The Dark Truth About BEAST TITAN Explained! Attack on Titan EXPLAINED

The Beast Titan!

Is this guy the Attack on Titan main villain?

So what’s up guys Foxen here!

And today you’re getting an in-depth look at the Beast Titan!

But who is this mystery man?

A lot of you still seem to think it’s Grisha Yeager.

Did Titan Grisha just not shave?

And why did he get this fabulous blonde dye job?

To be fair you’re not too far off.

Cause really the Beast Titan could be the most important character in the Attack on

Titan story.

Let’s go in an unravel the truth about the Beast Titan.

Naturally there’s going to be deep Attack on Titan spoilers.

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Starting with the Beast Titan debut this talking monkey start marching within the walls are

the start of season 2.

Eren had just fought Annie’s female Titan then hours later a new challenger appeared.

From the discussion Ymir and Reiner were having you found out these guys were buddies.

However then you see the Armor titan after the monkey beat down from the Beast Titan

in the last season so who is this guy?

Just go ahead pause the video for a second and tell me.

Do you think the Beast Titan is an ally, the main Attack on Titan villain, or something

else entirely?

Just go ahead and post below.

You’re see whether you change your mind by the end of this video.

So first off, let's actually get into the actual Beast Titan.

This is definitely one powerful titan.

In fact, in the monthly release, it explicitly called out the beast as been the strongest

Titan waiting for the Survey Corps to come.

In season two, you got a first hand experience at the beast Titan abilities, strangely, even

though he's not the FoundingTitan the beast could command titans too.

It turns out that any Eldian given the beast Titan spinal fluids is marked by the beast


Zeke could then screen out to turn those people into mindless Titan.

Those Titan could then be commended verbally by Zeke.

As an extra bonus these titans are even able to move at night time, but only under a full


Zeke actually managed the term Connie’s entire village into titans.

This was done using this special Titan gas made from his spinal juices.

Who said anything about needing an injection?

Forget about that.

That is old school.

Keep in mind that this entire command that was not present in the previous Beast Titans.

Zeke very likely unlocked his bonus feature for the beast due to him being from the royal

blood line.

Really it makes me wonder what that could do for other titans.

Imagine a royal blood female Titan.

Would that will have skin II wonder?

As for the other abilities, the Beast Titan in default mode has normal hands along with

yellowish eyes, however the beast Titan is issuing commands his eyes turned pitch black.

Perhaps this is shifting into a different mode to commend titans.

Naturally you saw the beast Titan climbing over the walls, but this was using his normal


Later on during the Survey Corps battle of the beast Titan Did show his fine claws.

Could this be a certain beast Titan ability, or was that just using Titan crystal?

And yes, even the beast titan could get hard using Titan crystal.

You haven't actually seen it in action but Zeke mentioned trying to crystalize his neck

during his battle with Levi Ackerman.

Zeke himself is the warchief of the Marly nation or ex warchief now.

Either way, this means Zeke has some serious military combat training experience.

You can be sure this translates into a very angry monkey fighting style as the Beast Titan.

Reiner very likely got taste when he questioned Zeke in season three.

No Reiner!

Reiner looked like a bruised banana.

The final beast Titan ability worth mentioning his very accurate throwing ability.

Zeke use this to score multiple home runs versus the survey Corps.

Much like his combat experience you can bet this so something that Zeke had to work for


I mean at one point he didn't Zeke training the next beast Titan warrior by playing catch

with him.

As for any possible weakness for this almighty titan, so far you haven't actually gotten

a chance to see the beast in actual combat.

That's why there's a question about the beast potentially being too slow.

Definitely a lot slower than an Ackerman.

Talking about Ackerman's, I would definitely classify Levi as a weakness for the Beast


I mean Zeke is never going to be able to look at Sushi the same way again.

Next up, let's dive deeper looking at the human controlling this oversized monkey.

The blonde beauty behind the beast is Zeke.

He actually has a very strong connection to the warrior group and even a deeper connection

to some other people.

Zeke as war chief was pretty much playing the leader role for the warrior group, although

they didn't send him in with their original scouting group.

Five years before the current anime events, the colossal Titan, Armor Titan and female

titan were sent to invade the walls.

Oh, did I forget about someone?

The Jaws Titan was technically sent too however in season two, you saw the event play out.

Unfortunately, the Jaws Titan was accidentally lunchtime by the Titan Ymir.

To be fair that was there their fault.

You just can't camp out outside the walls in Titan land.

Five years later, the beast Titan got sent in.

The reason that beast titan showed up it was due to the warriors taking way too long.


It was supposed to be a very quick mission.

Thanks to Reiner’s ass the mission ended up expanding into this multiyear vacation

within the walls.

Great job right there Reiner.

I'm going to get more into Reiner in my upcoming video on this dude, but since I'm talking

about Reiner, why did Reiner get his ass beat by the beast titan in season three?

I've seen so much confusion about this.

Is the beast Titan really an enemy?

Could the Armor Titan just be weak?

And why didn’t the colossal titan help?

Zeke actually found them and met up with them.

Then there were disagreements about what to do next.

Keep in mind that at this point, the warrior group had been reduced by half.

Reiner and Bert wanted to prioritize rescuing Annie.

Keep in mind that they had no idea what actually happened to her.

To be honest Zeke might have not even given a damn about Annie.

Their main goal for coming here in the first place was to capture the Founding titan, which

is now held by the lovely Eren Yeager.

Naturally Zeke's priority only was this mission time to go kidnap Princess Eren.

Again, this actually gets into the important question, what is the beast Titan’s true


Now you're going to get into the history of the man behind the beast and I definitely

encourage you to check out my truth that Grisha video for his side of this story.

Zeke's full name is actually Zeke Yeager.

His mother was Dina Fritz, which are similar from the royal blood line, and then his papa

Grisha Yeager.

You may know that one.

By the way, this does mean the Zeke himself was part of the royal bloodlines.

Oh, and let's not forget he's half brother to Eren Yeager.

That definitely must be an awkward holiday dinner.

Before Zika was born both Dina and Grisha lived in this nation.

Outside of the walls, there are people were part of this group known as the Eldians.

Eldians who are subjects of Ymir are capable of becoming these monsters known as titans.

After the great Titan war the Marley nation got control of seven other Titan powers.

Any other remaining Eldian were put into these internment camps.

Part of the reason Eldians like Grisha, where even kept alive was to potentially use them

in wars since they could become titans.

Fast forward some years later, Dina and Grisha were actually part of the secret Eldian restorationist


For years there were plotting against the Marley nation, eventually the two married

and became Dina Yeager.

Some fun time later on, young Zeke Yeager was born.

By the way right here, and do note as Grisha is the lovely name choice Zeke is only similar

to the German word, meaning victory.

In other words, from the very start, Grisha had a son with the intention of Zeke lead

in there, people towards some kind of victory.

The Marley Nation announced their warrior program to the Eldian group.

This meant that any Eldian family could enroll their child into the program.

The honor men eventually taking one of the seven Titan powers that Marley held.

At the same time, the person who inherited the Titan powers would get special treatment

along with the person's family, but of course Grisha didn't give a damn about that.

Grisha and Dina immediately thought about using their son to further their own goals.

For a while they were searching for a way to get back into the walls to reclaim the

Founding Titan from the royal blood line, the one that the Reiss family held.

For years and years Young Zeke was drilled by Grisha and Dina with their version of past


They felt that the royal family abandoned them after they lost the Great Titan war.

Eldians outside in the world were left to suffer while the rest of the Eldians were

living inside some Utopia within the walls super carefree.

It was perfect.

Anyway, back to Zeke, Zeke eventually ended up turning on his own parents.

A young Zeke informed the Marley nation about what his parents were doing.

Zeke betraying Grisha and his parents pretty much killed the whole movement.

And then Grisha and Dina were eventually sent us to live on Paradise Island.

Now you might be wondering, why the hell does Zeke betrayed them?

This actually may be a great example of forcing your own ideology and belief so much into

your own children that they just rebel completely in the opposite direction.

I mean, if you look at the results years later, Zeke fully gained the trust of the Marley

nation from having done this.

Zeke himself even took the title of the the war chief.

This meant that Zeke became a very powerful person within the Marley military, something

that otherwise would have been impossible.

However, perhaps there was more to this.

For years and years it remained a mystery.

The beast titan hinted at having deep hatred for his father Grisha.

Zeke thought that he wasn't like his father, that he was different and more capable, so

it was the beast titan full of himself thinking that he was superior to other Eldians?

This may not be entirely off.

Isayama has officially ranked all characters in the past.

For Zeke, he gave any 11 for his intelligence.

This is really only comparable to Hange who also has an 11 for intelligence, or also someone

like Levi, but that'd be for combat.

Perhaps a young Zeke did have further insights into their struggles.

Recently more light into the beast Titan’s true motivations have come out.

Zeke claims himself to actually be an Eldian restorationist himself.

Going back in time to a young Zeke Zeke claims he realized what his parents were really after.

He did in fact agree with rebuilding Eldian and free his people however, he deeply disagreed

with his parent’s methods.

One day Zeke actually overheard the Marley guards getting close to capturing his parent

and their entire group.

Zeke saw an opportunity here, so he turned them in.

Their fate had already been sealed from the very start.

He simply took advantage of the incoming loss and technically they weren't killed either,

so perhaps it's fine.

In return is Zeke gained the Almighty beast powers, a high ranking military position,

but most important, the complete trust of the Marley nation.

This admission from Zeke revealed a lot of insight into the mind of the beast.

Assuming Zeke was being truthful, he very much believes that any amount of sacrifices

are not only necessary but needed.

Just about any amount of bloodshed is fine as long as the main objective is achieved.

In other words, Zeke has been working for most of his life to make Eldia great again.

The important question that you might be wondering is whether you could truly trust Zeke.

Zeke at this point has a long history of backstabbing.

His first unfortunate victims for his parents.

Later after Eren and Armin went terrorist just given their own grim reminder to the

warriors and Marley, Zeke actually faked his own death with Levi's help.

That's right.

Zeke even betrayed the people he originally betrayed his parents to, and now the beast

titan and Levi are best buddies just camping out recreating Yuru camp, so quite a resume

of betrayals.

You can be sure that Levi isn't taking his eyes off this Yeager brother.

Perhaps the greatest insight comes from the beasts Titan when he was liquefying the survey


During this onslaught, you got a taste of Zeke’s thoughts.

Keep in mind there should be no reason for him to be lying to himself.

It almost seemed like Zeke took pity at the Survey Corps soldiers, something about them

not learning from their past mistakes.

Here he cursed the Reiss king for wiping their minds.

That this was a reason is people couldn't learn and were caught in the cycle repeating

the same mistakes.

Zeke hated the thought of the Eldians being sent to die one after another, which only

proved how set in their ways they were.

Interestingly, this got him really worked up, which are strange since Zeke always came

across at the rather calm figure.

A bit later Zeke wonder why he getting so worked up over this.

That he wasn't like his Papa Grisha.

This of course goes back to Grisha making up stuff about their Eldian history and still

seeking to free themselves by putting their oppressors in chains or straight out killing

them, which really goes back to what I mentioned about being stuck in this repeating cycle

of killing, which he deeply hated.

Then the beast Titan even made this past random comment in the battlefield about war being

a terrible thing.

It was random at the time, but it definitely speaks volumes looking back at it.

Zeke in the present story is hiding out in the Titan Forest with Levi.

This is only the secret deal he managed to make.

So going back a few years within the four year time skip, Zeke's secretly met with the

leader or the Asian clan and nation Kiyomi.

He pretty much wanted her help with negotiating with the Eldian and people within the walls.

Zeke was fully aware about they're doomed position in the world.

Sooner or later, Marley or some other nation will go back to the island to attack.

However Zeke knew a certain secret, which was what would happen when the Founding titan

and someone with royal blood came in contact.

In other words, the display you saw at the end of season two.

Zeke was offering himself and the Beast Titan so the eldian could team Jaeger.

By the way, just a quick side note here.

Recall that 3d maneuver gear that Zeke took from poor Mike in season two?

Zeke actually offered it as bartering tool when they were meeting with the Asian clan.

The 3d maneuver gear is actually powered by something called iceburst stones, not to be

confused with icestones.

There's plenty of this stuff within the walls and just super oversimplifying it Mikasa’s

relative Kiyomi has a hard on for this precious resource.

At this point in the story the people inside the walls are 100 years or so behind in technology

wise, but by forming team Yeagar, they would have the nuclear option ready in case anyone

tries to attack.

That’s right when needed Eren would be able to unleash the Millions of sleeping Colossal

titles within the walls.

In the meantime, all they have to do speed up the process of rebuilding Eldia and making

it into a world power.

The clock is ticking, especially with Zeke having less than a year left.

So back to the question about whether Zeke is being genuine.

I personally do see Zeke trying to reach this longterm goal of rebuilding and the great

Eldian empire again, although just knowing Zeke I doubt he’s fully revealed all his


Isayama did confirm Zeke having this god tier intelligence, but what is that really the

case when he was just seven when he betrayed his parents?

Or someone else had been involved?

Zeke also mentioned knowing the secrets of the Armin right now believes that Eren should

be fine with a deal since Eren as the Founding titan would be in control of the colossal

titans, but what if that's not entirely true?

What if it works a little different when you're using a royal blood Titan shifter instead

of a mindless one or what if Zeke straight out has Eren for lunch.

I mean it could be possible as he found a way around the King’s will from the Founding


Either way definitely keep a close eye on Zeke Yeager.

Next up, really quickly, let me actually mention more in depth stuff regarding Zeke.

Isayama first show off Zeke in 2014.

This guy was displayed as this mysterious men in this attack on Titan Art Gallery in


The description mentioned him being a very important character for the rest of the attack

on Titan and story narrative.

Perhaps at this point Isayama was still debating Zeke's background.

Take a look at this.

This was Zeke in the manga after bringing down with the Armored Titan, notice anything?

He's got this burnmark or some sort of wound on his left arm.


This has never been brought up or shown again.

It even got removed in the similar scene in attack on titan season three, so whatever

that was is gone.

Now you may be wondering why is this important?

This actually goes into a very popular theory that Zeke was originally planned to be Erwin's



Back in the uprising arc you found out about the unfortunate fate of Erwin's papa.

The guy must've been one of Sannes’s early victims.

Right here do you notice the fire usage right next to the guy's arm.

Perhaps Zeke was originally supposed to be Erwin’s father meaning he got that burn

mark from some government torture.

It really makes you wonder where they attack on Titan story was originally heading, but

hey, that's just a bonus theory thrown in, thanks for watching, but more important are

your thoughts on this? question of the day.

What do you think about the beast titan?

Which side is Zeke truly on?

Would you trust a known backstabber and what do you think his ultimate plan is anyway?

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