Pope Francis at center of apocalyptic prophecies

many say they saw it coming or even

since the resignation of benedict xvi

and election of Pope Francis has brought

to light a series of past prophecies

that allegedly predicted this at the top

of the lists are the predictions of

Nostradamus and Saint Malachy

Nostradamus the French doctor

astrologists and pharmacist had

supposedly prophesized many events that

later came true

however since many of the prophecies are

vague or rather generic

they can apply to many situations within

the writings of st. Malachy the

situation is no better according to

writer Vittorio Mazzoni there are based

on apocalyptic prophecies based on

factual mistakes like Wien 3 amo here we

enter a topic that as little or nothing

to do with a serious reflection the

prophecies of Saint Malachy and reality

are not his there are farce an Apocrypha

established in the 1500s about a power

struggle during a Conclave there are

false but certainly interesting because

by chance a few of them will seem to be

true in theory Nostradamus spoke about

the arrival of a black Pope Pope Francis

wears white of course but Jorge

bergoglio does belong to the Jesuit

Order whose leader is informally known

as the black Pope he's not African but

the term refers to the black priestly

clothes he wears

and is influenced when it comes to

decision making Saint Malachy on the

other hand spoke about the Pope from the

ends of the world if this sounds

familiar it's because they're the same

words Pope Francis said on the balcony

the night he was a quasi Avila del mondo

CMO queen

described in very vague phrases there

are no indications that their

apocalyptic prophecies are any different

than say the Mayan prediction which

foresaw the end of the world on December

21st 2012 which obviously didn't happen