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hi Donald John Trump do solemnly swear

Donald Trump's path to the presidency

might be the most unusual and unorthodox

we've ever seen so help me God

congratulations mr. president but today

that journey ending steeped in the

tradition and pageantry Americans have

witnessed for generations it kicked off

just after sunrise the first glimpse of

the soon-to-be first couple arriving at

st. John's Episcopal Church the Church

of presidents the inauguration day

service a precedent set by FDR over at

the White House President Obama leaving

a personal note for his successor on the

Oval Office desk asked his message for

the American people then the president

elects arrival the Obamas greeting the

Trump's for coffee the photo-op

a little less than smooth nearby on the

mall hundreds of thousands streaming in

both Trump supporters and protesters

downtown clashes with police

the country still divided at the Capitol

dignitaries arriving including one who

expected to be here under very different

circumstances Hillary Clinton joined by

her husband while over 60 congressional

Democrats boycotted the inaugural

Clinton tweeting she wanted to honor our

democracy and its enduring values after

about an hour President Obama and

president elect Trump emerged from the

White House the two men who've had such

an intense war of words sharing a ride

to the Capitol then the arrivals on the

platform including the Trump family and

Donald Trump in his last moments as a

private citizen ladies and gentlemen the

president-elect of the United States

Donald John Trump Trump giving a

thumbs-up as he walks out


following a performance by the Missouri

State University choir Mike Pence takes

the oath as vice president so help me


everyone please stand then 19 months

after his improbable campaign began his

hand on Lincoln's Bible and his own the

billionaire businessman at 70 the oldest

man to take the oath is sworn in by

Chief Justice John Roberts afterwards as

rain starts to fall President Trump

speaks in the nation we will face

challenges we will confront hardships

but we will get the job done taking on

campaign themes from this day forward

it's going to be only America first

America first

every decision on trade on taxes on

immigration on Foreign Affairs will be

made to benefit American workers and

American families mothers and children

trapped in poverty in our inner cities

rusted out factories scattered like

tombstones across the landscape of our

nation an education system flush with

cash but which leaves our young and

beautiful students deprived of all

knowledge and the crime and the gangs

and the drugs that have stolen too many

lives and robbed our country of so much

unrealized potential

this American carnage stops right here

and stops right now and delivering a

blistering attack on the Washington

establishment seated around him for too

long a small group in our nation's

capital has reaped the rewards of

government while the people have borne

the cost we will no longer accept

politicians who are all talk and no


constantly complaining but never doing

anything about it

the time for empty talk is over now

arrives the hour of action and yes

together we will make America great

again thank you God bless you and God

bless america

afterwards the new commander-in-chief's

first tweet you're transferring power

from Washington DC and giving it back to

you the American people reaction from

the crowd watching I had chills but they

just need to give it time and just see

what happens I started to cry because

I've been used to seeing President Obama

something second greed an ominous 'n it

was like a big change back on the other

side of the Capitol a last conversation

between presidents and a final salute

former President Obama leaving on a

helicopter the view from inside as he

looks back on the White House and after

landing at Joint Base Andrews a final

speech thank you everybody

yes we did yes we can

god bless america barack obama then

boarding a military jet the former vice

president taking Amtrak back at the

capital the new president signing his

first executive orders his grandchildren

at his side and at a luncheon in his


president Trump meeting Hillary Clinton

face to face for the first time since

the election a gracious moment I was

very honored very very honored when I

heard that President Bill Clinton and

Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming

today and I think it's appropriate to

say and I'd like you to stand back back

at the White House staff with five hours

to move one first family out and another

in by 3:30 the new commander-in-chief

reviews the troops then climbing into

the armor-plated beast for the ride to

the White House just before passing his

new DC hotel president and his family

getting out to walk the route later

reviewing the parade from a presidential

viewing stand tonight President Trump

and his family will attend three

official inaugural balls another part of

the tradition everyone watching for that

first dance

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