Ranking the Best Centers From Every Team in the NBA (2019-20)

ranking the best center from every NBA

team the last of the rankings from every

position now numbers 30 through 25

aren't anything exciting and they've all

been playing at just about the same

level all season long we're just gonna

go through them really quickly with

Willie cauley-stein Alex Lin Dwight

Powell Eva kazoo Bach Derrick Favors and

Cody Zeller see I told you nothing

exciting and not gonna lie 24s not too

exciting either

but Daniel theis is of dimension because

at first to start the season that did

look like Enes Kanter would have taken

the spot but since he's not a great

defender and Tice is it goes to him then

Thomas Bryan takes 23 for Washington and

for the games he has been healthy for he

hasn't been really anything special this

year still young it has some potential

but nothing major then 22 goes to the

Cavs for Tristan Thompson and this is

his ninth year as a starter for the team

and in his prime at 28 years old he's

finally averaging career highs of 12

points and 10 rebounds a game demands an

average NBA Center at best but for the

Bulls in win Dale Carter at 21 he is

averaging very similar stats to Tristan

the only difference is that Carter's

defense away from the stats is at

another level the Bulls are still bad

but individually Wendell Carter still

has a lot of potential for years to come

then rashon holmes takes 24 the kings

and the kings brought in to Wayne Dedmon

to be their starter this year but it's

Ben Holmes who stepped up and taken that

spot he might not be much more than a

great role player for them but he does

play great with their stops 19 the

Knicks and Mitchell Robinson the man's

playing great again this year but is

still coming off the bench 5 Hodge

Gibson and only playing 22 minutes a

game mainly because he gets into foul

trouble too often and David fizz Dale's

trying to avoid that Mitch was a great

shot blocker with a lot of potential

though and he's got to learn to control

himself on defense and get a lot more

consistent on offense too I mean the

Knicks aren't winning games anyways it

makes no sense to not just let him start

and follow it as many times as it takes

for him to learn to not foul he'll get

tired of it eventually and learn his

lesson someone who doesn't have that

problem that was Jared Allen at 18 for

the net he's a great shot blocker that

gets it done without fouling

which is why he brings slightly ahead of

Robinson now Nets coach Kenny Atkinson

says Jared Allen's are already one of

the best centers in the NBA but he's not

ranking any higher than 18 for me like I

said the defense is already there for

him he just needs to improve his

offensive game and he's set then we have

the Lakers at 17 with Dwight Howard

and Dwight's not starting but he still

slightly takes this licker spot over

JaVale McGee I mean both men played the

same role for the team and are averaging

very similar numbers the only difference

is how we're treating 73 percent from

the field but compared to Giles 64

percent and it's weird for Dwight that

in the year that he's reviving his

career he's averaging career lows in

nearly every single category but it

makes sense because his stats actually

mean something now on a winning team

that brings us to the Bucs who take 16

for Brook Lopez and this year he's

continued to prove that he's one of the

best possible fits on the Milwaukee

Bucks coming in third in the league for

blocked shots and still knocking down

nearly just as many threes as last

season I mean it really is crazy just

how much he's changed his game over the

years and pretty surprising we haven't

seen too many other lower tier centers

do the same 15 the Grizzlies and you own

his fountain tunas it looks like the

Marc Gasol trade that landed the

Grizzlies Valanciunas is officially a

success the man's averaging 15 in tin

right now on 60 percent from the field

and 42 percent from the three when he

actually does shoot from deep and he's

turning into a guy that consistently has

good game too every single night but

also has standout games every once in a

while he's a little older than the

Grizzlies would have liked but he's

still gonna be in his problem when the

team's ready to make a real playoff run

but DeAndre Eden's a little younger and

comes in at 14 for Phoenix and he hasn't

played many games this year because of

his suspension but by now I'm convinced

that he's gonna be a star center in no

time he's got the defense he's got the

offense he's shooting a good percentage

and blocking a lot of shots

if himself and the Suns keep up this

kind of progress every year I think

he'll be an all-star in no time as for

Marc Gasol he takes 13 for the Raptors

and they know right off the bat you

might be thinking this one is too high

for Marc I mean he's only averaging

seven points six rebounds in one block a

game but he's the guy that we saw just

how important he is in the playoffs

he's a leader a lockdown defender

shooting 40% from three and one of the

best passing big men in the NBA

number 12 Stephen Adams for the Thunder

now I've ranked Adams lower in the past

and everyone said that I was crazy for

doing it so from feedback from you guys

I'm putting him here at number 12 which

should be high enough currently he's yet

to be traded but there's still a lot of

teams interested in them and it makes

perfect sense why because he's the

perfect team player at the center

position he doesn't ever really need the

ball but he rebounds that's perfect

picks in

screens and can score whenever he's

needed to number 11 Myles Turner for the

Pacers and Turner had a lot of hype

around him early on and he is still good

enough to rank in that 11 but it's kind

of disappointing how little he's

developed over the past few years don't

get me wrong he has improved in some

aspects but not how people were

expecting him to I mean really all he's

done to his game is that a three-point


his defense has always been there but

offensive ly he's still only averaging

12 points and six rebounds a game and

now we're into the top 10 but someone

whose game is really developed recently

and that's BAM Adebayo for the heat and

bam doesn't have a ranking that compared

to from last year because Ison Whiteside

ranked in as the heats best senator but

personally he's done exactly what he was

supposed to this year after the team

traded Whiteside he stepped up as a

starter and is having a big-time

breakout year now averaging 16 and 10

while he's still only 22 and his feet

and his play down low has played a big

part in the Miami Heat as a team also

breaking out this year I have no

complaints about BAM but what I think he

does need to continue to improve on is

to step up the defense a little bit and

expand his game up to more mid-range

shooting then he'll be said and he's got

plenty of time to do that the number 9

goes to Nicole elusive itch for the

magic and Musa bridge ranked in at 10

last year and we can add this one on to

the list of Orlando Magic mistakes

because I mean personally I said that I

would have traded rusev itch last year

when he was playing at his best and

seeing how all of his numbers are

slightly down the season that probably

would have been the best move but for

some reason the magic didn't do that and

now they're sticking with them there's

still a playoff team but I mean nothing

more than only a first-round playoff

team at least they won't miss the

playoffs like the Portland Trail Blazers

my who have number a in Hassan Whiteside

and this is a huge jump from last year

for us on ranked in at 16 he was no

longer a good fit on the heat last

season but when yusuf newark coach went

down with an injury it made perfect

sense for him to start on the Blazers

and he's been a great fit he gives them

the spark that they needed on defense

and he's leading the league in blocks

right now with three a game averaging 15

points a game 14 rebounds and on almost

60% shooting sure he might still do a

little stat padding here and there but

overall I think he's doing a much better

job as a team player and a lot better

than he did in Miami now the number 7

spot goes to Clint capela and the

Rockets which is a small step from the

ninth spot that he was last season and

over the past two

use cling Capella's been to thing

efficient and consistent alone just as a

player he probably wouldn't rank this

high given his skill set but like a guy

like Brook Lopez he benefits from

playing in the perfect system compared

to his style thanks to being able to run

the floor and catch lobsters James

Harden all game long it's led him to

being as good as he has been and led to

him taking the number seven spot today

but the number six spot goes to the

Pistons and Andre Drummond who also

moved up two spots this year from number

eight where he was last season and they

just spoke about in a recent video

German schemes really developed in the

past couple of years and he's also been

another Center in trade talks I mean

you'd think with all these centers and

trade talks it could just all trade for

each other and call it a day but that's

just somehow it works I will say though

I do feel like we're seeing andre

drummond play pretty close to as good as

he ever will being on a bad Pistons team

but hopefully I'm wrong now we're in the

top five with number five in LaMarcus

Aldridge for the Spurs and all right

Aldridge ranks in at five and also moved

up two spots from a season ago and after

all these years at 34 years old the man

still hasn't really slowed down which is

great to see on top of that somehow he's

shooting twice as many threes a game as

he did in any past season but making

almost 44 percent of them halfway

through the year it hasn't been a great

year for the Spurs but seeing Aldridge

still playing this good is definitely a

positive the Utah Jazz then take number

four for Rudy Gobert and this is also an

improvement for him from the number five

spot he ranked last year and the man is

continuing to get better every single

season when he was drafted there was

really no expectations that he'd be a

good offensive player but he's improved

his game in nearly every single aspect

to every single season to the point now

where he's putting up 15 14 and 2 on 68

percent from the field but for as good

as he is around the room on both ends

that's where his game starts and stops

so I don't think I can really ever see

him ranking any higher than these next

three players like karl-anthony towns at

number three for the Wolves he ranked in

at seven last year which is good

progress and I mean it makes sense

he's been statistically having his best

season and I really almost ranked him in

at number two because he's putting up

superstar kinda numbers he still doesn't

lead his team to wins like the two

players ahead of him do I mean sure he

was just injured for a month but even

then the games that he played that he

was healthy the Wolves have had a nine

and sixteen right

and it seems like no matter how good he

plays he can't stop them from losing but

the organization hasn't done much to get

him help either

which is a problem because he's one of

the most complete centers in the league

but unless he requests a trade it looks

like a lot of his talents are gonna be


then the coolio coach takes a number two

spot for the Nuggets and he was ranked

at 3 last year only mainly because

Anthony Davis was playing center and

easily took the number one spot but he's

at number 2 now and I had to rank him

ahead of towns because like I said yoga

actually leads his team to wins now if

he never recovered from that extremely

slow start to this season he would have

ranked much lower but he's finally back

to being himself which is a good sign

for now but does leave questions about

his work ethic for the future and it was

a close call but the number one spot

goes to Joelle embiid for the 76ers he

was at the number 2 spot last year but

like I said Anthony Davis was playing

Center so he really had no chance of a

number 1 spot and between yo coach and

Joelle the race for the best center in

the league is still pretty close you got

a dominant true big man that can shoot

threes or an all-around big man that can

do a little bit of everything for now

though I'm leaving the rankings like

this and we can reassess things again

after the playoffs as you can tell

though a lots changed for these Center

rankings over the past season so come on

if you think I got most of them right or

on any of them you thought were

completely wrong don't forget to drop a

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