🇱🇷 Liberia: George Weah sworn in as president

from the same football pitch that

propelled him to global fame George

where took the oath as president of

Liberia the national flag was lowered as

former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Midway for the new presidency in his

inaugural address we acknowledged the

enormity of the responsibility of his

new office asking librarians to hold him

to account


you also asked his countrymen and women

to do their part the mood is electric

but already some of his strong support

base mainly the unskilled and unemployed

are beginning to sound impatient and

want to see immediate results great job

for the youth the jobless youth and to

to create a professional institution to

add more value to the youth we are we

have a lot of uneducated people in this

country don't we may not be as political

experience as his predecessors but he's

got a lot of good work what he does with

us in the next six years may and may not

set him apart from previous leaders but

many say the next six months will

determine which direction he will take

Liberia and it settles analysts say that

is a period when he needs to be decisive

because mr. weir himself has been

branded as inexperienced he needs to put

his best foot forward he needs a strong

Minister of Finance that can send a

message to the local and international

economic players that Liberia's capable

of doing business the ceremony to usher

in the George Weah era was long and

colorful many will be watching closely

now to see if he can replicate the

success he achieved on the soccer

pitches of Europe as leader and

president of his country Hamid Nutrisse

al Jazeera Monrovia