Top 10 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History (Viewer Vote!)

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ranking the top 10 greatest 3-point

shooters in NBA history in another video

we ranked the top 10 three-point

shooters based on shooting percentage

this time we let the viewers vote on who

they think are the greatest of all time

so the votes are in and it's time to see

the results let's get started number 10

pages Stoica patient's not just a

great three-point shooter he was a great

scorer in fact in the 2003-2004 season

he was second in scoring however what

he's most known for is being a Deadeye

at 3-point shooter and for good reason

he has a career three-point shooting

percentage of 40.1% and got that

percentage up as high as 44 point 1

percent in the Oh 708 season with in New

Orleans Hornets he won a championship

with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 and

was a large part of the team's four-game

sweep of the defending champion Los

Angeles Lakers number 9 klay Thompson is

still a little early in Klay Thompson's

career but already he's an NBA champion

and has one of the highest three-point

shooting percentages in NBA history at


in fact in the 2014-2015 season he shot

nearly 44% from the three-point line

time will tell where he'll eventually

end up on the list of all-time greats

but he's got a good start so far number

8 Dirk Nowitzki what can't Dirk do

he's redefines the power forward

position winning a regular season MVP

NBA championship and Finals MVP along

the way he emerged as a dominant post

player later in his career but he's

still known as one of the greatest

shooting big men of all time his careers

three-point shooting percentage is

thirty eight point three percent but

with his clutch reputation

you still don't ever leave him alone on

the three-point line with his large

arsenal of offensive moves Dirk was

probable for most of his career number


Paul Pierce not only has Paul Pierce one

of the greatest shooters of all time

he's also one of the most clutch players

of all time

hitting dagger after dagger in his

career his career three-point shooting

percentage is thirty seven point one

percent and he had several seasons where

he shot around 40% even at 37 the truth

is still delivering it like he did when

he first came into the league he is

currently fourth all-time and

three-pointers made number six Kyle

Korver after twelve seasons and not a

lot of hype Kyle Korver just keeps on

knocking down three-pointers like it's

nothing his career three-point shooting

percentage is 43.2%

good enough for sixth all-time he shot

43 percent or better in six of his 12

seasons and surpassed the 50% mark for

one season the amazing thing is the

older he gets the better his shooting is

over the past four seasons his

three-point shooting percentage has gone

up that means that despite being

established as one of the greatest

three-point shooters of all time teams

still can't stop him number five a tie

Steve Kerr and Steve Nash Steve Kerr's

career three-point shooting percentage

is crazy forty five point four percent

that puts him number one all-time it's

one thing to do that for a few seasons

but for 15 seasons and that's including

a season where he shot below 25 percent

if you do a search for the all-time

greatest shooters chances are Steve Kerr

is going to be in every list you find

his great shooting earned him five

championships and a legend worthy of

imitating as for Steve Nash the guy did

it all passing driving shooting he was

an offensive machine that no one could

stop he shot nearly 43 percent from the

three-point line in his career but isn't

particularly known for that area of his

game however he sealed many

with his shooting in fact he's tenth

all-time and three-point shooting

percentage number for Larry Bird Larry

Bird's career was cut short due to

injury problems but the 13 years he did

play at were legendary

he shot 37.6% from the three-point line

in his career but what's interesting is

that he actually didn't shoot or make a

lot of threes and fact he's 176th all

time in three-pointers made with 649 for

his career his game was really closer to

the basket but he earns the reputation

of being one of the greatest three-point

shooters of all time because of how many

clutch threes he made and of course the

famous three-point contest where he

didn't even take off his warm-up jacket

number three

Reggie Miller Reggie Miller has hit some

of the biggest threes in NBA history and

his second all-time in three-pointers

made he shot 39.5% on 3s for his career

which puts him quite a ways down the

list of highest shooting percentages but

he's still one of the best if Reggie

Miller had an open three he was going to

make it number two Ray Allen now on to

the guy who knocked Reggie Miller down

to number two on the list of

three-pointers made Ray Allen Allen shot

40% on 3s for his career and did so

consistently even in his worst shooting

year as average was nearly 36 percent

after joining the Celtics in 2006 he

became part of a big three that was


they won the championship that year Ray

Allen went on to win another

championship with the Miami Heat in 2013

in that series

Ray Allen hit maybe one of the most

clutch threes in NBA Finals history

which won the game and literally changed


number one Steph Curry this one was

close in fact only 11 votes separated

the second-place winner from first place

honestly we're a little skeptical of

this one but the viewers got the votes

there's no doubt that Steph Curry is the

greatest three-point shooter of this

generation and he may continue his

career the way he started it but with

just a few years in the books it's hard

to say what will happen but let's not

rain on the parade curry is third

all-time in three-point shooting

percentage holds the record for the most

threes made in a season and is a

franchise leader in three-pointers made

for a season in a single game on top of

that he's already won regular season MVP

and a championship so there you have it

the greatest three-point shooters of all

time according to the viewers if you

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