Matt James' 'Bachelor' Contestants Revealed | Bachelor Brief

the official cast lineup for season 25

of the bachelor

is finally here and one of these lucky

ladies will win over

matt james's heart this is your

bachelor brief so the list of ladies

vying for the 28 year olds final rose

is here and we gotta say that it's a

pretty solid group of women

a majority of them are in their 20s

but it looks like matt may have gotten

his wish for a more diverse lineup

here's the girls that quote may be


aka abc announced 43 names

but roughly only 30 make it to night one

abigail who's 25 from salem oregon

alana 26 and her hometown is san antonio

texas alicia 24 from morgantown west


amber who's 30 from california

anna 24 from minnesota three

24 and her hometown is san antonio texas

brittany 23 and her hometown is chicago

carolyn 30 and she's from new berry


cassandra 25 in her hometown is lodee


catalina who's 29 and she's coming from

all the way from puerto rico

chelsea who's also 29 in her hometown is

marietta georgia

corinne from connecticut manny who's 25

from albuquerque new mexico elena who's


25 and from south salem new york

justina who's 27 and her hometown is san

antonio texas

cali who's 26 from san diego california

katie 29 in her hometown is linwood


kennedy who's 23 in her hometown is

washington d.c

khalia 28 and her hometown is bronx

new york kim 28 in her hometown is

cypress california

katelyn who's also 28 and she's from

lake tops washington

kit 21 from new york city

kristin who's 27 in her hometown is

virginia beach

virginia lauren who's 29 from miami


madison who is 27 in her hometown is

granger indiana

maggie who's 32 and she's coming all the

way from ethiopia

married 24 and her hometown is in puerto


another mary who's 25 and she's from


maryland 28 and her hometown is

huntington beach california

michelle who's 27 in her hometown is

woodbury minnesota

mj is 23 and she's from hudson ohio

nicole remy who's 25 in her hometown is

lakewood washington

and we have another nicole but it's

nicole rovner who's 31

and her hometown is in illinois piper 24

from happy valley

oregon rachel who's also 24 from coming


ryan 25 from virginia sani who's 25 from


augustine florida sarah 24 and her

hometown is san diego california

serena c and her hometown is san bruno

california and we have another serena

serena p

who's 22 from canada sydney 28 hometown

franklin tennessee

tally aged 24 from belmont north


and last but certainly not least

we have victoria who's 27 from new york

new york

okay there you have it one of those

ladies will hopefully win over matt

james's heart

the new bachelor is expected to start

filming any day now

and for his buddy tyler cameron we can


one amazing season i think we are going

to have the best bachelor season of all


uh i think i think we're gonna get from

that just a great dude like we

there's been a lot of guys on the show

there hasn't been many dudes and we got

we got a great dude here

and uh i'm excited to see him you know

just be him you know and

show his character and show you know who

he is and what i'm excited too for

afterwards is

like the impact he's gonna have on so

many people and he's gonna do such

amazing things so

there couldn't be a better guy doing

what he's doing right now what advice

did you give him if any i know

he's getting ready to film soon and he's

quarantining right now so what advice

did you give him

i told him two things i told him one be

you you know that's why you're

you know in the moment you are and now

you have to kind of skip everything else

because of the character you are and the

person you are

says i said just be you because

everyone's gonna love you for that and

have fun

and on the other end i also told them be

where your feet are like and that's what

some of my coach told me back in the day

it's about being present like being in

the moment and don't let you know all


glitz and the glamour of all these

fabulous dates and all these things get

in the way of what's really important is

that connection between you

and that girl that's there so be in the

moment you know

be you and have fun what about any tips

for the ladies

we know you're food talkers so the


bring bring ranch dressing

bring chocolate chip cookies and uh

and what else has you been on lately but

we bring those two things

i tell you what if a girl showed up i if

you cannot have your voice your dinner


yeah if a girl showed up and just

plopped down a big thing or ranch

she she'd get her she'd get a rose right

there there like there would no

no need for dinner like conversation

rose right there

so this guy goes to we go to pizza right

we'll get pizza this place in jupiter or

not just in lake park

near jupiter camille's yeah he brings

three different kinds of ranch