmark in

consistency by picking up 235 wickets in

93 Test matches and scoring 8,000 32

runs with a highest of 365 not out at an

average of 57 points 7 8 which was at

that time

second only to Brad man number 1 Jacques

Kallis he should have got as much

popularity as a BD is getting now this

play is called 13,000 289 test runs at

an average of 55 point three seven with

45 centuries

second best only to such in Tendulkar

and 292 Test wickets in 166 games gives

an adequate glimpse of the powerhouse

that Calais was in the limited formats

as well the South African scored over

10,000 runs picking up to 72 wickets in

328 matches some unbelievable stuff and

after that one of the safest pair of

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