How GOOD was Jolteon ACTUALLY? - History of Jolteon in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 1-6)

man it's been a good while since we had

a generation one Pokemon huh now it's

not a huge surprise that when we return

to Gen one it'd be with evolutions

though it's no secret just how popular

these things are Zane's told me Jojo was

always his favorite evolution because

they saved them in a Pokemon State and

run with pin missile of all things I

feel like no one dislikes Jolteon it's a

pretty high ranking evolution in

everyone's list as you might have

guessed Jolteon shown up in the anime

tons of times just because Eevee is so

popular every few years a new generation

of kids can get exposed to Eevee and its

entire highly marketable family although

most of us season one kids will remember

the Jolteon honed by Sparky in the anime

so Jolteon shows up pretty often but

we're not here to talk about the other

evolutions just Jolteon so let's find

out how good was Jolteon actually and in

this video we'll be discussing these

competitive formats

oh man Gen 1 means I get to talk about a

Nintendo Cup again Jolteon was one of

the most popular pokemon in the game in

fact in the finals of the first Nintendo

Cup Jolteon was tied for the most pick

pokemon among the 15 finalists along

with the king of red blue and yellow

Toros this is due to some pretty

interesting stuff in the original

Japanese pokemon red and green blizzard

was even more absurdly powerful than in

the later gen 1 games having a 30%

chance of freeze this meant that ice

types like jinx and Lapras dominated

their meta voicing later staples right

on and Gollum out I would know

ground-types too well ground its

electricity Jolteon left to the

forefront as a premier sweeper and the

best electric type as Zapdos suffered

from the icy climate as well even when

Blizzard got nerfed Jolteon had a case

for being one of the best sweepers in

the game it's spot as best electric-type

was usurped by Zapdos but jojames

blistering speed of 130 put it tied for

second fastest pokemon in the entire

game only after electrode all the

eeveelutions got 130 in a single stat

but that speed was easily the best

pairing for the frightening 110 special

stat they all had as well which allowed

Jochem to easily outclassed electrode

with speed like that joke Jia was

arguably the best late-game sweeper in

the game after Taro's anything that

normally wouldn't died - a powerful

Thunderbolt still had a pretty good

chance of getting critted

because as a reminder crits in gentleman


based on speed the only thing that could

really stop Jojo were the after

mentioned ground-types but here's where

it's other biggest asset its move poll

came into play

although Jill Jian was a good special

sweeper it usually only ran carrying a

single special attack Thunderbolt other

slots were reserved for thunder wave a

staple in red blue and yellow and it's

incredibly useful coverage moves in pin

missile double kick and body slam pin

missile exists it to hit grass types

like exeggutor victreebel

and remember in Gen 1 bug was actually

super effective against poison

so all these grass poison types really

didn't like getting hit by pin missile

and of course there are also the psychic

types too just in case you needed to hit

one of those double kick and body slam

were nice but have their uses against

ground-types body slam could paralyze on

the switch and with two crits Joe John

could potentially do around 35% damage

to the rock and ground types so at least

it wasn't completely useless

Joel Dion's primary counters were the

ones I just mentioned but it also didn't

match up super well against special

walls like Chauncey and Snorlax well

double kick was super effective without

a crit it wouldn't do much and Chauncey

could status and heal up with soft

boiled and Snorlax had earthquake

paralysis from body slam would make

Jolteon almost completely useless unless

it had agility for that specific

situation it's also worth mentioning

that in pokemon stadium Jolteon is

significantly better

although most if not all competitive

matches are played on the gameboy game

this is because focus energy actually

works correctly and red blue and yellow

focus energy would either leave your

critical hit rate unchanged or actually

lower it if your speed was lower than

the enemy which of course wasn't likely

but still sucked with a properly working

focus energy Jochem was almost

guaranteed critical hits meaning its

status as a sweeper was even more

terrifying with only a few counters and

amazing stats jalgeum was easily and


though was a step below the most

dominant pokemon in the meta and it was

s tier nintendo cub Jolteon lost 15

special defense in the special split but

it had bigger problems going into Gen 2

as in literally raikou was like a bigger

version of it with more bulk and rest

raikou had phasing potential which

easily made up for the 15 speed

difference it had compared to Jolteon a

gap that was really only relevant

against uncommon picks like crobat duck

trio and Alakazam outclassed in the

attacking department Jolteon had to find

another niche especially as a now stood

no chance against the behemoths Snorlax

luckily it did and if you've watched our


Ellucian videos you might have an idea

of what it is all eeveelutions had

access to Baton Pass and Joe channel was

one of its only viable users in GSC

along with its brethren while vapeur on

a nest ground relied on passing growth

Umbreon was used for mean luck passing

and Flareon did nothing Jolteon was

focused on passing its defining stat

speed Thunder vault and hidden power

water led Jolteon handle the most

popular phasers in suicune ride on and

skarmory though if Joe John came up

against its replacement raikou it was in

trouble the ability to fight phasers was

crucial as it led Jolteon the pass speed

or substitute to hugely powerful Pokemon

who needed support like Charizard or

more commonly marowak jolt lack was a

terrifying combo if pulled out correctly

marowak needed support but it had a

terrifyingly instantly at threatening

attack of 508 because of thick Club and

if it got sword dance up it could be

curtains as such the best jocha

encounters needed to be able to handle

not just Joe John but also marowak this

meant that while Blissey and froze the

store lex were nominally great they

could also be in trouble of joe chen got

its pass off well to be honest Snorlax

usually did find because he Snorlax

exeggutor was actually one of the best

counters since it handled marowak nicely

but then if a Charizard popped out you

might be really screwed this is what led

Jolteon stay in overuse the

unpredictability of Bhutan pass minute

could potentially end any team right

quick and Nintendo Cup where teams were

comprised of three Pokemon this didn't

work quite as well and so Jolteon was

only be- tear their outclassed entirely

by the other electric types

Rika's receival of combine and Gen 3

sealed its superiority as a main

electric attacker when compared to


but the 15 speed that hadn't really

mattered to generation before was

suddenly monumental and it's because of

one of those uncommon picks we mentioned

before with its new ability arena trap

Dugtrio suddenly became one of the most

threatening pokemon in the game and this

means it became an amazing threat to

raikou as even if raikou predicted the

switch with a super effective hidden

power it only had a 37 percent chance to

one-hit ko and if it didn't your raikou

was 100% dead till jion's ability to

outspeed many could win against Dugtrio

if it predicted correctly and more

importantly it could Pathan pass out of

arena track this gave it an amazing

designation as one of the only electric

types that could beat Dugtrio along with

Zapdos as such joel/john could play a

powerful scouting role as if four

switches incredibly frequently with his

powerful attacks and it love switches

because I've predicted correctly it was

a chance to throw up a substitute and

swap out to something else this was like

both switched before ball switch letting

Jolteon hold momentum near indefinitely

now if you watched our Umbreon spr nurse

miracle videos you know that Gentry was

where the trouble with the contest

started to kick off Joe Chill was not

however used in most full baton patch

teams as it didn't bring anything that

ninjas or if he needed a replacement

Zapdos didn't it was a different breed

of baton passage spurred on by its

ability vault absorb which gave Joe ton

even more momentum and the ability to

gain some HP and switching freely on

Elektra type attacks when it came to

countering Joe John true counters

dependent on the type of hidden power

steelix was one of the few Pokemon that

wasn't weak to any common Jolteon set

and swapper worked against those

carrying hidden power ice while Flygon

and Celebi did well if Joe John was

packing hidden power grass there were a

lot of Pokemon that could go up

one-on-one with it like Snorlax Blissey

and regice but stopping it from passing

was another matter the best way to beat

it was to be ready for its passes

forcing it into an unfavorable matchup

once it didn't have a pivot to rely on

Joe Jam required precise play but if

used well it did its job easily and it

was hard to prepare for traits that

landed it once again in overuse Gen 4

really is a big changing point huh aside

from the obvious fiscal special split

the introduction of choice scarf specs

life orb and a bunch of other items

really gave some Pokemon the variety

they needed to be effective or just

straight-up booths with choice effects

Jolteon occur once again levers at speed

and special attack being even more

attractive than right true raikou needed

a scarf to get just over a speed

benchmark to relevancy but Joe John's

natural speed was more than adequate to

justify using a spec set Thunderball

shadow ball or signal beam and as always

a choice of hidden power made for quite

threatening special sweeper and in a no

match to its previous role photon fats

could be used even on the choice set so

that Joe Jack could scout effectively an

escape duck trio or pursuit users if

variety was needed Joe John can also

pair life orb and charge beam since Joe

John's natural speed was enough to be an

effective revenge killer it could switch

in for a low-risk chance at a charge

beam boost after which it would be at

times 1.95 power on

tact sure this set still struggled with

special walls but if those were removed

Joe John could easily hit every pokemon

in the game for pretty massive damage

after boost and of course substitute

plus Baton Pass was still absolutely an

option as was a nice move set based on

yon that existed to hamper Jill Kahn's

usual counters by putting them to sleep

on the switch while Jolteon certainly

appreciated the ability to extra

offensive presence once again due to its

new items those sets were also more

easily threatened than baton paths again

this usually was dependent on the hidden

power youth iseman losses to Swampert

and and Mamoswine

well grassman a bad matchup against

flagon and gliscor looked on pastor Yan

said sacrificing covers were walled by

Celebi and electivire's motor drive

meant a switch into Thunderbolt resulted

in a quick earthquake to the face in

general though Joe Chong was a solid

choice its main problem was lack of

attacking power compared to the other

powerhouses like he Tranter Gengar while

i had coverage moves to fill out his

moveset it was decidedly limited past

that so once you figure it out the set

you knew what it was going for and if

you guess wrong it usually wasn't too

big of a problem but it was still easily

one of the best electro types in the

game and sat comfortably and overuse

Jolteon stayed doing what it did best

ingenta fight the meta became slightly

more friendly as thunderous provided

steep competition and Jolteon finally

added bulk switched to its arsenal a

move that fits like a glove and then an

absolutely didn't need baton pass on

attacking sets anymore the weather base

metagame was a mixed bag and rain

thunder provided Joe John a much-needed

power boost and it was there that it was

most seen as such and also struggled

against other weathers where thunder

became about as accurate as Zach Canada

specifically Tyranitar did very well

against thunder variants of Joe John

necessitate a signal beam as a way to

deal with sand stream item choices for

attacking Joe Kahn included choice specs

life-form and expert though it really

just depended on what you value when its

power and speed frequently forced

switches and of course that Lenin room

for its other set substitute and Baton

Pass which function the same as it

always had threatened the Pokemon sub on

the switch and feel free to do whatever

you want at that point as always bliss

II was the biggest Jolteon threat and

Gen 5 added Evo Lake Chauncey to the mix

the affirmation Farah throne was the

closest thing to a hard counter Joe Chen

maybe ever encountered as even if it was

a substitute Jolteon Firth or could

happily throw down hazards the choice

set was susceptible to ground grass or

dragon types that could

Hank an election site move finally

priority choice scarf uses punch holes

through Jolteon spore defenses well Joe

Jam persisted and as always was a solid

overuse choice

Tolkien's few VGC appearances came in

fifth gen VGC one thunderous mostly

outclassed Jolteon Jolteon speed was the

one reason to use it it was extremely

hard to get Jolteon in without taking

advantage of both absorb and once it was

in it could potentially wreak some havoc

with a thunder gem or a focus ash by

getting off a guaranteed one or two

attacks due to its speed there's not

much to say here though earthquake and

priority physical moves like sucker

punch and mach punch made VGC very

unfriendly territory for Jolteon and i

can only find a few mentions of it ever

doing one tournament the main one being

top eight at UK nationals and seniors in

2013 although we don't have much

information after that Raikou spent two

generations languishing and borderline

and underused but gen 6 boosted it back

into overuse as talonflame became the

bird everyone loved to hate well Joe

Gianni Reich who shared the same typing

Jolteon paper-thin defenses meant even

with resistances it could have stand up

to the bird spam from talonflame or

aerial light mega pincer what's more if

you wanted an incredibly fast electro

type Megaman Ettrick outperformed

Jolteon in every way boasting a better

move full with overheat higher speed and

special attack and an arguably more

Universal useful ability intimidate Oh

for the cost of one mega stone as such

Joel John was left high and dry falling

all the way to rarely use power

treatment even under use was a rough

environment as the amount of counters

for Jolteon grew even higher under use

had florges Lizzie Shaymin Celebi and

scarf hydreigon jocha still saw playing

under yours but it certainly wasn't a

top threat but at least that's what Tom

passed set wasn't bad but Todd castles

only banded chain and what boosting

moves that affected two steps but even

that subset didn't seamless you as Joe

Jon simply couldn't force switches the

same way anymore

and as for doubles while that same power

creep didn't do wonders for Joe John and

VGC it did see some minimal Gen 6 usage

actually it made top eight at Nationals

in the junior division at the hands of

Glenn Edgar previous Jolteon variants

and VGC focus on the more standard

single target attacking but Gwen's

existed as part of a disk lick combo

with Garchomp and that's it so how good

was Jolteon actually for most of it's

life really good Jo Geon is the

quintessential fastness

electric-type packing exactly what you

would expect speed and power it has a

pretty small move pool but what it does

have works or worked for a while the

ability to threaten offensively and

simultaneously take advantage of

switches with the tante acid substitute

meant that what should be a pretty

linear pokemon actually had a surprising

amount of death these days power creep

finally caught up to Joe John but they

outran it for a while with that 130

speed thanks for watching everyone and

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