D-Mart Success Story - From Rags to Riches

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Cajon let's go through a success story

of a person who started from no wealth

and became a billionaire you all might

have seen d Mart in different cities and

states of India do you know about story

of DeMott these transfer the money

Radha Kishen the money the founder of

demon let me share his life story for

few minutes with you it is really

inspiring and proves we can start from

scratch and that you create wealth in

our lives it's a story of demon founder

who turned absolutely no wealth to about

1.1 billion dollar worth of net worth RK

the money or Radha Kishen the money

started his career as a trader in ball

bearings then he shifted his career to

stock market made big money he left

stock market at right time and started

damad which now has 91 stores all over

India and will soon cross 100 after

listing the company in stock market

the money was busy with his ball bearing

business his brother was a stockbroker

at the age of 32 he lost his father he

then had to stop his business and join

his brother in stock trading of which he

had no knowledge he began as a

speculator and started stock trading

with no time he understood watching was

not the best way to make money taking

inspiration from a legendary value

investor Chandler can't

Sampath he started playing for a long

term it was not easy to earn money in

the stock market initially he lost a lot

of money in trading then he decided not

to follow the strategy of heard he

played it differently from others then

he started succeeding in trading his

strategy was quite simple his philosophy

was long-term investment he would study

many companies and identify companies

which had good potential and invest for

long term gradually his judgments became

right and the next couple of years he

became biggest trader of the longstreet

his ego never came in his way and he was

very quick in cutting and booking losses

Harshad Mehta is one of the big bull of

stock market the money is the one of the

few who stood in competition with him

and succeeded over him due to many such

big bank victories the money evolved as

a most value investor on the stock

market the money is observed to be

wearing two hats

on one end is a stock trader trying to

understand the market swing waiting on

the other hand he is a value investor

betting on companies for the long runs

similar to the god of stock market

Warren Buffett let's look at few

investments of the money and they have

growth in percentages in last 15 years

VST industries share went from 190

rupees to two thousand seven hundred

rupees a increase of 1300 person

syndrome Finance share went from 90

rupees to one thousand six hundred

rupees say one thousand six hundred

seventy percent blue dot express share

went from fifty rupees to five thousand


say nine thousand nine hundred percent

growth 3m India share went from three

hundred rupees for 11,000 rupees say

three thousand five hundred percentage

of growth to just breathe in simple

terms if he had invested thousand rupees

in each company the total of four

thousand investment would have become

two lakh thirty five thousand rupees or

if he had invested four lakh rupees in

2004 today the value would have with two

crores 35 lakhs

six thousand rupees now let us

understand why the multi success

what is the strategy he adopted DeMott

offers massive discount and targets

middle-income whole 90 percent of stores

are owned by demand so no worry of money

rentals DeMott basic vendors on lament

the day came at offers flexibility

empowerment and efficient work culture

they even go to hire 10th standard

dropouts with the right ad gentle and

commitment on now let us understand how

the mat is standing ahead from its

competitors the mat offers six to seven

percent lower than its competitors the

mat owns a majority of its properties

which helps them to save a huge chunk of

money on when they also avoid opening

stores inside malls

unlike other - methods to avoid high

inflated rents how was the growth of the

mat being so far in 2001 retailing

was far from reality at least in India

the money decided to enter the retail

industry early days of business was all

about intensive learning and

understanding customers mind self in few

years diamond broke all rewards DeMuth

made revenues of 260 grows in 2006 and 7


2014 and it hit they all times got high

of 6450 crore revenues in 2050 and it's

still moving on I hope the story of mr.

Radha Kishan Amani is inspiring and

motivating us to do the best in our life

mr. domani is also called mr. white and

white a great stock market investor a

stock broker and a great trader thank

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