Parents Who Instantly Regretted Having A Baby - Part 1

babies and toddlers are cute most of the


but some parents deserve a medal for

putting up with the ways their little

angels deliver some unpleasant surprises

here are some parents who probably

regretted having a baby

professional photo shoots can be a great

way to remember the miracle of birth

but there's no telling how a newborn is

going to react to becoming a first hat


take this poor mother for example who

got more than she bargained for when she

posed dangerously close to her baby's


i hope she'd already eaten that day

these parents decided to hold their

precious child between them in a

touching photograph

but their baby clearly had other ideas

at that age when you've gotta go

you just gotta go at least they know

he's got great aim though

on one october morning in 2004 gina

brown was following her normal routine

when she decided to check on her

youngest kids ethan and emily

and found a scene of total chaos emily

had got hold of a jar of peanut butter

and was painting her brother a nice

shade of golden brown

the video has gone viral since and has

even inspired several remixes

but this is one morning gina won't


after receiving a call from her police

officer neighbor saying

come quick my kids there's stuff


wife's out one woman feared the worst

when she arrived though she discovered

that the mischievous tuts had just

created the

ultimate bubble bath that'll teach their

father for leaving them to their own


young kids love to get creative and

they'll use just about anything they can

get their hands on to bring their

masterpieces to life

just imagine the horrified look on this

girl's parents face

after they walked in to find her cutting

up banknotes to make a collage

thankfully these are only a hundred uh

notes which are worth about 14

bucks but still judging by this photo

the scissor happy child

cost her parents a little over 300 bucks

there's a famous saying silence is


unless you have a toddler in that case

silence is very suspicious

one mother learned that the hard way

when she realized that her two-year-old

had been

all too quiet while she nursed her

newborn sibling

after following a trail of painted

footprints into the living room she

found her daughter covered head to toe

in white paint with the open can behind


a quick bath may have cleaned her up but

her poor parents were scraping paint off

the floor for

weeks kids have their own special ways

of expressing their love

and a note of appreciation like this one

is definitely a bittersweet discovery

it's always great to see children

practicing their handwriting

but the bonnet of daddy's car probably

isn't the best place for it they may

have drawn santa too

but i have a feeling this little one

will be on the naughty list this year

it seems like kids are attracted to

anything capable of causing chaos

and the parents of this young boy will

make sure not to leave a tub of sudokram

on the side again

clearly he saw the flat screen tv as the

perfect canvas for some abstract artwork

or maybe he just didn't like the show

that was on

either way that's gonna take some

serious cleaning

sometimes it's the little ones

themselves who end up getting covered in


and this girl is certainly going to need

more than just a quick shower

i guess it's one excuse to give the

bathroom a well-needed scrub

they say kids don't spend enough time

outdoors anymore and maybe this is why

being a full-time troublemaker has to be

exhausting and this little boy got so

worn out that he ended up falling asleep

and getting caught in the act

it seems like guzzling down an entire

jar of jam at the opposite effect of a

sugar rush because he looks totally out

for the cow

can't say he ate sweet though the

sleeping jam thief might still be cute

but this horror scene is definitely a

whole different story

you can call this little dude pukaso and

it seems like he was totally

pooped after creating this stomach

churning artwork

okay i'll stop now this is definitely

one photograph to bring out on his

wedding day though

revenge is a long game sometimes

there are plenty of things that should

be kept out of reach of young kids

and an electric shaver is definitely one

of them one mother was horrified in may

2019 when she discovered her son teddy

running amuck after shaving his own head

and then turning to his sister lois who

was not impressed with her new haphazard


in the end teddy's head had to be shaved

completely but at least it'll grow back

and they'll have a great story to tell

kids and animals have a special bond

but i'm not sure the parents of this

little boy are going to believe the dog

is responsible for their new wall decor

the look on the dog's face says it all

and it looks like most of the blue

marker pen

ended up on him anyway he isn't the only

pup who ended up being turned into a

work of art just take a look at this

docile dog who's staying perfectly still

while her owner doodle's all over

she's even got a set of blue glasses

check out this dalmatian too who's


extra fab after getting an extra spot of

color it's incredible just how much mess

one child can make

and there's definitely no way of denying

their guilt after getting caught


or purple and black-handed like this

girl she must have been up all night

working on this scene of complete


but somehow the cot next to her seems

mostly clean

there's always one messy sibling the

kids love to overestimate their own


and i'll bet when this little girl

decided she was old enough to use the

big toilet like everybody else

she didn't expect to end up in such a

crappy situation

it's actually quite impressive that she

managed to fit her entire bottom half in

the bowl

but that face is a definite cry for help

at least that potty training fail

happened within the comfort of their own


unlike this little boy who decided to

take this toilet for a test run in the

middle of a busy store

everybody likes to pretend the pristine

studio kitchens are their own from time

to time

but this is definitely taking things a

step too far guy

one shopper at lowe's got the surprise

of their life after hearing a child

calling for his dad

and looking up to see this turns out

letting kids out of your sight for

even a second is a dangerous game when

they can get just about anywhere

and the casual way his father is looking

up tells me he's probably done this


i bet the fork left right down was

totally worth it though it's easy to

underestimate the mind of a young child

and one devious little girl decided to

remind her mother just how smart she is

by getting a bit too trigger-happy on

amazon six-year-old kaitlyn was

entrusted to order herself a barbie for

her birthday

but when a huge delivery truck turned up

her mom quickly realized her mistake

350 dollars worth of toys and games were

unloaded box after box

but they were all swiftly sent back and

this young scammer was officially


it's important for children to take on a

bit more responsibility as they get


but sometimes parents probably wish

they'd just done it themselves to begin


that's definitely the case for one

mother who asked her two daughters to

feed the dog

only to find this embarrassing scene in

the kitchen and the family beagle in a

food coma not far away

sibling love is heartwarming to see but

i'm not sure this little girl is going

to have many fond memories of this photo

shoot with her baby brother

she may be completely oblivious but i

wonder how long it took for that smile

to fade after she realized what had


this would definitely be an interesting

photo to recreate later in life as a

then versus now nothing is safe from the

mischievous hands of young kids

so it's always best to keep anything

particularly valuable

well out of reach one father learned

that the hard way when he returned to

his laptop to find that all the keys had

been ripped off

i guess he won't be working from home

anytime soon another terror tot took

things even further by deciding to

redecorate their parents macbook

using crayons at least it's original now

if laptop destroying wasn't bad enough

meet the two-year-old boy who managed to


1060 dollars of his parents cash without

them realizing

ben and jackie belnap had been saving

the money for season tickets for the

university of utah football team when

the envelope containing the cash

suddenly went missing

eventually they discovered the destroyed

dollars in the shredder

and contacted an office which deals with

replacing mutilated money

and they now admit it'll make a great

wedding story one day

this photo was taken in the nick of time

because that iphone didn't stand a

chance against this little boy

his face shows no remorse and this kinda

looks like a hostage situation

i wonder how much chocolate his mother

had to bargain to get him to step away

from the toilet slowly

once you become a parent it's time to

kiss goodbye to your privacy with the

tiny tots following you around wherever

you go

one mother shared this hilarious photo

to prove just how little alone time she

gets when her baby peeped his head

around the door after she'd popped to

the toilet but how could you be mad at

that face

there are some occasions when the

incessant noise and constant high energy

levels of young children

are not so welcome and early mornings

are definitely one of them

this poor father got a rude awakening

when his young son decided to stand on

his face in bed

it's quite impressive that he still

looks fast asleep though

if there's one thing babies spend a lot

of time doing besides soiling their


it's screaming and crying one parent was

so astounded by the sheer noise levels

created by such a tiny human that they

decided to purchase a decibel meter

which provided a reading of 109.7


for some perspective that's 9.7 decibels

louder than a motorcycle a power

lawnmower and a jackhammer

better grab some earplugs taking the

kids out in public comes with a whole

new set of challenges and even the

smallest thing has potential to go wrong

just check out this little girl who

instantly regretted taking a sip from a

bottle of water far too big for her when

it poured all over her face in the

middle of a flight

her dad's face says it all let's just

hope they brought a spare change of


conquering dinner time is a major

parenting achievement but eating out in

a restaurant is a whole different ball

game just imagine the embarrassment felt

by the mother of this small girl who was

clearly unimpressed with her meal and

would much rather be upside down

some may say this is performance art as

she mimics her abandoned chicken strip

most misbehaving kids will probably

attempt to redecorate the house at some


and these two clearly decided to bring

the cold weather indoors by creating

some fake snow

the look on the girl's face is definite

guilt but i'll bet they had no regrets

because this actually looks like a lot

of fun

sofa stuffing isn't the only forbidden

item capable of imitating a wintery

scene though

turns out daddy's shaving foam can also

provide a great time

judging by the looks on these faces

probably not so fun to clean up though

curiosity is a baby's biggest vice and

this infant didn't know better than to

walk directly into a path of freshly

laid cement

his mother's reaction pretty much sums

up this hilarious situation

but she should also be kind of proud

that he managed so many steps without

tapping over completely

without constant supervision there's no

telling what kids might get their hands


and one five-year-old caused mayhem at a

family picnic on labor day weekend in


when he was found running with a knife

thanks to his mother's quick thinking

instincts the weapon was swiftly

confiscated so no real damage was done

and the accidental video evidence went

viral on social media

if you're not a parent this photo is

probably total nightmare fuel

but if you do have a young toddler this

might be your average saturday afternoon

at least this poor father could go for a

quick wash off in the sea

but the same can be said for this mom

who probably wasn't expecting

showers when she put her sunglasses on

in the morning

as you've seen parenting can be tough

have you had to deal with anything like

this before

let me know in the comments below and as

always thanks for watching