Author Thea Rosenbaum

what would you say if you had just five

minutes with any of our nation's

president well how about actually

spending well over five minutes with

five presidents from our nation's past

sounds like a pretty cool opportunity

right I'd like to introduce you to a

local author who is here to share her

experiences about the leaders of our

great nation as well as her own life

experiences taya Rosenbaum good morning

great to have you on I am so excited to

talk with you and to share your story

you are a local author here in Southwest

Florida talk a little bit about your

book and tell us the title of it it's

pretty interesting well it's called no

place for a lady and it came about in

Vietnam that was heavy fighting near the

Cambodian border and we flew in on a

helicopter and you know it's a lot of

ladies who are they are the first thing

I asked when i blended us okay tell me

where your ladies room is and the

lieutenant at the artillery position

said well just go straight down here

then turn left and you see those two

bushes there the left one is the men's

room the right one is a ladies room so I

followed orders and did my thing and

then I thought well I can abbreviate

this and walk through diagonally at that

moment the helicopter took off a lot of

noise and I'm walking tower tier tillery

position and I see them all doing

jumping jacks there and waving crazily I

said I don't hear anything and then the

chopper is gone and I hear mine field

and I understood why he wanted me to

walk the way he told me to watch so I

generally you know step back and walked

out the way I came in and when I reached

him he said this is a place for a lady

oh and I really kind of spent with you

then huh right and wherever I happy know

whatever i've been doing i heerd over

and over this is not a woman's place

this is not what a woman does this is no

place for a lady it's sort of stuck

take kind of you know why were you on

that helicopter kind of bring us back to

what brought you to that point and what

made you want to put everything you know

down on paper to share it with the world

well I was um coming to vietnam with my

then husband who was a bureau chief for

a network american network and i

actually was at that time still a

stockbroker Wow and i was germany's

first female youngest stockbroker that

was my first choice incredible and and

you've broken a lot of these first

records as well I mean that's not the

only one yeah I didn't want to it just

happened yeah and I did not grew up to

break glass ceilings but I always I

wanted to do something what nobody else

has done so when I came to Vietnam the

German correspondent for the newswire um

service he asked me if I would fill in

on vacation well two weeks later they

sent me a contract and have became a war

correspondent and I was Germany's only

female walk or respond wow that is so

incredible we've got just about five

minutes today which we had five hours

you're so interesting I wish you know I

wish we could talk all day but we'll try

to get as much in as we can you know you

talk about the the breaking glass

ceilings being in the combat zone I mean

you must have had bullets whizzing by

your head well what was that experience

like frightening I mean if you're not

scared you're not you're crazy of course

you're scared but you have to overcome

as a journalist you also want to be

there where the action is of course and

you have to just learn what is sensible

and what is not what is too dangerous

and I remember when I had my first close

call I didn't even know you know we were

in the middle we were running into an

embolus but we did boy and they're

whizzing by us Italian they called in

close air support and it was very close

I think I was more afraid of the


yes support in that was of the Vietcong

shooting at us I cannot imagine well

your book there's no place for a lady

you can hear so much more about this and

all of the details that you talked about

presidents in your book you got to spend

time with a lot of our nation's leaders

what was that like quickly here oh it

was interesting every president of

course was different we traveled have 11

um well the first one I actually I

started out with Nixon in san clemente

and then President Carter I got to know

the administration because I did an

interview with them and supposedly he

looked with lusted in his heart at me I

was a-goin joke with my press corps how

exciting no place for a lady again

you've got some incredible stories in

there as we close here taya do you think

that you know your title no place for a

lady have things changed since then do

you think I mean is it quite it quite a

bit different now do you think do you

see a big well look you're here and

maybe in my time it would have been a

man sitting there yeah and yes things

have changed but it's still I think

women still have to fight yeah well

there's no place for a lady again tan

thank you so much for being here you can

grab your book on Amazon you can robert

i can get Barnes & Noble too and then

also no place for a lady calm thank you

so much for sharing your story and being

on the show thank you we're gonna have

more you can check out more on her and

her book on our website as well as

knoxville morning blend calm

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