Louisiana AG Jeff Landry: Police Officers Won't Be Charged In Alton Sterling Case | NBC News

the seminal question presented is

whether officers Howie Lake and Blaine

Salamone can be held criminally

responsible for the death of Alta

sterling under applicable laws of the

state of Louisiana our job was not to

determine whether the Baton Rouge Police

Department's policy was followed or if

certain tactics or language was more

appropriate than others after a thorough

and exhaustive review and evidence the

facts that can be established beyond a

reasonable doubt the law and

jurisprudence to the state Louisiana and

obligations of prosecutors under the

code of Professional Conduct the

Louisiana Department of Justice cannot

proceed with a prosecution of either

officer Lake or officer Salamone this

decision was not taken lightly we came

to this conclusion after countless hours

of reviewing the evidence gathered and

turned over to us by the US Department

of Justice

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