American Girl's 2020 girl of the year is 1st doll with hearing loss l GMA

the excitement the anticipation is

building my two daughters watching at

home as well also thrilled we are back

now and for so many kids the start of

the new year means one thing that's

finding out who the next girl of the

year will be and we are about to reveal

her for everyone here first though I

look back it's been almost 20 years of

those American Girl Girl of the Year

dolls representing all of what it means

to be an empowered adventurous and

ambitious girl are you guys ready so

many of them introduced right here on

GMA from Luciana revealed as she

descended into our studio and on a

mission to inspire girls to reach for

the stars - Gabriella


who loves the arts including music

painting and poetry to Blair


an aspiring chef in training now as we

roar into 2020 the first doll of a new

decade get ready for your next American

girl all right here we go the moment

we've been waiting for here's the

American Girl of the Year doll for 2020

welcome excellent excellent all right

well let me tell you a little bit about

Joss she is a fierce athlete from

Southern California with a passion for

surfing and competitive cheer though she

was born deaf out of one ear she wants

you to know that stepping out of your

comfort zone and trying new things can

help a person grow and that we can do

many things more than one thing

how excited are we about this Nikki and

Lily what do you like most about Jos

girls that she can do what people with

hearing aids can do whatever they want I

love that I like that she's athletic

enchantee innate side tonight yeah I

like that she's athletic

um strong and competitive beautiful

answers girls will guess why thank you

so much also we've got more to talk

about here how many of you would like to

hang out perhaps show of hands hang out

with Joss Kendrick would you like to

well I've got good news for you bring

them on out because you're each gonna go

home with



come on in come on in nice and easy nice

and easy all right here let me explain a

little bit more about just what we hand

out the dolls just the new American Girl

doll of the year here goes on sale

tomorrow but these lucky girls get one

right now and we'll be right back one

more time excited yes jubilation well

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