The 6th Titan is Officially GONE! (Teen Titans Go)


if you've been keeping up with teen

tines go or maybe you've just been

channel surfing and found it on Cartoon

Network then there's a decent chance you

to come across a strange site

this is bumblebee the sixth Titan in the

iconic team it may seem hard to believe

at first but she actually joined up in

the season 5 episode forest pirates this

had been promoted as a big sixth Titan

event and when you're adding a

completely new character to the main

lineup it'll hook new viewers because

they want to see what's up although

bumblebees presence seemed to be for a

very short amount of time at first she

ended up staying with the team after

forest pirates for 12 different

storylines the formula of this series

had completely changed because of her

which was refreshing Saints just these

five characters have gone predictable

throughout the series Teen Titans go

didn't keep this going on forever though

because in one of the newest episodes

her fate for the future on the team was

revealed it all went down and the

viewers decide where bumblebee feels

like it's time to go there's very little

build-up to that she just wants to move

on to greater things and to become a

solo hero of her own instead of teaming

up with others

the Titans we've known since the

beginning really don't care about

bumblebee leaving at all but hey that's

just how they are

bumblebees Titans East makes an

appearance and then the episode is about

both teams competing against each other

for her I'm not even gonna lie some of

that was funny

also there's a constantly reappearing

gag of the viewers at home deciding in

which the fourth wall is demolished as

Robin and Friends mention us the very

people watching their story unfold

basically we're instructed to call a

phone number at the bottom of the screen

and vote for who bumblebee should go to

for those of you curious to dial a and

see what happens when you call don't

bother I tried it and thanks to that

dreaded 555 you see everywhere in

fiction this isn't a working number the

minute aspect of the story wasn't

necessary at all but I'd say it was

still creative either way at this point

people would be interested in bumblebees

fate which team can have her and will

she appear in future episodes of Teen

Titans go well for anyone who's been

enjoying her time in the show sorry to

say but she's

she does exactly what she wanted to do

from the start and that's to become an

amazing solo hero but if this wasn't

clear and you thought maybe she could

return soon large blue text at the end

reveals that bumblebee will not return

so there you have it the six Titan saga

is over there wasn't a whole lot of

coverage or online discussion

surrounding bumblebee so I'm not sure

what fans really thought of her brief

arc in the show either way it's easy to

compare this to the fourth pop of girl

blood Tina but that was definitely way

more of an event because it was a

full-on movie mama B's introduction on

the other hands just sort of happened in

a random episode about summer camp you

know from what I've seen of her she

actually handled the team well and

wasn't nice balance to their stupidity

it's kind of sad to see her leave so

early but hey I almost never even

watched the show so I won't be

complaining have any of you guys been

keeping up with a sixth Titan episodes

and how do you feel about her officially

leaving the team let's talk in the

comments but anyway that's all for this

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while I'm new to think thanks for

watching and I'll see you guys next time