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everything everything in life has a

tipping point is this the tipping point

the offer now



Garon hello calendar with 450,000 would

add that's what I would counter with

what you're saying for another $25,000

it is worth the risk of her possibly

turning it down and forcing you to open

another one for another $25,000





is a guaranteed amount or D sloughed

Deal or No Deal


I would like to counteroffer okay for


can I ask you something before she calls

back and that's in that's it you can't

change that that's in that is in why did

you do that

she wants me gone yeah that's right but

this can also have $100 in it cracks my

heart is telling me counter at 500 you

just handed the game over to her it's in

her control let's see what she says


hello you're good all right okay


shake it out what set me okay okay

she said Courtney asked me to take

half a million dollars or what's in that


and she said so I look at the board and

I say to myself well there's a two out

of three chance that the case is only

worth four hundred or a hundred there's

a better chance it's not worth the

million she said why would I do that


she wants my million in this case

but there's a two out of three chance

that that isn't the beauty of the game


she said deal



this is going to be your final offer

there's not gonna be any more offers

you're going to hear an offer listen to

me there's only two cases left in play I

feel like I'm talking to my son you know

there's only two cases one case is worth

750,000 dollars and one case is only

worth $5 okay okay

last offer 333,000




for the last time in this game Louie

screaming Deal or No Deal

okay I hear you and I know why

everybody's saying take the deal

smart at the same time I feel like

everybody's saying take the deal because

we're rooting for me and they want me to

leave with something my mom beat cancer

on chance your mom would take the deal

you've made it on her you're gonna

counter cuz there's a 50-50 chance that

that case is holding five dollars if she

says no deal then you are just taking

your case

what are you countering out this is my

counter no dude


oh my god all right this whole night has

been about believing you said right at

the beginning it didn't go good for you

right at the beginning

you opened a million dollars like that

you said I'm gonna risk it I'm gonna go

all the way and you did that you have

turned down every offer you've turned

down more than a quarter of a million

dollars you have turned down three

hundred and thirty three thousand

dollars and all that's left is number

ten is number ten worth five dollars is

number ten worth $750,000 Lewis green

you're going home with yeah so you know

you're taking a bit of a hit yes but she

still as much as she wants to take from

you I mean I think you're lovable

goofball astuteness is paying off

she said she will add $10,000 to that

offer if you accept a challenge are you

willing to sacrifice for another $10,000

on top of the offer that I already know

banker send out the sacrifice






to say totally $10,000 you know this

show changes lives

apparently we also change faces you want

to do it that's harder than the million

dollar beard or no beard



you're gonna shave it start cutting

start cutting it


oh he's cutting it off and we're going

to continue with the cutting we're gonna

shave it right off hello

okay she said she warned you earlier

that your luck would turn but it could

turn again the new offer it dropped

183,000 Oh Joe very Auto Deal or No Deal

I'm thinking about maybe two like two

forty two forty so let me let me ask you

something you know because the risk of

countering is you put the game in her

hands if she says no deal you are forced

to open one more case if you're unlucky

enough to hit the 750,000 the most you

can walk out of here with is 75 thousand

yeah so the offer has to make sense do

you want to counter I do okay you're

going to counter and the amount is two

hundred and forty thousand it is it

oh yeah number yeah I think it's a

little high job

yeah job that's what they could not I

think he put it in put it in he did

write in a dying with that fingers cross

hello right

she said No Deal

I'm going with case number 23 please 400

I need it now 400 you need anything but

the 750,000 yeah the one land mine is

seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars

standing alone without a safety net

if you can keep that in you're still in

the game and Julia open your case




Joe amazing hello okay okay

went down to $25,000 you also have an

opportunity to counteroffer

you chose number five based on the five

dollars right that your mom ended up

going home with 13 years ago kind of the

same board you know exactly so you know

how this feels right artist Jackson who

Deal or No Deal I want to hear what

they're saying what do you think so I

know it hurts when you lose right it

took me 13 years to get over this

feeling and I don't want the same

feeling for you so if you were going to

counter I would tell you to counter kind

of like 35 40 35


make a decision Howie yeah

come on believer win or lose I'm still a

winner my mom took five dollars fed over

eight million people I can already leave

with 60 times more than what she wants I

ain't sure for how we know deal baby


get one case oh okay we're either moving

ahead right with this one choice oh we

are going back 13 years Oh pick a case

case 14


our destruction is it repeat is it


is it Redemption it all comes down to

this one case case number 14


oh god I'm sorry open your case please

don't go

I can't look it's okay oh my god


read em Joe



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