Joel Heitkamp shares his feelings about possibly running for ND State Senate

hello everybody thanks for going that

extra mile Joel I can't post the news

and views and recent announcement right

kent conrad not going to seek reelection

to the united states senate to represent

North Dakota after decades of service to

this state the state that I loved he's

decided that he's not going to seek

reelection in other words he gets to

have a life just like the rest of us

what does that mean well it means that

right now at this point what we should

be focused on is thanking Kent Conrad

now we should be taking the time to look

at all that he is done when it comes to

North Dakota look at where farmers are

at today just take a look at what

farmers are at today how has this farm

bill work for you the egg producers of

North Dakota pretty well I would say for

that matter you the egg producers all

across this nation how has North Dakota

sat in terms of bringing in research

dollars with higher education pretty

well pretty well how is not the code had

done when it comes to getting the money

its needs to fight floods to make people

whole after being devastated by water

going across land however it gets to him

well they've done pretty well how is it

higher education done pretty well under

kent conrad the point is this Kent

Conrad has been there for each and every

step of the way in his time he never

quit fighting the only time in my adult

life that I ever saw a balanced budget

and the deficit go down was under Kent

Conrad and what he did for this nation

in the 1990s I hope we all remember that

and I hope we all take some time to

thank him it's going to be a lot of time

for speculation about who's going to run

for that job I've been one of the names

that has been floated as though I'm

interested in being a potential

candidate well the truth is I don't know

that I'm not I don't know all this news

just came so quickly I think we're all

going to need some time to just kind of

digest it and see where we go with it

what I will tell you is this for right

now I'm going to focus on thanking a man

that I'm proud to call my friend in my

United States Senator

kent conrad thanks for calling the extra

mile we'll see you tomorrow on news and