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a lot of stuff happening along the way I

think um you know there were real

learning points with

when we first launched we were hoping

for you know maybe 400 500 people

Harvard didn't have a Facebook so that's

the gap that we were trying to fill and

now we're at a hundred thousand people

so who knows where we're going next

we're hoping to have many more

universities by the fall hopefully over

a hundred or two hundred and from there

we're going to launch a bunch of sad

applications which should keep people

coming back to the site and maybe could

make something cool







whatever it is that you want to do

there's going to be risk in your life

and risk is a necessary component of

progress you can make any pioneering

movements in the world of any kind

whether they be the geographical

physical exploration that I've just been

talking about or whether it be you know

a more cerebral exploration of a

scientific field or I bet you could ask

that question of every speaker here and

I bet that every speaker here has taken

substantial risks whether it be

intellectual or otherwise to achieve

what they're you know what they've done


lion roaring in my morning's and such

evolved along good day people feeling

like the light has just come we must

never stop the way




hello I'm Bill Gates chairman of

Microsoft in this video you're going to

see the future Windows Microsoft first

came up with the Windows concept back in

1983 and today the leading software

users have switched into the Windows

environment it's really incredible how

quickly our powerful applications like

Word and Excel and PowerPoint have been

adopted it's not just Microsoft

applications even companies like

WordPerfect and Lotus have now come out

with Windows applications and every week

we see new innovative work it's really

attracting all the innovation in the

industry we predicted this a long time

ago and now it's the future the buzz of


we will always take a stand

father people's

let's go