George Martin: The Fifth Beatle

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the title of the fifth Beatle has been

thrown around a lot over the years

people like original drummer Pete best

manager Brian Epstein or publicist Derek

Taylor have all been given that honor

but I think nobody is as deserving of

the title as George Martin Martin was

the producer composer and arranger for

most of the Beatles career and his

contributions are directly responsible

for some of the band's most iconic songs

let's take a closer look at how Martin

helped define the sound of the biggest

band of all time George Martin's

relationship with the Beatles started

early in 1962 he heard one of their demo

tapes and arranged a meeting with the

band though he thought they were quote

rather unpromising Martin took a flyer

on the Beatles after signing them

Martin actually convinced them to fire

Pete best in favor of Ringo Starr making

him directly responsible for one of the

most iconic lineups in music history

while his production and arrangement

helped the Beatles early works reached

soaring success his influence became

much more pronounced in 1965 that's when

the Beatles released yesterday a song

that Paul McCartney had been

workshopping for several years while

McCartney did the heavy lifting on the

song it was Martin who pushed McCartney

to include his string quartet much to

his protest that made the song go from

this suddenly

there's a shadow hanging over me I'm not

half the man I used to be to this


I'm not half the man I used to be

there's a shadow hanging over


that string that helped elevate the song

to iconic status and set a precedent for

the Beatles to explore strings further

they did just that a year later in

Eleanor Rigby with another string

quartet piece scored by Martin this

score inspired by Bernard Herrmann's

music for psycho quickly joined

yesterday as one of the most famous uses

of strings and draw


Eleanor Rigby wasn't the only song on

revolver that owes its sound to Martin

he oversaw all kinds of studio

experimentation on that album including

the backwards guitar solo of I'm only



he also used tape loops to create the

hypnotic rhythms in Tomorrow Never Knows


as the Beatles experimentation got more

extreme Martin's role became more and

more pronounced you can thank him for

the psychedelic soundscapes on I am The

Walrus though Martin wasn't into that

song at first he spent weeks creating

the songs stunning orchestral


if the Sun don't come you get the time

from standing in the English rain



on Strawberry Fields forever Martin

jumped through hoops to get the perfect

sound for the Beatles he created an

orchestral piece that John Lennon

approved at first but then Lennon

backtracked and decided he wanted to

take with just the band after hearing

the band's take Lennon decided he wanted

the two combined unfortunately they were

in different tempos and keys luckily

Martin was able to work some studio

wizardry slowing down the tape on the

orchestral version which allowed the key

to drop and match the band stage


nothing is real


so very feels Martin's orchestral work

became a staple of some of the greatest

psychedelic songs of an era his

fingerprints are all over sergeant

pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

he created the pablo fang k inspired

circus music on being for the benefit of

mr. kite


startin peppers climactic finish would

be lacking without Martin - originally a

day-in-the-life was two different half

completed songs the band was only able

to smash them together with the help of

Martin's studio experimentation and

orchestration he created the surreal

swells that bridge the song from

Lennon's section to McCartney's and back


as the Beatles began to fight more

Martin took a step away for the White

Album but returned triumphantly on Abbey

Road he did a lot of things on that

album but one of the clearest is his

orchestration on here comes the Sun


he comes as


he also played the ethereal harpsichord

riff in because


in my opinion Martin's greatest

accomplishment on Abbey Road is the

medley alongside McCartney Martin took a

half dozen small songs and smashed them

together seamlessly into some of the

greatest moments ever



much of the structure and arrangement

for this came courtesy of Martin leaving

one last mark on the Beatles catalog

before they broke up George Martin is a

musical Titan and an essential part of

what the Beatles were from in my life to

Yellow Submarine terrain there are

dozens more martin masterpieces that i

couldn't even get into this video so

without question if anyone deserves the

title of the fifth Beatle it's George

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