EVERYONE H@TES the BRIE LARSON Nissan Commercial



what's up everyone John here welcome to

the latest episode of John talks and

right now we're talking about how

everybody hates this new brie Larson

Nissan commercial that's out and for the

third time

I don't hate white dudes so if you've

seen this already I did a video on this

as many other people have but check out

this dislike to like ratio it's got five

point one thousand dislikes to three

hundred and sixty nine likes and at

least right now you know not definitely

not in terms of the numbers but in terms

of percentages this ratio is even worse

than the Gillette commercial like this

is horrible absolutely terrible and I

want to point out something else as well

they have disabled the comments the

comments are turned off and I was

curious if this was common practice for

Nissan commercials and it turns out that

no it's not because this one here 2020

Nissan Murano Mondays

it has comments it's got comments on it

they didn't turn them off and the like

to dislike ratio is positive but yeah

this is not common practice for them to

turn off the comments is that like a

personal attack or something also on

this refused to compromise explained by

brie Larson all new Sentra documentary a

little miniature documentary check out

the dislikes to likes ratio on this one

1000 dislikes to 123 likes my goodness a

horrible horrible horrible ratio when

will these companies get it when will

they understand I mean Gillette was a

perfect textbook example of how to get

woke and go broke it's just never never

a good idea to to try to alienate half

of your audience just see people and I

just play people

I didn't play Captain Marvel because I

wanted to be a hero I just wanted to be

a person and because I have vid I

q I can actually see the percentage of

how many likes there are and there are

seven percent seven percent of the

engagement in terms of likes and

dislikes on that video seven percent is

only likes that is bad

alright so there you have it this is

what happens when you refuse to

compromise when you refuse to give up

your woke position this is what happens

here you get ratios like that so let me

know your thoughts on this in that

comment section below

I do not need a 40-year old white dude

to tell me what didn't work for him

about a wrinkle in time it wasn't made

for him so what did you think about the

briefs on commercial and yes that's

right I coined that term right now so

whenever a company chooses to go this

route again they might say they went

down the briefs on road maybe it works

maybe it doesn't let me know your

thoughts in that comment section below I

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