The problem with the new Jake from State Farm (OUTDATED)

hello everybody as much as I would love

to make a video where I just go in depth

about some cool very relevant topic I

just want to say oh my god I hate the

new Jake from State Farm can we just can

we address this look at this myth look

at the sexy tiny middle-aged white man

who is just it's just such a dad such an

iconic figure of sorts and the NA ad ran

for so long for so long people would

quote it at my school everybody knew who

Jake from State for most but then

recently they want to replace him with

this guy

I have a problem when people do stuff

now you know what because it seems like

every time they're gonna update a mascot

just to make it even worse sitting there

ready was and I don't understand that

why would you do that

you got a perfectly good frickin dude

right here and he's sexy he's that he's

got the whole dad vibe

the guy who man wears khakis and

everything but no you're gonna replace

him with this guy now there's nothing

wrong with this guy it's just that he's

taken the place of an iconic figure of

an of a god this man is mere mortal

while this man is a God and now you're

thinking yourself well why is it matter

now let me let me put it like this

imagine if the robot if the UH

if it was switched right what if it was

a young sexy black man who was replaced

with like a like a old white fat oh Sh