Dracula | Author Biography | Bram Stoker


bram stoker was born in Dublin Ireland

on November 8th 1847 he was a sickly

child bedridden for the first seven

years of his life whose mother told him

stories from Irish myth and legend to

help him pass time but Stoker grew into

a robust young man who studied at

Trinity College in Dublin and

participated in athletics eventually

taking a position with the Irish civil

service soon after he began writing as a

freelance drama critic in 1878 Stoker

married a famous beauty Florence

Balcombe and shortly thereafter the

renowned Shakespeare actor Henry Irving

offered him the job of managing the

Lyceum Theatre in London Stoker's

organizational ability enabled him to

excel in this position he even traveled

for business to the United States where

he met Walt Whitman and Mark Twain

Stoker continued to write nonfiction and

began to write short horror stories but

his early publications are hardly

remembered today in about 1890 he began

extensive research for a novel

originally called the undead which was

published as Dracula in 1897 today

Dracula is a household name and

Dracula's literary descendants are in

movies television series hundreds of

novels and stories anime and even

children's shows but the novel did not

make Stoker financially successful in

his lifetime or bring him immediate

literary Fame regarded as an

entertaining novel Dracula received

praise for its imaginative settings and

thrilling scenes of vampirism but it

also received harsh criticism after

Dracula Stoker continued to write

fiction producing six more novels some

of which were later adapted as movies

and non-fiction works he published his

last novel the lair of the white worm

only a few months before his death on

April 20th 1912 ironically Dracula's

Fame began its steady growth because in

1922 German filmmaker FW Murnau released

Nosferatu a film that drew heavily on

Dracula without permission

Florence Stoker now a widow engage in a

battle over copyrights that brought

Dracula to the attention of many readers

and of Hollywood

with the production of Todd Browning's

1931 film Dracula starring Bela Lugosi

in the title role after his performance

of the character on stage the cow's

reputation was finally established