who is the greatest baseball player to

ever step on the face of the earth this

has been something I've been trying to

figure out for a very long time

I've been searching the web like a crazy

person I've been on many websites and it

seems like there is a majority of

websites who agree with a lot of players

Willie Mays Ted Williams Babe Ruth Joe

DiMaggio Ty Cobb Alex Rodriguez Barry

Bonds Aaron Loup wait a minute

he [ __ ] sucks this is something I'll

mention at the beginning of this video

and I'll also bring this up again at the

end of this video too because I feel

like this is a very generational thing

if that's a word because if you grew up

let's say you grew up in the 90s

chances are you think players like Alex

Rodriguez Barry Bonds Griffey are most

likely the goats because it does seem

like if you did grow up in the 90s or

something like that

you asked them who they personally think

is the greatest of all time they will

say somebody like that they won't

necessarily say Babe Ruth Ted Williams

somebody like that somebody who played

way back in the day pretty sure they do

update these lists a lot a lot of

players in the top ten don't really go

down in rank that I've noticed some of

the websites to even mention that our

steroid users eligible to be on these

lists all of them are because you do see

a lot of those players not even in the

list for top 50 or something like that

talk ten so what I'll do now is I will

go over a lot of the players who were

mentioned who were mentioned by almost

all of these websites it seems like

there is a consensus for all these

players who are well deserving to be in

the conversation for best baseball

players of all time

Honus Wagner was somebody I saw a lot on

these lists

he had 328 in his career unfortunately I

wasn't able to see Wagner play because

he did play from 1897 to 1917 Mickey

Mantle was somebody else who was also

mentioned pretty much every time Mickey

Mantle holds the record for most World

Series home runs with 18 imagine that 18

home runs in the World Series by a

single player Roger Clemens no surprise

was also somebody who has brought up a

lot but of course there's always that

debate on should they be in the list are

in the category I should say because of

the the steroid usage

Ty Cobb has a career batting average of


I mean try to look at that stat without

vomiting all over the floor Hank Aaron

does hold the record for most RBIs 2002

97 does have 755 home runs to that's

always another debate who is really the

homerun King when you talk about that

Hank Aaron is always brought up I mean

whenever you do talk about the greatest

baseball players of all time there's

legitimately one player who is always

brought up whether it's if you agree or

don't agree Barry Bonds of course he

does hold the record for most home runs

in a single season with 73

does have the most career home runs to

with seven hundred and sixty-two but of

course like I said with Hank Aaron it's

always a debate who is really the

homerun King like when you really read

Barry Bonds his stats and all this stuff

you you can't you can't look at the

screen without your eyes falling out of

your face if we can all agree about one

thing when we discuss Barry Bonds it's

that no pitcher wanted to face him no

chance Willie Mays even though I wasn't

able to see him play his stats are still

ridiculous obviously he has 660 home

runs 3283 hits almost 2000 RBIs he has

1903 338 stolen bags 12 Gold Gloves

that's pretty crazy man this is the

thing about Willie Mays too he started

his career in 1951 they didn't even

start giving out the Gold Glove Award

until 1957 seems like everybody does

agree who should be number one on every

single list this is the thing too when

he look at all these lists and you see

who is number one they don't even show

staff they just say Babe Ruth let's move

on I agree with all these players I'm

not saying I don't agree or anything I

definitely agree with all these players

who are mentioned but this is what I was

talking about this is kind of a

generational thing right because you did

grow up in the 80s 90s even mm you

obviously have a different opinion on

who should be crowned the goat which

makes sense every single player I just

named was probably in the top 10 for

every website I've seen if they weren't

in the top 10 they were

11 12 13 14 not that not that far behind

from the 10 spot but this is I guess if

you want my opinion on this this is

probably something I was scratching my

head at for a long time because I just I

just didn't understand how this could be

something I don't know this was almost

disrespect I did grow up in the 90s I

also did see where a certain player was

mentioned on these lists I saw top 100

list of the best players of all time and

number 35 was Ken Griffey jr. I mean I

couldn't help but look at the screen for

almost 5 minutes and say to myself what

in the blue [ __ ] are you guys safe ken

griffey jr. in my opinion is the best

player to ever step foot on a diamond I

believe not only would have Griffey

broken the homerun record if he was

never injured I think he would have

shattered it into a million pieces a

billion pieces I honestly think the

homerun record would be so far out of

reach that no single soul ever born

again would ever break it you would have

to put it in the books and retire it I

don't even think I mentioned a rod yet

but he wasn't really in the top 10 for

many of the lists I saw Barry Bonds was

in every top 5 I believe but a rod was

around the area of Randy Johnson from 25

to 15 something like that I think that a

rod was Dominus absolutely dominant when

he was in the league steroids are not I

think a rod would have been an amazing

player it really is very difficult very

you look at all the best players of all


how can you even how can you even pick

who should be number one because let's

say this is something else to imagine if

you put if you put Babe Ruth Ted

Williams Joe DiMaggio Ty Cobb Barry

Bonds Alex Rodriguez ken griffey jr.

Hank Aaron on the same baseball field on

the same team or just playing against

each other who

standout the most who would be the

player that you were in the stands

watching and you would say that player

is the best out of every single player

I'm seeing right now this was kind of a

different video for the channel but like

I said always a good debate a good

discussion can start from videos like

this I appreciate everybody watching

these videos you were all legendary

human beings if you enjoyed be sure to

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