10 Most Evil Humans To Have Ever Lived

we like to think that human nature is at

the most fundamental level good that

given a chance to hurt or help others

most would choose to indulge the better

side of their nature and come to the aid

of someone in need or at least do their

best to cause no harm but when

confronted with the realities of the

dark side of human nature we are forced

to rethink that position for while the

world has its share of misguided people

who commit evil deeds

it also has seen its share of outright

monsters these are the 10 most evil

human beings to ever walk the earth

born Herman Webster Mudgett in 1861 the

man who had come to be known as HH

Holmes began his career in crime as a

petty con artist despite being born to

an affluent family highly intelligent

Holmes professed an ambition to become a

doctor and as a child would practice

surgery on animals today we may

recognize this as a potential warning

sign of violent behavior to come and one

of his long-running cons also revealed

the morbid vent to his personality

stealing corpses in order to submit

false insurance claims at the age of 25

and already using the alias dr. Henry H

Holmes he found work in a Chicago

pharmacy which he took over after its

owner mysteriously vanished he had

additional stories built on top of the

pharmacy and it was in these rooms and

halls that he would build an elaborate

and bizarre house of torture and death

in the upper floors tiny rooms he would

gas brutalize and murder his victims

sending their bodies down a chute to be

incinerated in a kiln on the ground

floor during the 1893 Chicago World's

Fair Holmes opened his house to the

public and many of those who room there

during this time did not survive this

day Holmes was arrested in 1895 and

tried for the murder of mr. benjamin


who would agree to fake his own death in

one of Holmes insurance schemes only to

be double-crossed after his conviction

he confessed to no fewer than 27 murders

over the previous few years making him

America's first serial killer he was

executed by hanging in 1896


the so-called Democratic People's

Republic of Korea is one of the most

brutal regimes that still exists in the

world today cut off from economic

opportunity and all but the most basic

services North Korea citizens live under

constant monitoring with free speech and

even free thought often violently

suppressed founded by Kim Ilsan

leadership of the country was taken over

in 1994 after its founders death by his

son Kim jong-il whose reign of nearly 20

years intensified a living nightmare

that North Koreans have yet to awaken

from aside from its totalitarian


Kim's rule was marked by scandalous

mismanagement of his country's funds

with the military prioritized over

nearly everything else including the

health and comfort of North Korea's

citizens throughout the 1990s the

country suffered from severe famine with

many governments going so far as to

accuse Kim of crimes against humanity

for his treatment of the populace he set

North Korea on a course of nuclear

armament against the wishes of the

international community that is a

continuing threat to world stability and

routinely engaged in the kidnapping of

foreign nationals mainly South Koreans

for purposes ranging from simple

propaganda to forced employment in North

Korea's film industry

he established forced labor camps for

enemies of the state which still operate

even today and became notorious for

extrajudicial executions there's no

telling how many millions of North

Koreans suffered and died under his rule

but one thing is certain conditions are

no better in the country today after

Kim's death in 2011 he was replaced by

his son kim jeong-hoon who has proved

just as brutal and vicious a dictator as

his father in 1979 a man drowned while

swimming off the coast of Brazil his

death caught the attention of

investigators who had been pursuing Nazi

officers ever since the end of World War

two many of whom had escaped to Brazil

Argentina and other South American

countries at the end of the war it took

six years but they were finally able to

exhume the man's remains in 1985 and

confirm what they had already suspected

the 69 year old deceased man was SS

surgeon Josef Mengele the notorious

angel of death during his time in


one of Mengele chief duties was to

decide who was healthy enough to work in

the camp and who would immediately be

put to death in the gas chambers but he

also saw in his position the opportunity

to undertake

ghoulish medical and genetic experiments

on unwilling patients pursuing the Nazis

twisted ideals of eugenics and racial

superiority with no regard for the

safety of his victims a sadistic brute

with no empathy an untold number of men

women and children died at menga lays

hands directly in the course of his

experiments with countless more executed

under his orders these experiments

included unnecessary operations on

pregnant women and children the killing

of subjects to study their eyes and

organs and selling to children together

back to back in an attempt to create

conjoined twins a procedure that killed

both children from gangrene

Mengele eluded capture for 35 years

after the war living to a much older age

than the vast majority of the patients

unlucky enough to cross his path richard

kuklinski is a man who has gone by many

names the one-man army the devil himself

and most notably the Iceman for decades

these names inspired I see fear in the

hearts of the criminal underworld

because if the Iceman came for you your

time was simply up Kuklinski is the most

prolific contract killer on record a hit

man with a startling catalogue of kills

he claims to have become a killer in

1948 at the age of 13 and he plied his

lethal trade for nearly four decades

before he was finally captured he came

by his famous nickname by his obviously

successful method of throwing police off

of his trail freezing his victims in an

industrial freezer before thawing them

out and dumping them for cops to find

effectively masking the time of death it

took 18 months for police to piece

together their investigation into him

relying solely on physical evidence and

Kuklinski's increasing propensity to

make small mistakes as his career wore

on no eyewitness testimony against him

was ever provided as kuklinski claims to

have killed anyone who could ever have

testified against him while he was

convicted of only five murders police

suspect that over 100 people may have

died by his hand and kuklinski himself

estimates far more he claims to have

started killing nearly anyone who

annoyed him as a teenager and to have

committed a great many more murders than

he was ever paid for using practically

every method imaginable from shootings

and poisonings to barehand beatings

which he said he would carry out just

for the exercise Kuklinski was sentenced

to five consecutive life sentences in

1988 and died in prison in 2000

at the age of seven day as many

Americans know the face of Osama bin

Laden as Elvis Presley or Michael

Jackson he was the most wanted man on

the planet from September 11th 2001

until the end of his life at the hands

of Navy SEALs on may 2nd 2011 in a

safehouse in Pakistan he was of course

the founder of al-qaeda the terrorist

organization responsible for a number of

devastating attacks on civilians

including those on the World Trade

Center and the Pentagon raised by a

billionaire family in Saudi Arabia bin

Laden was a devout Sunni Muslim whose

militant activities began with the

Mujahideen Afghan rebels who were

opposed to Soviet influence in the area

ironically the United States directly

contributed to the Mujahideen's

activities during this period by the

late 1980s he had founded al Qaeda with

the goal of making his radical brand of

Islam victorious across the globe and

his first target was the United States

in 1998 al Qaeda carried out a series of

bombings at US embassies in several

countries killing over 200 and bringing

him to the attention of the public for

the first time he was placed on the

FBI's ten most wanted list but the group

succeeded in bombing and Navy warship

the USS Cole in 2000 and assassinating

an Afghan military official in 2001 then

in September of that year their most

heinous and destructive operation took

place one that Americans can never

forget since then the group has carried

out dozens more bombings against

civilian targets in Morocco Indonesia

Madrid London Bali and many more killing

hundreds and injuring thousands even

though bin Laden himself couldn't

ultimately escape justice his brutal

legacy is alive and well


Francois Duvalier of Haiti a medical

doctor by profession became known as

Papa Doc during his 14-year rule which

began in 1957 this rule was not

unchallenged there were attempted coos

insurrections and other ploys by

political opponents to remove him from

power and all were met with the swiftest

and harshest possible punishment

Papa Doc perfected the cult of

personality making himself out to be

more than just a leader in fact more

than just a man he claimed to be at once

the physical personification of the

island nation at one with the spirit of

Voodoo and personally chosen to lead by

Jesus Christ he even published a

pamphlet in which the Lord's Prayer was

reworked to pay homage to him instead of

God he declared himself president for

life in 1964 overseeing a government

that was notorious for corruption and

mismanagement of funds even as its

citizens suffered unspeakable hardships

as many as 60,000 people are estimated

to have died in poverty or been outright

murdered during his rule which ended

with his death from a heart attack in

1971 Idi Amin was the president of the

African nation of Uganda for eight years

from 1971 to 1979 a former military

officer Amin served as yet another

example of what can happen when those

with no conscience and no motivator

other than personal power are allowed to

rule a vulnerable country Amin took

power in a military coup declaring

himself president and promising to hold

free and open democratic elections which

never came perhaps inspired by Papa

Doc's earlier example he used absolutely

crushing force to hold on to power

stirring up hate and encouraging

persecution of ethnic groups political

and religious leaders journalists judges

intellectuals foreigners and anyone else

whom he perceived as a threat

the ruthless dictator was exiled in 1979

by Tanzanian forces joined by a militant

group largely made up of those Amin

himself at exile he lived the rest of

his life in Saudi Arabia dying in 2003

of kidney failure he never expressed

regret for the actions of his regime

which human rights groups estimated was

responsible for anywhere between 100,000

and 500,000 deaths the name Hitler is

practically synonymous with evil

throughout the entire world the

charismatic demagogue rose to power in

Germany in 1933

quickly is

stablishing his Nazi party's poisonous

rhetoric of intense German nationalism

paired with hatred and suspicion of

foreigners gypsies gays and especially

Jews it's well known that Hitler

intended to spread his ideology as far

as possible and he may well have

succeeded in achieving world domination

if not for some crucial mistakes chief

among these were engaging in a two-front

war sandwiched between Europe and Russia

which completely weakened his forces and

led to the invasion of Germany by both

the Allies and Russians in 1944 had he

not stretched his military so thin the

world may be a very different place

today in addition to all of the death

and destruction wrought by Nazi

Germany's actions during World War two

Hitler is of course ultimately

responsible for the deaths of at least 6

million in Germany's concentration camps

that he is only number 3 on this list

should serve as a reminder that evil

truly knows no bounds perhaps it was the

very visible spectacle of the

concentration camps and the stories of

those liberated from them that has

caused Hitler to be remembered as the

pinnacle of evil for the better part of

the last century but even within the

same time period during the same war the

vicious regime of Joseph Stalin the

general secretary and ruler of the

Soviet Union set an unthinkable new

standard for death and misery the Soviet

Union signed a non-aggression pact with

Germany in 1939 but became instrumental

in Hitler's downfall when Germany broke

that pact by invading the USSR in 1941

during Stalin's rule dissidents were

forced into back-breaking labor camps

known as gulags and giant chunks of

ethnic populations were forcibly

deported usually under brutal conditions

a famine from 1932 to 1933 alone may

have killed close to 6 million Russians

and the number of those who died in the

gulags and as a result of forced

relocation may never be known however

after the dissolution of the USSR in

1991 Russian historians were finally

able to gain access to enough records to

venture a guess according to one

estimate as many as 9 to 10 million

Russians may have lost their lives

during the 30 plus years of Stalin's

rule which ended in 1953 with his death

from an undisclosed illness


Pol Pot was a communist revolutionary

who forcibly took control of the small

nation of Cambodia also known as

Kampuchea in 1976 his reign ended four

years later as his government known as

the Khmer Rouge collapsed after losing a

three-year war with Vietnam in the four

years in which he was in power Pol Pot

literally decimated the population of

his country he could have done this no

more effectively if he were an invading

hostile power in an attempt to force

Cambodia into a communist economy vast

numbers of its urban citizens were

forcibly relocated to countryside labor

camps and collective farms working in

unfathomable conditions without even the

most basic access to nutritious food

medical care and sanitation while this

was recognized as an ongoing human

rights crisis at the time the true scope

of the evil which had fallen over

Cambodia was brought to light after the

dictators ouster in 1979 it was

estimated that anywhere between 1 and 3

million Cambodians died as a direct

result of government policies under Pol

Pot in four short years while this may

not approach the death toll of Hitler or

Stalin keep in mind that Cambodia is a

smaller country with a population of

only about 8 million at the time this

means that under Pol Pot over 1/4 of the

Cambodian population may have died in

what infamously came to be known as The

Killing Fields