Call Me Maybe Performed by the Allstate Man!

we're character on 24 president Palmer

yes Ami's was was similar with similar

to Barack Obama in among other things in

that he was black right had you ever had

you ever met the president yes several

times and oh yeah yeah I mean I've been

to the White House for you know for the

Christmas party I took my daughter how

nice uh yeah she that's my girl

that's good and I met him at a number of

you know little functions fundraisers

and things like that but the first time

I met him he was still senator and we

were a mutual friend's house had a

fundraiser because he's getting ready to

run for president and he saw me in the

back of the room you know and he says ah

I see we have the first black president

in the room Wow

and to this day he refers to me as mr.

president yeah nice up so they you are

twice divorced twice divorce twice

divorce are you dating yes are you I

don't why I don't want to pry is there

one particular person or you're just

single I'm ready to make it is I want

particular person nice good for you Oh

people people want you to be so single

so sad I know but you know what I've

been single a long time yeah

where are you originally from I'm from

just south of San Francisco little town

called San Mateo yeah uh I'm back to

date your dating life

what is it what is the date like with

you what do you do um

well any date or the first date second

third say first date first date um

dinner really good wine and a lot of

conversation perfect perfect

when you call directory a system I the

only one who still calls directory

assistance no okay when you go to the

three assistants or your you call a

store to find out whether they have the

latest alarma do they recognize your


some do actually I got a call yesterday

from the Obama campaign asking for more

donations and I said you know darling I

am tapped out i I've given the limit yes

which is like thirty thousand dollars or

something huh see some salt thank you

gotta help a man out yeah and she says

is this who I think it is I said I don't

know who do you think you know because I

really don't like to you know get

engaged in too much conversation with

those things yes I really answer those

calls I guess and she says oh my god I

just loved you and I said I think you're

you know you're great I like I loved all

the things you've done it loves David

Palmer I said well thank you oh that's

nice well it is a very distinctive voice

and it seems to me that you can make

anything sound sexy so we thought that

we would try to get you to have the

lyrics to call me maybe sound sexy okay

if you don't mind following doing the

lyrics we need the lights dimmed lights

camera action

I can only do this as kind of like a

spoken word oh ha doesn't matter your

stare was holdin ripped jeans skin was

showin hot night wind was blowin where

you think you're going baby hey hey I

just met you and this is crazy but

here's my number so call me later

face work everybody thank you so much

for being here