Wine Vs Beer Which Is Healthier For You? #Health_Tips

hi guys did that I will show you wine

versus beer which is healthier for you

while we all know it is not a healthy

choice to consume alcohol many of us

enjoy some good drinks of beer or beer

once in a while whether we drink alone

or with our friends we may have to

debate what is better to drink some

prefer wine over beer due to some health

benefits some say beer comes cheap and

hence it's more popular if being drunk

in moderation wine or beer both are not

bad for your health

let's take a look what we actually get

when we drink wine and beer don't forget

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notifications calories amount of

calories will depend on the type of wine

and beer but generally a bottle of

alcohol is 750 calories for one week a

glass of wine equal to 177 milliliters

can give you approximately 1260 calories

on the other hand for a week the beer

pint of beer at night gives about 1,500

calories perhaps you have seen that many

beer drinkers have so-called beer belly

beer and wine both have calories sugar

and fats that give them their

distinctive tastes one pint of beer is

indisputably more calories than a glass

of wine but if you are a general drinker

you will see that the difference is not

actually much

alcohol and carbs the wine has more

alcohol content than bear but due to the

different drinking patterns one in small

glasses about 170 milliliters per glass

and beer is served in pints 330

millilitres the alcohol contribution of

beer gets higher so while drinking

always keep an eye on the total alcohol

content you are consuming

caution both beer and wine can have

negative effects on our health including

some craft beers can have more than 300

calories for each bottle white wine can

destroy the tooth enamel due to its high

acidity one study has shown the red wine

can produce migraines

a glass of wine is good for our health

especially for our heart due to its

polyphenol it can also help reduce blood

pressure and diabetes risk nonetheless

even if the beer is not something that

professionals recommend it also has

polyphenols and it can also have

benefits for us as for carbohydrates one

can have at least nine point one to

nineteen point three carbohydrates while

a pint of beer can give you at least

fifteen point six to twenty two point

four carbs

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