History In lok Sabha: First Woman Speaker

moving on the decks have been cleared

for Congress MP mera kaam ought to be

elected as a speaker of the 15th Lok

Sabha today Meira Kumar is all set to

make history as the country's first

woman Speaker yesterday thirteen

nominations were submitted by the leader

of the House Brenna Mukherjee to the Lok

Sabha secretary-general PD Acharya

now among those who backed her bid for

the constitutional post for the UPA

chairperson Sonia Gandhi Leader of

Opposition LK Advani NCP chief Sharad

Pawar and samajwadi party leader Mullah

I'm Singh

Mukherjee in fact led a group of UPA

leaders to the Secretary General's house

in a formal show of solidarity behind

Kumar Kumar is a five-time MP and

resigned as Minister for Water Resources

after the Congress backed up a speaker

with the opposition deciding not to

oppose Amira's election does not seem to

have any of obstacles let me go across

to another truck Sonia who joins us for

more on this story analytic what a

historic day are today for the Lok Sabha

absolutely it will be a historic day in

Lok Sabha today the session begins at

about 11 a.m. when the election process

of Meira Kumar will take place and as

we've said there has been no opposition

in the house because remember this is

the first woman that is going to be a

speaker of the Lok Sabha the first woman

Speaker of the country also importantly

the point that the Congress has also

tried to make she is a a prominent Dalit

leader from they are a state where the

Congress is trying to make important

gains so giving the state an important

representation like that even though

there has been criticism that there is

no Union Minister no minister in

Manmohan Singh's cabinet or counsel from

Bihar the fact that the speaker comes

from the state of Bihar an important

Dalit woman leader that is the strong

message that the Congress is trying to

send out also following in its step is

the BJP which has projected Esty leader

from Jharkhand Correa Munda as the

Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha so very

well social equations have been thought

out by both parties but nonetheless this

is a historic day as the first woman

Speaker takes place as you know in the

15th Lok Sabha election process

dealing at 11:00 a.m. today when the