Who wrote Ephesians? | Clinton E. Arnold

so the question often comes up who wrote

the letter to the Ephesians well on the

one hand it's very simple to answer

because in Ephesians 1 verse 1 it says

Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus by the

will of God so on the surface it's

clearly the Apostle Paul but how your

critical scholarship has drawn a big

question mark over that and said well

there's reasons that we should call this

into doubt a lot of those reasons have

to do with a style of the letter some of

them have to do with the theology of the

letter and with some people deeming it

as inconsistent with what Paul has

taught I personally believe that there's

a good strong case that can be made for

the Apostle Paul writing the letter to

the Ephesians and I would make that case

largely on the fact that if we truly

understand the historical context of

Paul writing this letter to believers in

mid first century Ephesus and it's

outlying area and knowing the kinds of

things that were happening in their

lives as a result of coming from a

background in which they worshiped

Artemis they worship various gods and

goddesses and they've practiced magic

witchcraft sorcery and these sorts of

things that we find in Ephesians

something that is specifically tailored

to their needs and Paul was a master at

contextualizing the gospel and theology

and so what we find in Ephesians is

something shaped for the needs of these

particular readers and I think that

because one of the most powerful

arguments for understanding Paul is the

author of Ephesians some have objected

on the basis of the literary style of

the letter and have found you know words

that appear in Ephesians that don't

appear elsewhere and and this the

particular style that Paul is using but

if we look at Ephesians as a whole

there's a variety of styles that Paul is

using in that letter the language of

prayer the language of blessing Baraka

the language of household codes prose

teaching benediction stocks ologies so

there's a variety of styles that Paul is

capable of using and putting together in

to give shape to this letter as a whole

that might set it apart from other

letters just because of the unique way

that he's shaped it so I don't think

style is a way to go with this but I

think by looking at the historical

context we can see very good reasons for

seeing policy author of the letter