The Best Bull Rider of All Time: J.B. Mauney


in the history of bull riding I would

think that Jamie's got a rank right up

at the top

nobody's dealt that he is the best

I've never seen a day out of JB where he

wasn't expecting to be first things that

JB does I don't see out anybody else

other people put so much effort and so

much time into it

whereas it comes so easy to him he's got

a level of confidence that is so beyond

that there's not a bull in the world

that he believes can buck him off

there's not a title in the world that he

can't win there's not a mountain he

can't climb or anything he can't do




there's been a lot of Campbell's that

have probably picked that easier one or

that one that's good to ride they're

probably gonna win some money but gang

gonna hear their name whose name do you

hear JB he's the best out there you can

pick a night almost everything there's

one in the world twice and he's won over

six million dollars riding bull


they come down natural you know it's a

different thing that most people I guess

don't have you know in their blood and

their body you know it's just a dirty

rotten tough cowboy


being a cowboy's of lifestyle that's

what I was raised to be I didn't much

want to do anything else

I rode bucking horses I wrote cab now

I'm not ever boy router does it I love

them guys don't even know how to ride a

horse don't want her out a horse but uh

I'd rather be a cowboy than just a bull

rider any day you could have take a

little slower when I got it down low as

you get the other Road being a cowboy

and not strictly a bull rider helps you

because I mean I'm not just riding the

horse I'm working on the legs your

balance and things like that this sport

definitely started out as a wild and

reckless event the balance is kind of

shifted to where there's the wild and

reckless cowboys that are willing to do

whatever it takes and there's you know

the athlete side of things where these

guys have really evolved into training

hard and spending every minute of every

day working towards being a world

champion bull rider JB is one of the

strangest guys as far as what works for

him as a bull rider like he don't work

out he's funny he only weighs like 140

pounds balance for me is a huge part it

doesn't matter how big you are you're

not gonna help muscle a damn 1800 pound

boy standing on it like that the way it

rolls and the way you have to move your

weight it's just like a bull it's worked

for me I feel like that's the main

reason I move my hips so good standing

on this thing

all the time I did it for an hour a day

for a long time you know it's I didn't

have anything to do that's where I'd be

I'd be inside stand on this ball watch

the board on tapes eating the sandwich

where you could walk in I talked to you

and never get off the ball a lot of them

they've told me your frickin nature but

they're not here I don't see what I work

out all the time and I let them say what

they want to

everybody asked me you you healthy was

no I haven't been healthy since the

first time I climbed ownable

first when I got on he don't be piss out

of me

lacerated my liver and broke all my ribs

on the right side they told me it should

have killed me I thought it first find

me hell am i doing this to myself but

the next day I want to do it again I was

the kid with the try when the other guys

had the talent I was the one that we

just would not turn loose but I was

gonna try to have a bitter end

I mean they'd have to stomp me loose

before I was gonna let go but you can

only beat your body so much before it's

just finished

I could feel oily the scar tissue really

released for you that's my strong man

that's when I arrived with my wishes in

a little better shape but what I got to

deal with you can't put it out of your

mind for eight seconds from I will not

rob blue if you want to be a world

champion bad enough you're gonna have to

learn the route with pain you go from

January till mate almost every weekend

and it's not just one bull in a weekend

it's gonna be five of the rankest bulls

in the world

while coming here and sit down like this

to see what I'm doing and what I could

do better

even when I make a good ride I'll put it

in slow motion sit there and watch it

and see what I did wrong well up until

this point right here I was riding him

pretty much like I supposed to when he

makes his next corner way through a

little twist in there

well that messed up all my timing up

right there that was just a tic behind

him yeah that much as long as you stay

ahead of bulls like that they don't have

any power but when you get behind like

that that's when they take control of


they're your dancing partner they make a

move you have to follow right there it's

kind of the do-or-die situation you

either man up and keep your hand shut

and take what's coming or you take the

easy route out when I go back this time

I know exactly what's coming right there

I'm three inches away from the tip of

that horn that's when you close your

eyes and hope you done knock all your

teeth out when dealing with bulls you

have to be a bit wild and reckless to be

able to compete at this level

you're riding a wild animal hell I mean

anything and everything could happen if

you talk to any bull rider and they tell

you they don't have a little bit of fear

in them and herv's about him that line

bald-faced lying to you cuz I mean you

getting on the bull that weighs 1,600

pounds to 22 one time he steps the right

way on your bed it's a game i inches she

sees me limping around and being bruised

up and stuff like that being sore but I

don't think she understands that you

know it's a life-and-death situation

sometimes I want to be around as much as

I can I want to be a father to her but

it is reckless you're putting your life

on the line every time you nod your head


JB and not Senate called my son are not

too many or like him around there I mean

you can tell he kind of stands out

you got a half-scale but you got to have

a little bit of luck but you got to

really want it and he's always a lot of

it is natural but JB puts in a lot of it

to earth when he was younger he had a

bucking barrel that you couldn't set on

there cuz the growths are bad there and

he rode it every day for four and five

hours a day

you work at it until the very last ball

you ever get on if I feel like I'm

making too many moves and I'll come out

here and just slow everything back down

you get on it enough and you do the same

thing it's repetition yeah

muscle memory it comes natural to you

everything's going so fast it's got to

come second nature you better not be

thinking about what you're trying to

control because if you do you're already

underground they're really good bulls

they all gonna kick square over their

head the Bulls dropping you're a little

bit back and he's gonna jerk you down

you can Jack your knees up in them to

stop you from going and kind of you know

then set your feet back down if he's

just spinning real fast and not kicking

up in his butt then you kind of you you

lift and prod to kind of lock you in


and then you just make the moves when

he's spinning

the fights not really against another

guy's against the bull there are a heck

of a lot smarter than people think the

difference between me and a lot of them

you guys going is I picked the ranked

Bulls every time I get a chance I want

the one that nobody else wants it prove

to myself that there's no bullying

hearing tummy elf

every time I've seen JB he really hasn't

put much thought into the bully as he

does best when shooting from the hip if

I don't know what the bull does then my

body reacts something something I ride

him jump for jump if I know what he does

in the back of my head I'm setting the

game plan for him you set a trap for a

bull you get caught in it every time


bull ridings getting to be a bigger

sport it's starting to become more

mainstream generation I see now is

getting farther and farther away from

being Cowboys I think that eventually

it'll consist of just Ghazi Red Bulls

it's going out of style because it's a

different age


this year I got that little one for you

know I wanted to turn her loose and let

her go by herself and let her kind of

figure it out all on don't go around the

shop okay lady

I like to go fast oh I like to go fast


when she's around I'm falling well when

I crawl off in that chute that's when

you go back to the reckless side

they come they changed the world of bull

riding and then they go away



hope there's never another in Japanese

but there's always a young kid that

comes up that's gonna take your spot

you're not doing this to be the best at

it then you might as well stop now

I know when I get old that I'm gonna be

crippled as hell yeah I'm sacrificing my

body is gonna be tore all to pieces but

I'm willing to sacrifice that to be the

best of what are there