Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

oh god it's bad all right go on what you

see about the farm bro

hey what's going on everybody for first

we feast I'm Sean Evans and you're

watching hot ones it's the show with hot

questions and even hotter wings and

today we closed out season eight with

Scarlett Johansson of course you can

catch her as Black Widow and Avengers

endgame which is set to theaters on

April 26th Scarlett Johansson welcome to

the show thank you very much I know that

you're a chicken wing connoisseur I do

love the chicken wing you've travelled

the world trying them do you like them

spicy they're on my rider I think

there's chicken wings and like Lacroix

and that's basically it

what up look away there you go although

I will say that hot wings and carbonated

beverages that's a bad combo


okay so all right now you're just go

you're just going for it just dive in


pretty good reason mild yeah not bad

mm-hmm so these Avengers movies they're

really unprecedented in that there's

these three hundred million plus dollar

budgets dozens of a listers in the cast

but then you're shooting places like the

rural Scottish Highlands are these small

towns in southwest Ohio but he did it

past the time like do you hit up local

karaoke joints of the wing spots or

anything like that

well I'm Atlanta certainly try to hit up

as many wing spot that's supposed to do

it oh yeah for sure

God definitely gotta hit up Tmax every

time I'm Atlanta I'm in Atlanta when we

were in Scotland obviously we're in

Edinburgh there's like tons of things to

do and move on to a lot of local bars

and you know people got kind of crazy

couldn't find any wings though what's

that all about I don't know the food in

Scotland's a little that's not true I

don't know like are you doing about like

um what does it have yes yeah I've had

vegan haggis before which was foul

enough I'm like I don't know when you

like actually put innards into the mix

like that could not possibly get yeah I

don't think you need to go too deep into

that world it's a little sweet yep let's

go okay but not too bad mm-hmm so when

you were cast to play princess Mindy in

the spongebob squarepants movie one

thing that director Stephen Hillenburg

boasted about was your love of cartoons

what was a bigger on-set trailer guilty

pleasure for you runnin Stimpy or the

Jerry Springer Show um oh gosh I feel

like those two are just like a perfect

marriage you know they're like sort of

in actually of each other well yeah um

I'd say Jerry Springer I don't feel

guilty about watching Ren and Stimpy but

Jerry Springer you just you just do yeah

do you think that shows like Jerry

Springer is staged or legit like I feel

like an actress of your caliber would be

able to see a phony performance like

it's fine I feel like it's pretty real

Yeah right I think so too because like

people always say it's phony it's phony

but then I'm like well how does that guy

with prison tats like act so well yeah

like that guy deserves like defin

Leigha SAG Award I would say maybe not

an Oscar but like pretty good yeah I

feel like even if the story is like a

little bit off something's rotten in the

state of Denmark you know and I mean if

something's a little rotten how you

feeling I'm good you're good yeah I'd

say it's like Christmas in my mouth it's

a little like it's like explosive cheer

in there yeah yeah for better or worse

oh god the relatives are fighting right

now what's this one this is the patios

potion there's just no glamorous way to

eat them mm-hmm I'm gonna scare it huh

yeah weird it's a weird one mm-hmm so

from your vegan banana chocolate chip

muffins your frittata recipe the chef

Scarlett mythology it's bigger than just

the kitchen which movie set had better

food chef or he's just not that into you

because I think most people would think

the former but I've read that Drew

Barrymore had that like Charlie party

all the time yeah that was awesome

well I had like Rory try cooking for me

on chef like that was basically the best

plate of pasta that ever lived I don't

ever had in my life and then like

Favreau did it and he did a pretty good

job too and I was like oh I'm just here

like an actor eating carbs up for my job

like this is really working for me drew

prides herself on providing the most

sick catering like full chocolate

fountain like raw bar it was like they

were definitely bringing it flower films

they know how to feed people well

speaking of eating carbs for work are

you ready to move on Scarlett um yeah

I'm good okay


you know what's remarkable I have a I

have a compliment for your production

team here we might those you need them


it's amazing how our wings are like the

same looking wing on either so how did

they like no two wings are alike

obviously but like man they really came

close Dom she recognizes the small big

things good job down good job

alright I'm procrastinating clearly are

you a flats kind of guy or mall

drumstick person all things being equal

I'd rather have a drumstick because I

feel you know like I'm a giant or

something oh yeah all things being equal

are you a turkey leg person at Disney or

definitely ramped in the tinfoil and

stuff what about you yeah I like it

they're good yeah I mean it's just so

indulgent and so that's that's that's

okay mm-hmm so in addition to your

decades-long film resume you've also

taken your talents to the stage even

winning a Tony in 2010 for your revival

of a view from the bridge and I heard

James Corden make an interesting point

one time about Hollywood actors who have

stage performance and their no-nonsense

approach because there's no way to be a

diva if you have to do costume changes

in a corridor backstage does that

resonate with you like do you think you

can see each other in the wild you know

when I meet actors especially that come

from like the Royal Academy of Dramatic

Arts in London they'd certainly have a

method to me that's more of like a

flavour I would say that I can recognize

which is the tougher crowd to please

comic book obsessives or Theor buffs

that's an interesting question I guess

probably comic-book obsessives maybe

because it's material that they have

loved from childhood and so they have

the certain kind of ownership over these

characters or the storylines and you

know how it is when you love something

from being a kid and then it can't you

know it's not the way that you imagined

it to be

like it doesn't mean you can't grow to

love it but it's you know you have

feelings about it so this sound is just

so awful he's so sorry

I'm like sucking it through indeed um I

don't think I can taste the difference

between any of these open spaces right

now it's just all like toasty in there I

feel like you put the carriage before

the horse on your description every time

right now I'm just tasting like spite oh

it's got kick there's a little sweet too

so typically on our winged 5 we do a

segment called explain that Graham where

we do a deep dive and I guess Instagram

which would obviously be silly for you

because you don't have an Instagram or

any social media whatsoever in fact you

once told Arianna Huffington I can't

think of anything I'd rather do less

than have to continuously share details

of my everyday life

are you peripherally aware of what's

going on on the internet or do you think

maybe you've put up a wall that

separates you completely from the world

of memes in YouTube um I exist online

sometimes I guess who I start to like

I'm hung feels like kind of thick yeah

memes and stuff like that probably takes

longer to get to me sometimes the

Avengers will like clue me in on stuff

though - yeah I've ever heard of the

avengers inspired infinity war is the

most ambitious crossover event in

history meme have you ever heard of that

no but I want them interested what is on

a crash course yeah oh it's a response

to that Marvel statement right so

infinity war is the most ambitious

crossover event in history and then you

have the internet making counter points

to that okay so I want to show you a few

examples and I'm just curious right now

I'm gonna be like a babe in the woods

cuz like I don't even know what you're

about to show me right now

I'm so like not I'm gonna be your meme

shaman okay okay alright so here's an

example Marvel might say infinity war is

the most ambitious crossover event in

history and then somebody on the

internet right would say me Space Jam

yeah like a counter - oh yeah I got it -

in theme actually that's a good point

I mean space Jones like that was

basically everything also remember like

it was a Who Framed Roger Rabbit

remember that yeah classic that's a

great like it was hugely like that just

opened the world like toon land and they

were all there yeah

so take that space fans how about this

Isis these jams like it's a lot of them

um you know is it like a pocket thing

that there's a feeling inside I think

that they're just crossing over a

breakfast pastry and then some chef boy

or do you I do love Chef Boyardee though

that was my jam a Space Jam is that how

about this this is Henry the Eighth

Francis the first I think this is like

the anglo-french treaty of 1514 too

nerdy for a meme or what do you think

sure if it works for uh Mark Morissette

Longshanks 13:07 it works for you it

works for me and then one more for you I

know that your big Busta fan is on stage

with Mariah Carey but of a crossover

though like that to me is like a perfect

marriage it's not like the pop-tarts and

like Chef Boyardee reference like this I

believe in you know what I mean I'm not

sure all right

thus concludes the crash course is that

a meme this or does it mean move no

that's it what's that that's it this is

awesome it means do memes mood



okay so this is the adobo loco Clos hey

kiddo you know about ghost pepper okay

oh god I'm gonna try to part in an area

that doesn't have a lot

that one's hot run the back half here

scarlet it's getting real so in March

2017 you hosted said night live from the

fifth time I actually am NOT back yet

I think a piece game line I think

forever enshrining you in the show's

prestigious five timer Club

that's right do you still have that

commemorative jacket that Kenan gave you

I know cuz I guess NBC Universal is

really cheap I'll give that back as like

what why are they tearing it away from

me look oh it's part of your costume

change but then I never saw it again

damn that's spicy whoa I need like a cup

to catch my drool ah there's a former I

don't want to do the bomb line you and

everybody else writing it what's in here

it has sodium benzoate in it I feel like

that's bad isn't it no no we have one

more we have one more before we get

there all right let's just eat the next

one before you ask me because I don't

know what just let's just dive in let's

just dive it's that one that one looks



I'm scared I'm with ya I want tasty Oh

what's gonna happen

maybe you're just on top of it I'm I oh

my god that's really hot oh yeah gotta

hit that water yeah

I need a beer that's what I need a giant

cold beer somebody go for a run somebody

go on a run for Scarlett oh you were

described in a 2006 Esquire profile as a

card playing magic loving smartass can

you sit back and then just enjoy a magic

show be wowed by it or do you find

yourself obsessing thinking about how

they do the trick

um no I love magic

I love the Magic Castle my voice is


I love the spectacle the fantasy I love

it all I'm not the person that will sit

there and try to look for the strings

attached or you know any of that stuff I

totally like believe in it for the ride

you'll go along for the ride well here

before we get to the bomb I'd like to

show you see this is just a normal

hankers make it disappear make the wing

disappear listen I don't know how to

make the wings disappear I don't know

how to make the spice disappear do it

but I'm gonna send this to me to a realm

and we'll never come back all right

hocus-pocus Alakazam

where'd it go there it is


look at the bottle it's just like who

buys up just us I think that looks like

it has an ear oh my god there's one

flake there's a flake I'm flaking off

the flaky part


you ate it already burning my nose


I want o wallow it's happening

oh no oh it's bad yeah oh it's so bad

it's really bad you're telling me you

told me so starting to film like

Avengers you end up doing press all over

the globe how if at all is entertainment

news different overseas than here I

can't get higher than that

ah we've reached a ceiling I think we're

at maximum levels mm-hmm to borrow a

phrase from my friend Joe gee it burns

mm-hmm oh my god I don't know if I can

recover huh you're gonna you know this

is as bad as it's gonna be this is as

bad it's gonna get and it'll have a

half-life you'll get back you'll get

back oh my head

I got you we're in this together okay

okay uh-huh

oh my I got you it's so hot are you

experiencing this - I am I just know

what to expect I've been here before

believe it or not we've been doing this

show for like eight seasons a hundred

and fifty plus episode my god this has

been around its route here about a

hundred I walk take a lap scarlet I've

had plenty of laps plenty of laps

what now is there anything else to eat

it's a bread do we have some lifelines

do we have some lifelines what is there

Tom's cooking something up what is it

always looking out oh okay what is it we

have some bread we have some rice it's

bad all right go on what do you say

about the for us so you know when you do

a film like Avengers you have to do

press all over the world how if at all

is entertainment news different overseas

countries have different approaches to


I remember Sam Jackson and I we did this

movie called the spirit together and it

who we were in Germany we did like this

like a European tour it comes back but

it's now in song round 2

um oh god I don't know without that's

gonna make it better or worse what do

you think well you know we're trying

some stuff out here you know we have

bread we have some rice like you know

how much worse can it get you might as

well just take a shot at some things

beer come on okay

Oh at least like after a couple of these

I'll be feeling no pain I felt later

when we were in Germany the press was

just really really like serious did I

think it was just like the state of mind

like maybe we oh my god it's bad are we

going up we are if you can what do I

have to look forward to here like [ __ ]

the question you just asked me was it

that's fair all I can think about is

like what is that just surviving the

show listen I understand that completely

stop being flowery just tell me what the

[ __ ] to expect what's the next thing

tell me here's what I think I think that

if you can handle this hot sauce there's

no hot sauce in the world that can stop

you Scarlett Johansson is that true

that's true

I'm gonna cry yeah and it's not just the


god this beer is God I drink it so fast

you didn't slam that beer got another

one on deck think Dom might I think you

know I think Dom might have tapped a keg

oh okay okay


I'm gonna take a tiny bite yeah

mm-hmm it qualifies like at this point I

may also be chewing my tongue I'm not

sure so your career it's so vast that

there's no way to cover at all just over

ten banks let me just hit you with some

lucy's while you choke down the Hellfire

fear this which music video is more fun

to shoot Bob Dylan's when the deal goes

down or Justin Timberlake's what goes

around comes around I probably see the

Bob Dylan video cuz my best were my

really good best friend shot it and so

I'd say that I find better outside of

your Marvel work

what's the Scarlett Johansson film that

you think has the most intense cult

following um I would probably say lost

in translation or oddly Lucy I've had

like so many random different types of

people from all walks of life tell me

that they have loved that movie

including Meryl Streep at the Oscars and

I was like what like she turned on she

was like oh my god it's you I was like

hi it's you and she was like I you know

what movie I absolutely loved of yours

and I was like why did she was like Lucy

I was like oh really she's like I love

that moment thought okay all right not

the one I would have you know I don't

know you never know you never know I

still don't know what that movies about

but she does which Scarlett Johansson

movie is more underrated home alone

three or eight legged freaks hey like it

breaks yeah oh that little bites

oh it just it still packed a punch well

you know what you've handled the

haymaker you've handled the Roundhouse

it's just one more round to go

oh the last time that's right because

it's tradition around here to put a

little extra on the last wing you don't

have to if you don't want to let me just

smell it

yeah it smells good thank you

I actually make this one yeah I've seen

the show before alright cuz the way you

did it is cray and then you're gonna

dippity-do yep alright cheers Cheers

scarlet alright

my shopping I'm just staying on top of

it too you know I don't have the rice I

don't have the white bread I don't have

a beer I'll take it it I feel like else

it may be you know duals my it's an


all right Scarlett Johansson here we are

at the top of spice Mountain it's season

82 at the tip-top of spice Mountain

yodel and from the summit and you know

what it's the last wing here of season

eight and when you're doing Avengers

every interview it's like tiptoeing

through a minefield it's like walking on

a tightrope the fans they're so rabid

they need those conspiracy theories they

need those spoilers and while you're

distracted by the hot sauce we're gonna

take our shot but we're gonna play fair

okay do not answer any of these

questions got it you know we're just

gonna look at your face and decide

whether you're giving us a tell or if

you're just reacting to hot sauce and

we'll be able to know because this is

always a truth serum okay Captain

America will die goose the cat will

ultimately be the key to saving

everybody Thanos gets tricked into the

quantum realm by ant-man and then the

Avengers beat him up and leave him there


Loki isn't dead because he stabbed

Thanos with his left hand instead of his

right so it's obvious that we're just

seeing a projection and then finally if

Thanos isn't bad he's just under the

evil spell of the mind stone are you

honestly do not know what those last

three things you said were because my

mouth is on just it it's like just full

of fire well you know what I think that

you're under the spell of the hot sauce

stone but it doesn't matter

scarlet because you just went ten

chicken wings up ten chicken wings down

oh my god now there's nothing left to do

but roll out the red carpet for you my

friend this camera this camera this

camera let the people know what you have

going on in your life

like right at this very moment I'm

feeling pretty vulnerable right now I'm

not gonna lie here on the Avengers end

game press tour and I've already I

already feel pretty broken down and I'm

not gonna lie this may be the straw that

broke the camel's back so go see The

Avengers end game and yeah and that's

that that's their my final moment so you

just witnessed in here that my hey

what's going on hot ones fans this is

Sean Evans checking in from the Museum

of curiosities with a very exciting

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