Angie Chooses Carlin | The Bachelorette Australia


thinking about my life with Karla I see

it and I feel it and it looks it looks

real and it looks right


and that's such a beautiful feeling to




nice Wow I thought the red cop was a lot


myself together yeah I can't imagine

this experience without you from the red

carpet I felt so calm

I never feel calm straight away

especially with a guy get in my head and

I haven't allowed myself to be like that

and you g know something about you there

was no doubt in my mind at all

who I wanted to be that first date - was

you like that first date was everything

but I wanted like you opened me up it's

just like so much looking forward to

having you around and I feel like I'm

just gonna be honest usually not my type

of guy you very put together and I'm not

put together I'm not perfect I get

dressed up in pretty dresses and stuff

but I'm a mess Hey I love a good laugh

and I'm you I think you know that is a

bit of a grub and I've put myself into

this so much and no I don't want the

perfect guy just for everyone I want the

perfect guy for me so truly have sought

my whole heart and soul into this and

yeah there's no doubt in my mind now

that I feel like you are the perfect guy

for me I'm completely falling in love

with you


oh my god I am falling in love with

music navien laughs yeah definitely born


I'm so happy right now you have no idea

and like obviously I really hope to see

this and as a as a sign of my commitment

to you and to a hundred percent being in

a relationship with you and don't do

anything I do have this as a sign of my

commitment to you Wow it's also

something to remember this whole

experience by commitment rings


I am really incredibly happy right now

I'm very excited for a future we change

fast forward six months we could be

living together I'm gonna be pregnant

I'm just kidding relax


I love you I love you


I do I learn so much about you mm-hmm

and I liked you from the beginning and

for me to do that let's feed

oh my god it feels so weird to have a

boyfriend I've had a boyfriend since I

was 21 or 22 I've been out of work so

you're actually my boyfriend

that's so weird I'm a boyfriend you

never want boyfriends that want me to be

my favorite

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