MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA: Who Is The Benefactor? (Andromeda’s Unsolved Mystery)

hey guys GV here with a commentary on

one of Andromeda's unsolved mysteries

the benefactor before we go any further

this is a massive spoiler for this game

and it kind of has a ripple effect to

several other parts of the game in the

universe at large so if you have no idea

what I'm talking about you should stop

watching now start us off I've gathered

a series of clips that lays out the

benefactors motivations and several

other factors so whether you've seen

them already or not this should be a

refresher to get you up to speed

Sam can we hear that message Garson

talked about unlocking it now rerouting

onto a private channel for years there

was a silent partner involved with the

initiative the truth is I was running

out of money and a benefactor stepped in

I didn't ask questions

I never met them face to face that was a

mistake I lied to everyone

something big scooped him in the Milky

Way and now they're moving a hundred

thousand of us to Andromeda I hope it's

all for the good but I have my doubts

and now I think they're going to remove

me I look Rider and I had a code work

for this bill crumb you may have learned

more I had a strange meeting yesterday I

thought it would be with Jen Garson who

founded the initiative but it wasn't

I guess she and the visionary the one

who gets everyone excited about the

project and crumbs of capacity but then

his benefactor apparently provides

resources and money and I mean a lot of

money it's a little unusual but

everything about this project is

interesting I wonder if director Tan

knows anything about this worth talking

to him

I accepted the initiatives offer they're

calling me a Pathfinder there's no other

option left Sam will never happen

without their help our savings are gone

and I won't return my calls

I am a pariah there's something strange

going on with this benefactor but that

one's getting worse

I can't fail huh let's see it a moment

there is a added layer of security

what was it GN Garson said the code word

is fulcrum that works this is the last

memory of your father encrypted from the

final planning stages of Hyperion's

departure yes I checked around there

might be something to this if there is a

wall the scrolls the resources will be

on a scale we've never seen before

the chaos will be monumental we should

accelerate our timetable the door people

reason quiet no need to alarm anyone but

the arts must be under way before any

fighting stars we can't get caught in

the crossfire agreed it is something


years ago you mentioned salvation for a

lot of people you knew this was coming

something was coming in Syria Shepherd

made it real and now that you're right

well needed you have we're going to be

all that's left of civilization Alec

this is GN Garson for the record year 21

85 it's about fulcrum I'm on the Nexus

and we're going into stasis for the

voyage looks like you're already asleep

I'm very uncomfortable with our


and the fact that we still don't know

who they are all these lives in our hand

should have done something sooner

this is all very troubling Malik talk as

soon as you reach Andromeda gen I got

your message about the fulcrum it's now

28:19 we reached Andromeda but have no

sign of the Nexus I have the same

concerns as you in all likelihood the

Milky Way well something terrible

happened there at least the benefactor

spared us from that but why keep hiding

something's off

but we've got bigger problems at the

moment have a net seven maybe a fuss

finding a home is all that matters now

here's an additional recap to kind of

fill in some of these gaps so GN Garson

founded the initiative and eventually

she ran out of money for it then a

benefactor mysteriously appeared out of

nowhere offering unlimited funds for

this initiative the benefactor also

contacted Alec Ryder separately to join

the initiative so the benefactor is a

key part of that the benefactor offered

to fund Sam to save Ellen if he joined

as pathfinders so that's why alec had

intended to join because the benefactor

offered to save his wife you know it's a

big deal and then of course later on

when they actually get to Andromeda we

found out that GN Garson was murdered

before the Hyperion hit the skirt and

writer discovers the murder was ordered

by the benefactor the problem is we

don't know if the benefactor is in

Andromeda somewhere somehow or if

they're back in the Milky Way and we

also learned what happened in the Milky

Way and the benefactors motive was the

Reapers at least from the way it's

presented that could be you know false

to hide something else but from that

private chat with Alec we see that the

benefactor believed in Sheppard before

most people did and so that escalated

the project to launch before the Reapers

attacked in Mass Effect 3 there's been a

ton of talk of my videos part of the

reason why I made this video about who

the benefactor is because the gain does

not tell us at the end this is an

unresolved mystery like I explained at

the beginning of the video we have no

idea who it is so there's been a lot of

speculation on the person

identity or the organization's identity

so in this video I'm going to address

the two that people talk about and also

share my prediction on who I believe it

is the first and definitely most popular

guess is the elusive man and I feel

there's several reasons people say that

a lot of people say it's the elusive man

because he has a ton of money almost

unlimited funds to fund projects we know

that he went to no he spared no expense

to revive Shepard in Mass Effect 2 he

spent so much money even you know made

other people within Cerberus worried

about the organization like seriously

why are you spending all this money on

Shepard what's so special about him so

obviously the illusive man has tons of

money and when you hear unlimited money

that's so when you think of so I totally

get that point another reason people

think illusive man is because the

benefactor could represent an

organization like Cerberus it makes

sense for a single person like the

illusive man to represent some other

kind of effort that would want to spread

out from the Milky Way and kind of you

know represent humanity even further out

so I get that as well and also another

thing is that the benefactor and

illusive man both believed Shepherd from

the start that's what the illusive man

says I don't know if that's either

confirmed or denied I think they're

somewhere in between for the elusive man

because he really did want to use

Shepherd we figure that out he wanted to

control the Reapers in the end but yeah

there's definitely a connection there

between believing in Shepherd that's

something that the benefactor clearly

states in that video with writer another

one that makes sense to me is the use of

AI it was very clear that the illusive

man was willing to use AI to further

humanity's cause whatever that may be

with ET on the Normandy s r2 and that

was something that's really frowned upon

in the Milky Way it's not too far of a

stretch to suggest that the illusive man

would you know sympathize with Alec and

say you know what what I'm going to help

you here because you know you need to

save your wife whatever but also this

could further our technological advance

for Humanity and researching Sam and

actually building this thing integrating

it with a human being could actually

help humanity there is an undeniably

strong case for the elusive man being

the benefactor but there's a few

conflicts of interests that prevent me

from hopping on the bandwagon saying

yeah I think it's a lucid man as well

number one I don't think it's him

he wanted to control the Reapers and the

way the benefactor talks in the video

with Alek makes it seem like the

benefactor is not interested in that

they just want to get the hell out and

make sure there's a new home for the

civilization of the Milky Way in

Andromeda now you could say that the

illusive man is just playing on Alec's

emotions if it indeed is the benefactor

and is using him to further you know AI

that integration with humanity I totally

get that that's a fair thing we don't

know if that's true but it's a

possibility another reason I hesitate on

the illusive man is the fact that he is

Pro humanity from beginning to end and

this is an interspecies effort we have

five four or five main species going to

the Milky Way right and then we have a

bunch more that we're supposed to come

on a second arc and I would think if the

illusive man wanted to find a new home

for Humanity only in Andromeda he

wouldn't fund something that would have

all the other species that he quite

frankly doesn't like he just kind of

deals with I just don't see him doing

that again could be wrong finally we

also know that the illusive man was

indoctrinated at some point now there

could be a timeline discrepancy here on

when this video was recorded or

something like that but if he's truly

indoctrinated then that creates a whole

host of other issues I don't know why he

would want to fund this if he was truly

indoctrinated and wanted to truly

control the Reapers this just seems kind

of separate from his central efforts in

the original trilogy that's enough with

the illusive man now let's talk about

the Shadow Broker which is the other

suggestion that people make and I want

to make something clear this is not

Liara the Shadow Broker this is the Yaak

this is before the lair of the Shadow

Broker DLC because we talk to liara

separately we have audio logs from her

so it couldn't possibly be her unless

we're really being bamboozled in writers

personal quarters we get an audio

recording from The Shadow Broker it's

not something I've included in this


but long story short Alec is looking for

the Shadow Broker to fund Sam and this

is again before all the events before

the benefactor stacks steps in and he

says he's looking to broker a deal for

technology from The Shadow Broker to

build Sam and The Shadow Broker responds

by saying he wants Alec to pay and if he

reneged he's going to kill him if he

doesn't cooperate and the price just

doubled so he's trying to do a shakedown

on Alec plain and simple

this really kind of cancels out the

shadow broker possibility for me because

the benefactor at least the way the

benefactor is presented is in a way of

giving it's like I want to help you I

will give you the funds to finish this

project and on and on that is totally

the opposite of wanting writer to pay

threatening to kill them it doesn't

cooperate and on and on so it just

doesn't make sense

I don't think you can draw that

connection there let's just say for the

sake of this video that it's me they're

the elusive man nor the Shadow Broker

then who is it I think it's some random

person a lot of people rejected Shepards

ideas about the Reaper throughout the

original trilogy until they finally

attacked and that's something that

you're reminded of constantly it's a

very small circle of people saving the

galaxy you know that actually do believe

shepard a vast majority of people did

not believe him so i want to say it

someone behind the scenes that we

haven't seen yet that fits the bill of

having unlimited funds to you know

explore something like this maybe has a

vested interest no totally does have a

vested interest because they decided to

kill jen and regardless of who it is

they just didn't trust her so they

decided to go ahead and get rid of her

so she wouldn't speak about you know the

initiative actually being funded by an

independent party that she's never even

spoken to in person or met i wouldn't be

too surprised as the benefactor was

already in Andromeda on one of the arcs

or the nexus or perhaps they will show

up on another arc in the chorion arc dlc

that we think we're going to get maybe

it's just an interim of the two we're

not sure but i wouldn't be surprised if

they snuck on with that and then we'll

learn more about that in some kind of

dlc so guys that is it for the

benefactor I'd love to hear who you

think the benefactor is in the comment

section below

again I lean kind of towards the elusive

man but there are some conflicts that I

talked about if it's not him I don't

think it's the Shadow Broker but I think

it's someone else so definitely share

who you think it is in the comment

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