Why The New Jake From State Farm Is Hated

so about four months ago i made a video

talking about the replacement of the two

guys sonic ads and how it's not the same

it's actually one of my most popular

videos the fact i'm very proud of

overall the reason the new sonic

commercials suck compared to the old

ones is mainly because the replacement

couldn't hold up to the original the two

guys were funny

likeable characters that made you want

to buy what they were selling compare

that to the new commercials the


aren't likable aren't funny and it makes

you never want to buy sonic again

changing something that people have been

used to for years is extremely difficult

practically impossible but today

i would like to focus on another example

of change that was met with internet

backlash to the ultimate extreme jake

from state farm

if you've been alive just alive

you know who jake from state farm is

that first commercial will go down in

history as one of the most iconic

commercials ever

the joke is funny the delivery is great

and jake is a pretty chill dude

overall it's a great commercial that no

doubt did some financial good for state


but come 2020 a new face had taken on

the role of

jake from state farm an actor by the

name of kevin mims first appearing in

what is essentially the original jake

from state farm commercial

just with kevin taking the role of jake

although the original jake does have a

cameo in it

immediately following the commercial the

internet cried out in protest and


why change perfection one said why

attempt to fix

what isn't broken said another if you

cremate someone

at what point is the person being

cremated bake to perfection

okay maybe not that last one regardless

the internet wasn't happy and i can

understand why

as i said change is a very hard thing to

adjust to

i remember having to move cities when i

was younger and it was difficult having

to leave my friends behind

and i think that's how everyone else

feels about changing jake from state


they're having to say goodbye to someone

they're not ready to necessarily say

goodbye to

and then have to see someone take its

place so the internet's reaction to it

was pretty

understandable but the reason they

decided to make that

change was quote simply a matter of the

character taking on a different role

they wanted to expand the commercial

appeal of jake from state farm

and felt that task would be best

fulfilled by a professional actor in

kevin mims

in my opinion this is a perfectly sound

reason to change the original jake from

state farm

wasn't an actor he was just a state farm

employee that got the gig at a company

casting call so it makes sense why they

felt the need to make the change so with


the new jake from state farm was off to

the races with new commercials coming

out the wazoo and you know what

they're not that bad really no they're

pretty decent

jake isn't annoying the commercials

themselves are pretty comedic and they

do a good job of promoting their

surprisingly great rates

their words not mine all the commercials

have a theme where someone thanks jake

for giving them

amazing rates that they think only they

have or jacob then explains that

everyone gets those great rates

it's a little repetitive but it makes

sense business-wise they want it to

stick and i personally think it works

i will say though despite how good kevin

mims is at being the new jake from state


why did they make him the new jake from

state farm what i mean is

why change what you can't really change

you can't just have

anyone be jake from state farm when

there's already

a jake from state farm i understand that

they want to keep the name since it's


but it's famous because of the person

who played it think back to the two guys

sonic ads

two guys eating sonic when they were

replaced they weren't replaced by

another two guys because sonic

understood that you can't replace people

like that which is probably another

reason they went with families

in an attempt to have those actors be

further separated from the two guys

i mean the commercials still suck don't

get me wrong but they had the right idea

people hate the new jake from state farm

because state farm made him a blatant

replacement if they made the new jake

his own character gave him a different

name and all that

instead of just being another jake

guaranteed people would have been a lot

softer on the new ads

but unfortunately that just didn't

happen and that's a real shame

as i said before kevin mims was a great

choice and the new commercials are good

but it was the handling of the jake from

state farm name

that caused the new commercials to be

bashed right out of the gate

kevin if you somehow come across this

video i just want to say

thank you for the job you're doing and i

hope one day you'll be seen in a more

positive light by the masses

as time goes on and that is why the new

jake from state farm is unfortunately

hated and with that all said i'm easily

easy and i'll see you next time