Meet ‘Baby Boom’ Moms of 48 Newborns Delivered at Texas Hospital Within 41 Hours

babies babies more babies get this 48

little ones born in a span of 41 hours

at a single hospital in Fort Worth Texas

that breaks down to about a baby an hour

we had 27 girls and 21 boys where's the

baby boom um Inside Edition brought a

bunch of the moms and dads together with

the little cutie pies the new parents

say they were unaware they were making


we had no idea that we were gonna be

part of this really exciting time and

everybody else's lives ooh not a clue

there was no clue that this was going to

be a particularly special day for so

many other couples these parents say

they never saw the nurses sweat I did

not feel rushed at all I felt like I got

all the care that I needed I was

thinking that these nurses have got to

be really tired in the baby boom started

on June 26th the hospital staff at

Baylor Scott and White AllSaints Medical

Center quickly noticed a major uptick in

activity we started to get a little

tight on rooms so we had to hurry up and

get our patients moved once they

delivered moved up to their new

postpartum rooms because the moms just

kept coming in it was non-stop and it

didn't end until 41 hours later we had

to order pizza for the staff because no

one had time to get away to go take a

lunch break these families may not have

known each other before but they say

they will now be collaborating it's been

an awesome experience and the staff has

been great where's the baby boom