Kenny vs Spenny - Season 1 - Episode 19 - Who Is the Better Actor

since the beginning

has been forced to compete for survival

this spirit of competition has

and the goal in the relationship of two

best friends who battle against each

other my glory for the winner

humiliation for the loser

this is Kenny vs. Spenny

all right everybody this week's

competition which Spenny will be truly

humiliated pummeled crushed and beaten

in is who is the better actor we're not

actors I've never trained as an actor

it's going to be a heck of a challenge

for both of us I what are you doing your

mother so you mean to say you have no

idea what you're doing

I have prepared my monologue you can't

even memorize which I wouldn't which

I've written myself what kind of


what kind of month along what kind of

mom a condom unlock a kind of monologue

what kind of unlock anyways this is the

who is the better actor competition a

lot of people think that acting is no

big deal but I have a lot of respect for

actors what kind of monologue what kind

of monologue what kind of model alone

I'm gonna read my scene that I've

written my old man coming to terms with

death scene worst case scenario I can

get on stage and play Julius Caesar now

what little I know about acting is that

I don't want to rush it I think I just

want to kind of experiment a little try

some characters out see what works I

need something that's gonna blow their

mind I'm playing your music all please

come upstairs now please come upstairs

we're having a performance we need you

here boys




is mine hoon is my papi he likes to

dance and sing to your puppy dance to

your puppy dance he likes to eat cookies

and park-like disease in the park like

this this is not amusing I'm surprised

by my the fact that my dog hole is not

in attendance would I must excuse myself

before it is time such I must look for



there's nothing issued as me if I think

is there I gotta concentrate please is

looking Papa is looking for where is my

what have you done is him that's how you

can receive is he he does not call to my


I don't even know what the hell that was

and comedy is not looked upon well by

the theatre community when it comes to

judging dramatics



way I can make this a lot easier easy

and guaranteed win on my to make James



I know I'm sick a man can tell you

couldn't walk afire by legendury I think

that I want to die well maybe I do


I can't click into the drunk thing





friends Romans countrymen lend me your


I mean ears the only thing I know for

sure is that I'm scared it doesn't seem

right to be scared of something that

everyone has to do but if I'm honest

with myself I have to admit that I'm

scared I'm scared to die don't do this

monologue so this is active this is out

this is this this is impossible this is

boring let's chuck it come up with

something amazing where you can really

show you stuff what about like an

astronaut and he's maybe the first man

on Mars or something what about a guy at

French Revolution kind of period peace

in the in the dungeon right before he's

about to get gia teens no no no Spencer

tell me what's going on in your life

right now that has meaning for you well

I mean this television show is going on

in my life and if I'm gonna be honest

about it I'm being essentially

humiliated almost every week right now

what's a situation where injustice

occurs that you can relate to what

really is talking to me right now is

maybe a prizefighter a prizefighter

that's been betrayed I want you to blow

yourself away myself away I want to blow

you away I want to blow the judges away

I just want to win let's fight okay and

all I will lose this competition if I do

Caesar to change

or to cheat that is the question

actually it's not a question I've

decided I am going to cheat I really am

going to choose Caroline thank you I'm a

1950's down-and-out prizefighter and the

scene is set in the dressing room after

I've just lost and I go into a speech

talking to my manager whose name chicky

let me hear it before I start saying we

think she's the worst just start it and

keep coming back to me

don't say nothing chicky don't say

nothing if I do it any personal acting

bit it's really gonna just be up to the

judge to decide use better spending her

myself and you know what that's not

really good enough odds for me to be

winning on so I had an idea it's a big

gamble but I think I can pull it off

again it is the old switcheroo something

that's worked numerous times for me in

the past and it's always brought me


I want Paul to perform in my place this

guy is a master that is business

studying for 25 years there's some very

important points that we have to make

sure are covered 1 nobody notices the

switch between you and me right to the

judges believe that it is me performing

and not you and 3 Spenny is not there

because the second Spenny sees you doing


he is going to know in a second that you

are not being he's gonna come onstage

and rip off our masks what do you think

I think it's great I think you wrote

yourself something challenging alright I

gotta look I gotta go memorize this

alright Paul is getting ready to WoW me

with a performance a performance that

he's actually going to be doing for the

judges finally I got no work to do I

just sit on my ass

and when this started running the next

thing I know you has given me that what

is in there with you a pack card are you

alone what do you want I swear to God I

thought there was like some somebody in

here like some kind of

yeah it's called acting what's that an

alcoholic robot that's like the worst no

it's my half of one of the greatest

masters training me in mind

Kenny I'm doing going down a dramatic

piece that comes from my heart and my

life you're gonna lose this you know I

am a father I have been trained just by

a classic mime master and you are going

to lose my baddest humiliation body have

ever suffered in your life my friend

the reason Kenny did mine is because he

didn't want to do the hard work of

memorizing script I'm in a box

I'm in a box it's a little bit of

scratch and a body full of broken bones

line for what for what says I can be

humiliated again and again so as he can

be the champion and everyone think he's

the best but I didn't take a dive I'll

never take a dive

you think that's got to count for

something don't it I said don't it like

you always says I got my pride but you

ain't the loser chickie you ain't the

one who has to tell everyone you lost



I have for the most part memorized the

material but as I told you sometimes I

just black out and that scares the

living hell out of it we're gonna work

with that fear one of the questions is

how are you when you start let's just

clarify this and how are you when you

end good question I think when I start

I'm sad okay I end I am stuck with this

person in my life who's my best friend

who keeps beating me and who keeps

cheating against me when you end you

wrote not only once but twice I got my

pride and at the end I want you to get

to that point it's a win for you at the

end all the hard work do we do


okay it's a half hour before competition

we were just getting ready to hide Paul

behind the stage before the judge gets

here I think it's best if I if I leave

the mirror against the wall and then

when I pull it out from the wing you can

pop into it I say we do one emergency

quick run-through you should hide your

stuff behind the stage see I think it's

better if I pull it out no one is gonna

have any idea and that's when you pop

out from the wing and you follow me I'm

gonna put my hood on no mask I'm gonna

walk behind the screen I go flat against

here and that's it you do your thing


I'm just going to cut quickly to the end

Wow and then we walk off


the second that goes back behind the

wall you disappear behind the curtain

and I'll try my best to get everybody

out of here Spenny has not shown up yet

according to Kenny and Spenny

competition rules I am allowed to

perform at the time of the competition

which is now okay let's go I studied

mime for about ten years on and off and

continued my studies through University

and drama class various camps

I have not performed this piece for

about three years and over the past

three days

I have studied non-stop to try and bring

back my performance


I had that I mean that was honestly

unbelievable and I can I mean I can see

some of that in your technique it was

tough I totally blew it

I'm sorry I'm late you flattened the

tire on the van the band's never had a

flat tire before the day of a

performance boom there's a flat tire for

no reason

you're an [ __ ] really nothing I swear

you're a liar you're a liar and you're

an [ __ ] and you're putting me in in a

good state for my performance piece when

are you going on the judge when are you

going on just finished what I just

finished how was it it was good where

can I change where can I change do

anyone know where I could change

you're totally late hurry up it's really

simple once you learn various moves yeah

it's unbelievable I mean it looks like

it's been practice for you you got to

let your body you'd be loose and your

movements and you just what you do is

just pretend your arms or upper and

that's it and if you try I'd like try it

with me for a second

I hope she believes me because she's

probably thinking I'm psycho I'm

blocking out it I'm blacking out

I don't want candy in here I don't want

him anywhere near me when I'm performing

I think anyone can do it if they do and

you know it's hard work no it's more of

a flicker I don't want you anywhere near

me when I do them I'm serious out Kenny

please you suggested that I write

something that's close to me or issues

that I'm dealing with in my life and

what those issues are are really

pertinent it's just a scene

don't say nothing chicky don't say

nothing five times five lousy times you

think I'd beat him just once you think

all the hard work we do would count for

something but I got nothing chickie just

a little bit of scratch and a body full

of broken bones for what so that he can

humiliates me again and again so that he

can be the champ enough everybody think

he's the best you know you always says I

got to my pride he always says that but

you know who he is he's a cheatin Punk

who do anything to win remember the time

he had that guy keep me up all night

before the fight or the time he asked me

to take a dive but I didn't take a dive

I would never take a dive

me and him goes back to before the


our fathers used to knock the [ __ ] of

each other when during the 30s I guess

when you grows up with someone your

whole life it becomes like your brother

whether you like it or not but I know

something he needs me oh yeah he needs

me where else is he gonna find a loser

like me but you're right about one thing

I got my pride I got my pride Kenny I

think that you you did something I mean

really really original really really

smooth it was graceful it flowed the the

physicality of it was you know really

unbelievable and I was really

entertained by it thank you um Spenny

your piece was obviously very very

emotional and I and I really you know

felt a lot of what you were saying and I

really appreciated all of the energy

that you put into it because you were

obviously putting a lot of energy into

it I even think I got some of your spit

on my leg because of the energy Kenny I

think one thing that you have to think

about is just the you know the space

when you're in a stage that's this big

how can you use some of the space you

stayed you know pretty constrained when

I when I have this mask on I really only

have limited peripheral vision something

to think about in working with your

direction um Spencer you're really close

to the work and I felt in your

performance that the only way you could

play it was by doing these huge highs

and these huge lows I didn't feel like

you had necessarily you know the control

as as a performer but I really really

commend you on your efforts Oh Kenny

your you were the better actor

oh my god

but you were great spending man you were

great yeah Spencer you know you did a

really really great job and I feel bad

it was it was okay

well as humiliation for losing me who's

the better actor episode I get to throw

a dozen eggs at spending but before I do

it's funny to have one hard-boiled you

get 12

that's it I'm counting three





can't even talk there's so much fun you

better not lose another one I'm not

gonna forget this look at me

look what he did to me look what he did

to me look at oh my god that was

unbelievable unfortunately now I got to

clean up the garage but it was worth it