Best of the Thirteenth Doctor (So Far) | Doctor Who

laughs fart


I let you go






what is it I've no idea


she buys a few seconds oh yeah long

story tell you later

doors lock shop we'll see about that no

sonic empty pockets oh I hate empty

pockets who's coming back

I am okay don't like questions nor the

private type forget


all of you

stay very still


you three relax but staple I'll check

the rest of the trade fat lot of use you

two were hey hold on there please madam

I need you to do as I say this could be

a potential cry thing me madam because

you're a woman

oh my does it suit me what oh yeah I

remember sorry

half an hour ago I was a white-haired

Scotsman when's the next train Jim this

is the last one buck but the doors are


how did you both get in driver's window

was smashed in what's your name

PC can Helena please name not title

Jasmine can yes it's my friends can I

have your name please

what I can remember it you don't know

you won't need what I know where I can't

remember it right there on the tip of my

tongue torn smart boy biology what did

she call you Ryan

yeah Ryan Sinclar good name you were dr.

Ryan no shame I'm looking for a doctor

power lights


poor woman that thing was the kill does

it came through was there didn't kill

anyone else look small I should I'd have

shot really smash through the window

either way a woman has died here but no

more creatures and no other passengers

left on board let's get back to the


wait can you stop please this could be a

major incident I'm the one in charge


what you're gonna do call the intima

station before you gotta tell them the

facts which are the train was attacked

by what I need to take a look at CCTV

footage from why'd you need to check

CCTV when we all saw it with our own

eyes was an alien because alien to me oh

come on what do you think he's wrong no

I don't know what you're worried about

how you will explain all this to a

superior officer who won't believe you I

cannot report it you could hold off

until we get the answers to the bigger

questions which are what was it why is

it here where is it going next and most

importantly how do we stop it

cuz whatever it is I don't think he's

done come on Ryan

come on yes I'm calling you yes because

we're friends now

have you got family


awesome a long time ago how'd you cope

with that

I carry them with me

what they would have thought and said

and done make them a part of who I am so

even though they're gone from the world

they're never gone from me that's sort

of thin graceful to set so everything we

saw everything we've lied to people

about is this normal for you I'm just a

traveler sometimes I see things need

fixing do I can

except right now

I'm a traveler without a ship I've

stayed too long I should get back to

finding what's hardest doctor can I just


you really need to get out of those


right yeah it's been a long time since

about women's clothes



yes now that's what I want


that's what you're going with yeah got

any cash empty pockets also I've been

thinking about my TARDIS do you think

you guys might be able to help me



how long you gonna stand there for I'm

getting cramp

seriously Graham hard to concentrate

here do you understand what she's doing

my ship uses a particular type of energy

I've tracked the energy trail from the

moment I lost it to where it is now now

given this is a transport pod I'm

configuring it to send me to the planet

my ship seems to have ended up you're

going to another planet I'm trying to

accept sensor technologies really

annoying and super hard to decipher 139

layers 74 show makes sense right Graham

all right yes thread the cable onto the

top Ryan you turn on the switch okay you

three I'm almost gonna miss you

they'll say he's connected up he should


moment of truth in Richmond look

hang goodbye

do you

but me




wait everyone stop look it's like the

crumbs moving I'll squeeze the life out

of you yes the talk is to distract you

that's how they were designed in that

laboratory you can't save them we have

your fear to the strongest one your

fears dozen lifetimes worth a dozen

glass will take you fast remember any

facts foreign as we climbed smells like

garlic I'm lighter than air that's right

a more other thing about it but we'll

all have to dig deep for that right

talking about it but you're scared too

for yourself and for others well who

isn't afraid of your own news see deeper

though further back the timeless child

what did you just say she doesn't know

what you're talking about

what can you say will you see what's

hidden even from yourself the outcasts

are some people I get you're a beast not

me some people

ah my cigar


ignite very easily good old acetylene



come on

can you hear that noise


come on please give us this

sorry it's me


come to Daddy mommy mommy I mean I

really need you right now

my beautiful house monument


I love you I've missed you


if turn yourself up very nice lost my

key sorry but it's an old police box

sort of not really you expect us all to

fit inside there yep

at the same time want to try okay

oh we're due on in I left it in a bit of

a mess you've redecorated

I really like it

this is my TARDIS


it was a police box still lives on the

outside how do you fit all this stuff

inside a police box dimensional

engineering can't engineer dimensions

maybe you can't can i person here it's a

spaceship at a time Joe seriously

this is purple awesome I thought maybe

you didn't believe me that I get you


I thought you believed yourself for a

second back there who me

never doubt it no

home then you can guess that Billy start

believe it




proper goodbye this time about la do we

have to

you see doc the thing about grief is it

leads time well I don't want to sit

around my house why in free to go away

because that house is full of grace that

makes it so much harder but being with

you and seeing all these things aren't

they it really helps what about you do

you really think I want to go back to

work and I'm not where else no way yes

you wanted to come home I know I love my

family but they also drive me completely

insane I want more more of the universe

more time with you

you like the best person I've ever met

you're pretty awesome

Gilroy I suppose I can't guarantee

they're gonna be safe you know do you

really cuz when I pull that lever I'm

never quite sure what's gonna happen

that's okay you're not gonna come back

as the same people that left here but

that's alright I think that's good

be sure all of you

be sure





what can you my farmer there still don't

quite work Tim Thomas

we'll say that welcome aboard properly



all of this day this is the spot you

choose I'm going to be the first woman

married in Pakistan of course you are

you all right sweetheart I always cry at


I know there aren't many certainties in

any of our lives but on Breen Fran what

I see in you is the certainty you have

in each other something I believe in my

faith love in all its forms is the most

powerful weapon we have because love is

a form of hope and like hope love abides

in the face of everything you both um

love with each other you believed in it

you fought for it and you waited for it

and now you're committing to it which

makes you right now the two strongest

people on this planet maybe in this


I'm not sure how we formalize this I am

will you

that's the hindu thing isn't it tying

their hands together now it can be our

thing if we want it to be

taking a bubble wrap totally innocuous

above him when he's intercepted here and

white and ice sheets of tiny little

bombs ready to explode and kill every

parcel a deathtrap the workers aren't

the targets it's the customers problems

trying to kill their own customers

that's the worst business plan I've ever

heard doctor we found you

Kira's dead and Charley had something to

do with it that's not Kira he wasn't

meant for her the system took her it's

been fighting back against me because it

knew what you were planning the

maintenance man

accessed everywhere noticed by hardly

anyone he'd been killing all the workers

I needed a test subject to be sure the

detonation forces would work in such a

small concentration all this stuff I

lied on my application give you a sob

story see let me get a new body

I've studied cybernetics explosives

teleportation I have worked for this

don't understand 10% they want us to be

grateful that 10% of people get to work

what about the other 90% what about our

futures because with our action next

time it will be 7% then five then one I

am stronger than you I'm not gonna stand

by and accept it people like me my

generation we change things we make

things happen even if it costs people's

lives you kill a load of customers at

KaBlam let the systems take the fall for

it erode people's trust in automation

make people angry imperfect technology

without a conscience machines

malfunction that's what they do

no mate that's what you're doing

seriously malfunctioning not your mate

except columns system does have a

conscience he's been fighting you

Charlie it knew it they sent a message

across the galaxy begging for help the


in Slade's office it was coming for you

and then Kyra

it took her knowing how you felt about

her to show you how it would feel

because how you feel right now about

Kyra is how all those families and

friends will feel if your plan goes off

I don't care I think you do I think you

came here with a plan but you didn't

expect to fall in love but that's what

happens use it charlie

learn from it please no no that's the

price to change how everyone on Candoco

sees technology then it is worth it for

the cause this isn't a course you're not

an activist this is cold-blooded murder

the systems take control the systems

aren't the problem how people use and

exploit the system that's the problem

people like you I don't care what you

think the delivery goes ahead



we're not gonna let you kill all those

innocent people destination coordinates

locked preparing to talk on you've got

an idea of how to fix that not enough

time to fix him wait you ready but

enough to half that either

maybe worth it go maybe I mean

definitely grab the Postma's head oh

just like you needed in the office do it

now I need to solve this

did you know what she's doing she can't

stop it now those deliveries are gonna

be teleported out I'm sorry you want a

whole universe someone who has seen it

all and that's me I've lived longer see

and lost more I can share it all with

you anything you want to know about what

you never had

he's an idiot with a daughter who needs

him so let him go and I will give you


you're not treated

you can still be training out in the




why is her frog in here


you said that could stop being Trina

the solar church is a frog who talks

like grace my own form is endless but

this frog is a form that delights me as

if once delighted grace there's me

thinking the day had no more surprises

left now please tell me of your universe

you think words can do it justice it's

really big and incredibly beautiful and

apparently I've just said goodbye to it

but the thing I'm gonna miss the most is

the people my friends I will be there we

will be their friends right being a

conscious universe masquerading as a

frog BFFs whoa did you just see that cuz

there wouldn't be much of a friend to if

I didn't point out you're not in control

of this you're wrong this is my plane I

control everything here so you can see

that it's still destabilizing me being

here is gonna kill us both you may want

us to be together but it's not working

it can never work you lying to me

because you want to leave no I'm your

friend but friends help each other face

up to their problems not avoid them this


you are the maddest most beautiful thing

I've ever experienced and I haven't even

scratched the surface I wish I could

stay but either of us are gonna survive

you're gonna have to let me go and keep

on being brilliant by yourself I miss


I miss it all so much I know

if you do this I promise you and I will

be friends forever

you have to let me go

I will dream of you over there without







not really we both know you don't have

one how are you communicating you might

have temporarily disabled my navigation

Russell know a trick or two like I know

you're a refugee from the planet Skaro

what sort of Dalek EU anyway my mission

is reconnaissance and conquest just as a

thought recon scout all humanity is my

prisoner now

he knew dreams me you've got no casing

no weapons and no chance I have weapons

right okay what would you do you've got

a weapon after all I've got it's gonna

do yet this planet is now the property

of the Daleks

I knew 7 billion people who may have

something to say about that now you

might have a weapon but you're a long

way from conquest release the woman

you're holding prisoner

what's it doing I think he's laughing

now do that get to my face what is this

these are my serious tech skills and yes

that is with a Zed bio truckin fuse to

Holland projection but last long

but I need you to see just how serious

my face is right now but it's not just

you wanted to talk to I know you can

hear me I need you to know we're coming

for you so keep fighting

let me just here with us I'm not leaving

you I know you said keep fighting

this feeble vessel will not fight the

Daleks are super lean

if you so supreme how come you let me

keep you trusting while I rebooted my


I'm coming for you Dalek







you know fully in sync yet

reconstruction yourself from memory and

remnants and

trust me I'll see them in action they

fall so many things including the worst

of their own people they're really

stopping and you don't work that out yet

even the recon scout Daleks the first

ones out of Skaro humanity bands

together vanquishes you and buries you

for centuries yet I survived you don't

have the strength

wake humanity I'm not human


bring any bells


you want this planet you have to consume

me so what are you making easy on

yourself and leave now


how long's a rel


you think I'm dumb enough to Sunday

without shields it's safe dad hide

behind your shield doctor you and

friends say hello to a Dalek signal

activation in nine rels the fleet shall

be summoned no it won't no matter how

many times you try no matter how long

you wait we'll always be in your way

back to by the best of humanity now

final final final warning because I'm

nice I really do try my best

stop this signal get off this planet you

not come on Dan

that's right Yeah right I tried I gave

it a chance

dudes I'm fast enough right I'm fast

enough for this plan probably maybe

possibly well that one needs work

is a new year message for you to send

earth is protected by me and my mates

this year and every other here we do




the custodians burned your shower and

we've got something they did you have a

nicely designed portable combination

oven transformers

going from high voltage one page to low



is it that signal never sent I think

that was my best kid ever I'm so chuffed

all the team dad extended fam


you underestimate me doctor Daleks

survived I'm sorry Aaron

I miscalculated you take me to the Dalek

fleets resist and this body will be

destroyed to do something fine doctor

seriously my decision whatever you want

just promise me you'll let him go you

are my prisoners now


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