10 Best New Comic Book Characters Of The Decade


Happy New Year folks it's a brand new

decade now scary I know and especially

so given how the last decade has been a

weird one for comics but then again

aren't they all DC rebooted itself twice

Marvel rebooted itself once lots of hero

switched in announce a lot of events no

one cares about happened and of course a

ton of new characters were also brought

in what makes a character stick around

especially in comics is often completely

random you could have the most surefire

thing ever but if the company doesn't

support slash advertise you properly if

you release it at the wrong time or if

the universe just doesn't feel like

throwing you a bone your brand new

character will be doomed to obscurity

right out of the gate fortunately the

following characters have all managed to

book that trend and become genuine key

players in their respective universes

while they're continuing an old hero's

legacy or being a completely new

creation immune from war culture and

here are the 10 best new comic

characters introduced this decade number


cosmic Ghost Rider okay so this one's a

slight sheet given that Ghost Rider has

been going since the 70s but come on how

can you not include this version on a

list of the decade's best creations

cosmic Ghost Rider was created by Tony

Cates and Jess sure during that fan

asteroid and they became an instant hit

this version of Ghost Rider is actually

Frank Castle from a dystopian future

where fantast wipes out the earth

enraged Frank makes a deal with Mephisto

to become the new spirit of vengeance

convinced his new power will enable him

to take down the man Titan once and for

all sadly when he emerges from Hell an

ass is long gone

it takes years for him to resurface

during which time Galactus comes to

earth and makes a deal with the rider to

be his new Herald a cosmic Ghost Rider

who is also a Herald of Galactus you

literally cannot find anything cooler

cosmic Ghost Rider has been all over the

place since turning up in guardians of

the galaxy and later tormenting the

Avengers in the series of the same name

all in all the character has clear

potential and there's just no way he

doesn't lead into other media in 2020

Hague why not trick him into the MCU you

can never have too many heralds

especially if you're introducing

Galactus number 9 the court of owls

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo left an

indelible mark on Batman over the last

decade with perhaps their biggest

contribution coming in the form

the court of owls the court kicked off

the duo's room with a blast and changed

everything readers thought they knew

about Gotham a secret society that's

ruled over the city for generations

utilizing assassins known as talons to

enforce their will the court immediately

distinguish themselves from other bat

villains that they were in unknown

quantity there was something new and

terrifying and illustrated the sheer

scale and history Gotham holds as a

setting the Dark Knight wasn't prepared

and neither were we number eight


Aqualad Alkaline has always been a

difficult character to figure out while

Aquaman isn't that silly a name to have

and the character has always backed

himself up when it counted

Aqualad has always been one those names

that immediately stacks the odds against

a character's favor it should come as no

surprise that the original Aqualad

changed his name to the much cooler

sounding tempest the second he could

fortunately the comics made the wise

decision of incorporating Young Justice

his excellent reimagining of Aqualad

kaldur'ahm into the official DC Universe

colder is one of the best sidekick

candies that DC has ever created cool

focused level-headed but also ensure of

himself to keep him feeling human colder

is also almost kindness that keeps

finding a way to get even better than

more he shows up including his most

recent appearances on the current

incarnation of the Teen Titans where

it's officially stated that he's gay

colder is one of the best additions for

the Aquaman mythos that DC has ever made

a welcome departure from the other

characters in that universe while also

feeling completely at home among them

number seven

shoot Thomas the signal wanting Batman

to be more hopeful and uplifting in DC

rebirth it's all well and good but

what's the best logical first step for

that character under that new mission

statement why you make a member of the

bat Family designed to give people hope

into the strike fear into criminals

hearts of course enter Juke Thomas this

signal signal is the member of the bat

family specifically meant to be seen in

broad daylight he's the one that gives

the people of Gotham hope by taking our

bad guys in the daylight instead of

lurking in the shadows a perfect mix of

an idealist and a realist Jude believes

in what the Batman is doing but also

know as how overwhelming the odds

stacked against them are he's also

significantly less attached to Batman

than dick Tim and the rest so when the

Dark Knight tells him to stay on or

something he's more than likely to agree

which is definitely an important point

of view for a group as tightly

ask the bat family number six when pool

despite what the name may imply this is

not when Stacey dressing up as Deadpool

no this is a girl from the real world

dressing up as Deadpool after being

sucked into the Marvel Universe now

we've seen this trope a lot especially

if you like current anime but what makes

gwenpool so interesting about the story

plays both for laughs and for drama the

fact that gwenpool knows both comic

storytelling tropes and the industry

behind them meaning not only do the

inside jokes she makes could a lot

deeper than other stories on this nature

but it leads to some shocking moments

like when her first friend dies a bloody

gory death and she realizes that the guy

isn't popular enough to convince model

to bring him back so he's likely gone

for good

when pool is a thesis paper on meta

fiction and meta commentary personified

in a single character and we deliver two

pieces for it number five the Batman who

laughs the first big event to come out

of DC rebirth was Dark Knight's metal an

event penned by Scott Snyder would

introduce the dark multiverse simply put

this is the multiverse of universes that

literally have no future things have

gone so thoroughly sideways that there's

no way for it to come back in every

universe there is eventually collapses

in on itself and it's from this idea

that we have the big breakout villain

for DC this decade the Batman who laughs

the Batman who laughs is the perfect

criticism of dark and gritty versions of

Batman that completely missed the point

of the character coming from a universal

a Batman broke the Joker's neck the

Clown Prince of Crime got the last laugh

by spraying Joker toxin right into

Bruce's face this turned him into

essentially the Joker but with Batman's

intellect in other words we're in big

trouble a dark bloody and gritty Batman

coming from a universe that is expressly

stated to be a dead and that's just as

bloody and dark as him

it's about as perfect as satire you can

make a character without expressly

stating him to be satire number four

John Kent while the absolute best things

than with Superman in the past few

decades giving him a wife and kid not

only because it made them on a steal

seem more human and relatable but also

because it gave the world John Kent John

is what you get when you take a Dalton

Retriever and copies mannerisms onto a

human child he's pretty much his dad but

in kid form but unlike his best friend

Damian Wayne this results in a lovably

goofy earnest little kid who just wants

to help everyone he can sure he can have

a short fuse at times but what kid

doesn't blow their gasket at some point

no matter how good they otherwise are

it's just that when John loses control

being Kryptonian it has shall we say

higher consequences but that's why we

all love John so much he's completely

aware of his power and tries to balance

keeping it all under control while also

wanting to embrace who he is at the same

time he's a fascinating character that

we definitely hope sticks around for the

long haul

number three spider-gwen like pretty

much all modern reimagining the Spider

Man Spider Gwen got her start in the

event comic spider-verse the current

does soared in popularity pretty much

immediately so Marvel gave her creator

CL but you either flesh out both her and

the universe she hails from while

resulting was one all-time best

spider-man kindness in the history of

the franchise spunky turf with a free

spirit that makes her impossible to

dislike she's both a welcome departure

from San stank Peter Parker as well as

the perfect complement to his universe

what makes that particularly memorable

is that the people writing her always

makes sure to take the character in as

different a direction as possible from

Pizza for one the pizza of her universe

is dead and that's not even the weirdest

divergence her universe makes from

earth-616 her popularity is a testament

to just how compelling a reimagining the

character is both in the spider-verse

series and out of its all-in-all

spider-gwen is just one of most unique

characters Marvel has praised as any

long long time and we hope that this is

just the first chapter in her Marvel

legacy number 2 mars Morales pretty much

the only Canada to survive it as

entirety from Marvel fusing the ultimate

and mainline Marvel Universe's together

it was never in question that Myles was

gonna be on this list

after killing off Peter Parker in the

Ultimate Universe people were expecting

a lot but they probably weren't

expecting the black Latino mas be the

one replacing him Miles zigs pretty much

every way ultimate Peters act which is

probably one of many reasons why so many

people latched onto him right at the


unlike Peter miles is an extroverted

social butterfly who thrives among other

people get along with most folks he

meets pretty much immediately this still

has that nerdy edge to keep him similar

enough to Peter hey I may have actually

read more Miles Morales comics and I

have Peter ones over the last decade if

that does anything too intimate just how

great the character actually is then so

be it but you all saw spider-verse so

you don't need me to tell you that it's

almost impossible to hate this kid he's

one of the most lovable characters that

Marvel has ever created and there's only

one card that could stop him and that

character is number one Kamala Khan

Kamala card it's just one of those rare

characters that was perfect right out of

the gates there is precious little we

can say about kamar that hasn't already

been said by much more eloquent voices

and definitely noting that most of you

don't already know she's earnest always

Lind to help people that's the most

adorable fan worship of Captain Marvel

and other superheroes and just generally

lacks any kind of cynicism or sarcasm

about the cape and costume crown that's

probably one of the reasons why she

endeared herself to so many in the same

business town the first Captain America

movie taking caps heroism completely at

face value was the best possible move

for that character Kamala Khan became a

classic Marvel heroine practically from

minute one and we have no doubt that

we've only seen the beginning of a long

superhero career she's due to appear in

a video game this year in miles Avengers

and after that the live-action medium

beckons with a Miss Marvel TV show the

only way is a way to get him bigand what

I want to know what your favorite kind

is of the last decade word down in the

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