Rudyard Kipling: Beyond The Jungle Book

the name Rudyard Kipling is famously

associated with the Jungle Book Kim and

the just-so stories but Kipling was

acclaim for his poetry and short works

of fiction years before his children's

tales enthralled the world he often

wrote about the common British soldier

during Britain's colonial era tales from

the streets of India than a British

colony and offered thoughts on America

and its rapid development with a career

spanning 44 years it's easy to miss

essential Kipling works while

concentrating on his most famous books

in 1888 his book of 40 short stories

about English life in India plain tales

from the hills was his first real

success and with it came literary Fame

later in 1897 10 years before he

received the Nobel Prize he published

Captains Courageous a novel about the

son of a wealthy railroad tycoon at the

age of six Kipling was sent from his

home in India to a British boarding

school to receive a proper British

education his experiences abroad helped

shape his 1899 novel stock e'en Co he

later donated the manuscript to the

school puck of pooks Hill is a series of

short stories told by a magical sprite

named puck the semi historical stories

were written for his own children and

published in 1906 later a second volume

called rewards and fairies was also


he also wrote about dogs a favourite

subject for many British readers at the

time the stories were told from the

perspective of a black Aberdeen terrier

named boots they were published together

in a book called thy servant a dog