How To Find Domain Owner Information ( WHOIS Information )

hello guys it's me Anupam from you free

learner karate okay today I'm gonna show

you how to find the owner of a domain

name or surname and and the hosting

server and lot more from information

about a specific domain let's jump on

the tutorial and this can be fine from

we server and if your dessert if you

want find if you want to find any domain

name resistant register register means

the company or the domain brought from

and the registrant means the owner of

the domain name and you can get a lot

more information from we server let's

start I'm gonna I mean the Google shirts

from and there I just shirts I see an OS

okay and you can disturb shorts who is

who is information you can write a ride

owner oh yes

who is lock up always information okay

there's a lot of web so you can get get

just a high prefer I CNN voice and this

URL red button it open it and if I find

any domina mayor suppose okay

look up

and it will get all the information

related to ok time P can P be

call B oh okay this is small so I'll

lock up okay is the information

registrant contact DNS admin

organization a Google incorporation and

mailing at DISA all the thing had made

contact tech contact and logistic

register register information I mean the

domain by from the website Matt

monitored calm instead as a name server

and there is a lot of invention I can

find that the creation date I mean the

first brought abroad date when the first

de minimis parts aged and yeah that is

the important dates creation date 1997

and update update 2015 okay a lot more

efficient you can get phone number the

owner registrant country postal code a

lot more information you can get from

always inform Whois database so have a

happy journey with Whois information

have a great time good bye bye