Playing As THE PRESIDENT In GTA 5! (Mods)

this is Air Force one speaking the

president is in fact onboard and we are

landing at lo Santos I mean jelly

International Airport in roughly three

minutes that's right ladies and

gentlemen me jelly I am the president of

lo Santos this country has voted for me

to become the president that's right

they want to get their jobs back they

want equality they want the crime to

stop in lo Santos and that's what I'm

gonna make sure of that's right but what

is this pilot doing where are we going

man the airport's to the left oh my

goodness I think I need to hire myself a

new pilot or something is this sucks oh

man they better have like a car ready

for me or something yeah I'd like to go

somewhere I'd like to go and visit the

White House I've actually never been I

only just got elected come on pilot

give me a good lambing oh my goodness

it's quite turbulent up here okay

I'm proper scared is airplanes kind of

heavy Oh

water landing wait I'm supposed to be

sad there was a terrible landing pilot

my neck hurts

I need to fire this guy it's a part of

my strategy with budget cuts to fire

everyone oh yeah what to just look at

this my car is ready just what I asked


we even got the paparazzi and some fans

lined up what's up I'm a new president

thanks for voting for me I'm gonna make

your country the greatest country in the

world all right let's have a look we've

got some military officers over here

hello sir

good good morning sir how's it going you

guys have a good breakfast actually did

I had a bagel a bingo with a lot of

Nutella that's what every president

wants right now excuse me why is this

door open for me me the new president I

like driving myself I don't need y'all

all right we are trying to cut some

budget here

gotta save money to save this country am

i right take a good picture of me sir

yeah that's right I don't want no driver

I'll do this on my own all right so can

anybody tell me the address of the White

House cuz I actually have absolutely no


am I gonna get any protection or am I

just gonna leave on my own I mean this

is a pool

prove car I just realized I stole this

car but I'm the president it doesn't

really matter

All Right see you later plane I'm gonna

I'm gonna go to the White House I don't

know which way that is but I'll figure

it out open up please

where's the bullet president open up it

doesn't work okay I'll just have to go

through ya talking about saving money

there I just broke something in our

country all right I'm actually a little

bit lost let's ask somebody which way it

is to go through the White House is this

your average new elected president

that's lost sorry I've got a question

which way do I go to go to the White

House sir I'm your president how rude

I'm just gonna have to look at the map

okay which way do I actually go all

right I I think it's this way I think

I'm heading the right way I'm not

exactly sure guys can he not like put a

sign up saying the White House to the

right like seriously I'm so lost wait a

minute wait wait wait oh okay

hello there officers how's it going

thank you for serving me it looks like

there's a road blockage III guess it's

this way could they not have made this a

little bit easier what's wrong with you

guys you got guns in your hands and you

not help me seriously more Road

blockages look at this guy he just

crashed into one of them Thanks this

issue please oh look at that beautiful

beautiful flag I think I'm going the

right way up here

seriously this is this is bloody awful

letting me zigzag like this I'm about to

get dizzy and I'm the president I need

to serve you guys all right I think

we're almost here did that man just

crash his Lamborghini oh my goodness oh

look at my beautiful new home did we

spend our government money on wrapping

this police car is that really what we

did oh my goodness oh and this is the

entrance of my beautiful White House oh

my goodness look how insane howdy sir

how's it going what's with these little

sea horses in my garden because you guys

thought I've just made a real aquarium

like with real sea horses

all right so apparently we also have a

helipad in my garden

aye sir hi maybe I should have just used

that then I wouldn't have been so dizzy

now anyways I got

back to work you know I I get back to

work wait what's that I'm getting a call

I mr. mr. Kelly the president yes that's

me I'm the president first of all what

welcome to your new home

get to the point already all right well

as you know there have been some

protests going on and there is a threat

on you sir there is a threat on you what

do you mean there's a threat on me I'm

standing in front of my home the White

House and there's nothing going on well

sir I suggest you get back in your

vehicle and uh go to the safe hideout

okay don't stay in the White House are

you guys kidding me right now I have to

go back in that car go down the zigzag

road and I'm not allowed inside my own


all right I guess I gotta leave the

White House isn't safe there is a threat

on me yeah who wants to hurt me guys I'm

only doing good things for this country

oh great going back down the zigzag

roads I saw I was going yes thank you

sir Oh all right now I finally found my

way to the White House and other telling

me to leave this area because it's not

safe there's literally a million

officers protecting this area but sure


it's not safe anything's not safe it's

me driving this vehicle all right I'm

just driving to my safe place and

somewhere in the mountains I actually

have no idea where though but these guys

think they're following me whoa whoa

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what's

going on oh my goodness whoa I am the

president everybody this is unacceptable

there's like little explosions

everywhere it started raining it's

thunder what even is this is the world

ending what are all these little

explosions oh my goodness is the power

lines Oh whoa what's out yo what is

going on um now I get why I have to go

to a safe place but I'm not at the safe

place yet this is ridiculous I'm so

sorry everyone this is not my fault

this is not what you voted for I have

nothing to do with this oh I am so

confused what is going on the world is


the ending and I'd be like it's my fault

but I don't think it is this doesn't

make any sense okay is it gonna calm


oh my goodness I feel like it's getting

much worse I like can't see anything

where am I going

wow I need to leave this city this this

is the weirdest thing ever I don't want

to be the president what is going on


we're almost there oh my goodness this

is just not even funny anymore

this is not even funny no I don't even

care I'm gonna fly my own plane yeah I'm

gonna fly Air Force One I will actually

be the first president to drive his own

car to drive his own plane Christ I'm

breaking records here I am breaking

records as the president where's my

plane is that my plane leaving it's not

my plane is it all by Cortes no it's not

it's not where okay there it is in the

background at Forest Lawn all my

goodness and of course one is supposed

to be one of these strongest planes in

existence oh my goodness

all right where did I park this car

right over here yep perfect all right

I'm just gonna have to jump in or


come on yes we're in sigh oh my goodness

please don't blow up your Air Force one

you have got this oh my goodness what is

going on could they not have told me

where the safe hideout place is this is

absolutely ridiculous okay take off how

do I fly this plane okay wheels up we

are on our way oh my goodness that was


let's not crash let's not crash oh my

those waves look at those waves that

does not look normal

guys I think it's pretty clear to me

being the president of lo Santos is

possibly one of the hardest jobs that

you can get I think that's where I'm

gonna leave it well I just want to be a

normal citizen again this is a stupid

leave a life for Marmont bye thank you

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