what's good it's your boy Jay black gay

cave black man today yes today you see

the title we have something that must be

addressed we have something that needs

dialogue we have something that needs

conversation then it's a few things that

I want to address but today is the top

10 highest viewed battle rappers of all


you feel me first off foremost you

really gotta watch this video it's all

informations on verse tracker you found

me but if you liked about push it

together like the way I didn't [ __ ] you

know I mean a certain bar that pick

salutes you you can even for a treat but

if you ain't got time trust me I wish I

ain't trying so by the time all that

[ __ ] on verse record I've taken a lot of

it that you me the information from very

striking put it on the video so SLUSA

verse tracker check them out go to

website now here it is seat back iron

low like I'm anemic I'm a wet everybody

out here cannonball off the deep-end

extensions Lena

let me put my [ __ ] weave in one chair

so in the mazda6 trolling your [ __ ]

going 20 miles an hour while i'm low

next clip I see Magna smash the guy

selling honey did hit the downshift and

make it raining while I talk to your

drift then 20 fingers at the ones doing


before the sunny sir after the Sunny's

before the [ __ ] I do smile you don't

click my battle just look at the number

I'm here don't ya sweetie battles equals

me versus hitmen look at it up before I

leave I gotta empty this ratchet

you ain't gotta guess what's in my jeans

I'm a clapping o Navy guns put a gap up

in his attic Kenneth Cole is what rock

awareness cash yeah Lulu's let's talk

about Manila

[ __ ] watch me and a lot birkoff's

watch me watch is what I'm saying what

the [ __ ] are they watching toms and

watching you shoot fifty thousand times

cuz I control my temper don't [ __ ] up

the only chance that I got you want

another hand with a fight in every

battle brawn give a damn bout this spot

in Space Jam I got my challenge action

is up with my hands

let's eat I think guys I got the scars

of the triangle support if you try to

survive don't give them that macho


hey yogurt is kind of like you're

getting ready for a wedding

you got the Blazers tuxedos a ring boy

get a couple all to invest man I said I

got the Blazers tuxedos a ring boy and

get a couple all to your best man

definite that way nice not crazy

he's just me me but I was way out of

your comfort zone [ __ ] you ain't

dumping Crowell like Mark McGwire

someone in st. Louis we always see

running on and all these [ __ ] bringing

tops to win

you show face the bus brunch you dirty

[ __ ] [ __ ] together oh geez that would

make me not once

trying to battle did try to battle

disasters bitch-ass I don't know I think

I have to go crush the living [ __ ] out

of him I'm thinking Kali in his backyard

this is what I do I will destroy you if

you try to come into my [ __ ] Lane I

have more experience than you want my

daughter to [ __ ] you don't pick up what

I know over biggest fish [ __ ] your [ __ ]

with a shinobi fish and you won't do

[ __ ] cuz there go go gadget is a 4 foot

go pro stick listen yeah and next time

stand back bro next time you want to do

some fake [ __ ] to give use I'm going to

show you what real training will do one

shop to shop it a more Asian than you

remember when he was in Orlando as a

rookie - total savage total package they

was both animals but when it comes to

the lines they kind of average need

practice he spent four years in the land

oh he learned the hard way he couldn't

hack it and that's when smack brought in

a certain PG and we all believed in


you became me let's talk about it what

makes you think rum is a good leader

what makes you think this [ __ ] is a

hard member when you think of clips you

think of bullets flying in the venue

getting [ __ ] on this card engine when

I think of rum

I think of pina colada pineapple juice a

lot of ice inside a large blender it's

not running you can't you can't really

win a fight now hit somebody we hurt

because of you hitting them did I hurt

you 20 times he hits you one time and it

hurts you you've done so I'm going with


to me

in 1/2 in the max with some crap then

you did 3 days and a half and that fast

you came back

I'm starting to think you're on your

full time in jail cuz you scared them

killing this reckless so I'm just trying

to figure out how you a doctor can't

finish this

I better that [ __ ] was all gasp there's

nothing shopping sprees up in a mall

back in the battles of my day

now I want to talk about how important

it is to be viewed you know I mean it's

a lot if you watch the video in a lot

you know I mean is it a bargaining chip

actually there's a biting a lot to some

bargaining chip if you've been on the

phone people try negotiate a bag you

know I mean views has brought up a lot

the amount of traffic that you bring to

a battle is brought up in a lot you feel


that's a key bargaining chip if you come

if you say oh my goodness I'm the best

and you have 50 to 100 thousand views

they're gonna be laughed at by the

promoter about a league you know I mean

they're probably gonna give you cereal

Kokopelli just since you like that they

don't give you real money if you come to

a league and say hey I have 50 million

views i average 2 million or 1 point

something million views per battle and

that's what you're gonna get if you book

me boom now you're talking now you're

talking um but one of the things that I

really wanted to address his DNA being

number one you know I mean he definitely

received some love but he also received

some hate main misconception as you guys

says ninety one battles not realizing

that the work that an effort that did

they put in to propel himself you know

I'm saying in terms of the grind time

battle so I'm gonna grind time [ __ ] that

only got 20 K here 30 K there when he

battled real-deal outside of a [ __ ] a

barbeque store some she liked that the

food shop something I don't know there's

a lot of battles where DNA took he could

have taken battles where it's just him

versus disaster where the average is

three million you know I mean he has big

battles you know I mean I think but I

think also he should he should thank

y'all thank some of y'all because they

hate helps y'all still wanna watch him

there's no reasoning for someone to be

hated that much if someone to be called

corny by lining you gets that much love

in terms of use you still watch him all

his URL battles almost all of a million

views can you adopt Palace 5k to a


him versus chess it's at a million now

that you like it and not you have to

give someone credit where credit is due

salutes our arsenal for holding it down

before I think seven years you that mean

that was his crown in a world in a world

where everything is debatable where

everything is debated let's not debate

this the fact are the facts

when should add up all the numbers he is

the most viewed battle rapper says not

you want bow tie just means he put a lot

of work that's what it means to me

disaster got 90 battles and say [ __ ]

about that did you know me everything

was fine and did he when he was sitting

at number two for a year some years

whatever once he hit number one that's

when the hate starts that's undeniable

him being number one right now it's

undeniable salute and congratulations to

DNA yeah I mean when it comes to his

battle without to beat this and that

that's cool you don't like the public

did the hand gesture when he did this

[ __ ] right here which is Craig me to

[ __ ] up the whole this is an act that's

cool but the facts are the facts being

number it means being the most view

doesn't mean you're the best you guys

think look her murder mooking Lux is

that one that list you don't see him do

you they're like xxx right but we know

Lux is a guy we know MOOC is a god you

feel me

it is what it is man salute the man

salute the man that reason Oh

first of all first verse I'm just asking

what you thought because you have more

battles than me you drop 30 in a couple

of games but that wouldn't even know the

court look any bottom a function that I

saw who thought it is bad I'm gonna

function where the she even said this

was champions look like and we don't

look like they look like I'm flooring

with you guys battle versus you Jim

lately Larry mercy just talk a good


the top ten punches is come and trust me

I'm still working on that heavy you know

I mean I'm the way I want to put it


I don't rush anything y'all know that I

don't know it's no need for me to rush


I don't rush nothing so my top ten

punches I feel like when I put it out

I'm gonna be proud of it like if you

wanted to beat me with the list that I

haven't like yo this is why I put him in

him him in her searches I put him in

that place I put him over that cuz cuz

this and this I'm gonna be able to

rebuttal everything that anyone says to

me I mean so when I put out that list I

feel like it's gonna be official

I'm putting time and effort into that

[ __ ] you know me I'm putting a lot of

time and effort into my top ten

pressures it's gonna be top 15 I think

to top 20 whatever you know I mean so I

think is gonna be very respectable it's

gonna be one of my most respected lists

I would say you know I mean so please

stay lookout for that maybe and within

the next two weeks I'm not gonna lie to

you I'm trying to accomplish them

possible top ten punchlines of all time

but I honestly think it's no way you can

do that it's no way you can do with top

10 punchlines at all time so I might

title that my favorite punchlines but

you know I'm telling you I really I

really wanna get that I really want to

get that done try I'm watching a lot of

footage I'm watching a lot of footage

I'm at my mini bed like this for like

two hours a day [ __ ] you know I mean you

just scroll them click it but if she boy

see black shake my hand salutes you

thanks for the support thanks for

watching again I appreciate you know the

love that y'all giving me you know me

now we be surfing off with them patties

now back in that back world we surfing

off of them patties now packing