A Brief History of Anonymous

this is a brief history of anonymous


greetings to the people of the world we

are anonymous in this day as we speak

there is a revolution brewing

it started with 4chan though you could

go back even further to to Chen or

perhaps the Situationists and maybe even

before then let's start with 4chan for

Chen is a place for sharing images like

I Can Has Cheezburger x' and lolcats

there's also a dark place on 4chan kalbi

this is the unofficial birthplace of

anonymous here in the murky world of

anonymous postings trolls brown eyes and

pissed hey artists are the so called

beat hearts they like to lol so much

they created the world of the laws one

of the first actions was to rick roll

which seeded a web with fake links and

the ped all bare but that's enough said

about that there was also the attack on

the Epilepsy Foundation that's right

some menon's hosted flashing gifts to

their web forums to cause migraines and

epileptic seizures like we said they do

it for the lulz even when the walls are

cruel then there was the habbo hotel

raid in which a froude avatars blocked

an online poll saying the pool was

closed due to AIDS there were hundreds

of lossy raids and then a long Came

Scientologists Tom Cruise how could they

pass up such a perfect target cruise is

definitely good for a laugh

operation chanology was born anonymous

began to escape the internet a network

of anti Scientologists spread across the

net and at street demonstrations after

chanology came WikiLeaks leaked

diplomatic cables from the u.s. spread

across the internet compliments of

WikiLeaks collateral murder was released

the video shows civilians in the rock

gunned down by the US military US Army

Private Bradley Manning was accused and

arrested for leaking the video to

WikiLeaks Claire

then came the Operation Payback

and Operation avenge a senj more ops

began to spring up during the Cold Arab

revolt since anyone can join anonymous

the anons were now truly legion more ops

followed including operation Tunisia

operation Egypt operation Bart

there were hacks on law enforcement

denial of service attacks then there he

was operation Sony and Occupy Wall

Street who knows what ops will follow we

are anonymous

expect us