The Best CS:GO Player in the World

okay so hltv have sounded their yearly


unveiled the top 20 cs go players of


and well it's official xaiwu was the

best player in the world

not simple the thing is this past

weekend we saw simple secure the first

big tournament victory of 2021

and clap xyboo along the way now does

that devalue

hltv's ranking of course not does it

make what is already the best rivalry in


that much spicier [ __ ] yes

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before let's say simple oust xaiwu for

the number one spot of 2021.

all right back to the video okay so for

those who are unaware

every year for the better part of the

last decade hltv has ranked the top 20

counter-strike players in the world

and every year the community awaits that

list with

baited breath why because it matters

it's numbers driven fiercely analytical

and given how long the tradition's been

going on

quite prestigious only a handful of

competitors have ever had the

distinction of being in hltv number one

neo get right coldzera simple

and that beautiful rosy cheeked cherub

that is a zywoo so what is it that makes

zai wu's back to back number one


so ridonkulously impressive the fact

that he isn't

actually the goat though uh

he could have fooled me see for several

years now cs go's de facto greatest of

all time has been none other

than simple the ukrainian divinity who's

pretty much cemented himself as the most

famous professional first-person shooter


on the planet and with good reason

simple is

quite simply the most impossibly

talented player

ever to touch the game for years he's

regularly shown

that he can do things that shouldn't be

permissible by the laws of


that he's somehow tamed mastered or just

embodied the chaos that is cs the

desperate play

into b comes in smokes let's get double

smokes in the same place they're simple

just jumping casually into the side he's

gonna fall down and get out the door

what is this place from simple are you

serious what is that you can't do that

simple that's not allowed this is not

fpl this is a major

simple i i don't know man if he just

comes in with that

but i would say simple is a pretty good

example of someone who's very high on


quick to shoot skill and actually

sometimes you see him

with his crosshair placement not that

great what do you think

well why is he looking like this doesn't

look like how you would want

it to look considering he's the best

player in the world by the end of 2018

simple had secured his first ever hltv

number one and the consensus was that

despite not actually playing for the

team who won the most

it wasn't even close he was far and

above the best player in the world

and in most people's opinions in the

history of cs go

is he the best player ever to touch

counter-strike yeah for sure i would say

yes i think so

ever to play cs go yes he was the best

oper rifler diegler he could

clutch entry strategize and just

generally counter any and all efforts to


cs go against him it took him a couple

years but

lo and behold simple had solidified


as pretty much the greatest to ever do

it for someone to come along and

dethrone him out of nowhere i mean that

just seemed impossible

and then zyru happened kill coming in

brawl and steps up

three kills to brawl that and zai will

eventually drop him on the floor but it

has to be the one before clutch from


need to come send barely enough health

to survive here on broadland but xavier

wants to kill there's the head shot

pulls it back there's the open side

who's got the triple

krimz is the last man standing and

there's time for the defuse

cyber wants to smoke the bomb if you're

crips you have to be scared

and silently wins it that is

unbelievable from the young frenchman

okay so zywoo's spark notes are as


born on the very day of counter-strike's

retail release

this hyper-talented french prodigy is

healed for

years to be the savior of the long

floundering french scene

and the so-called chosen one of cs go

he makes his professional debut at the

end of 2018 and by early 2019

is not only the star player of team

vitality but

the only competitor in the world who

everyone agrees is actually capable of

rivaling simple participating banana

from the looks of the guy over here

that rings out first second he's had

enough he's gonna keep going through it

he doesn't really care about it



it's like the universe saw how hard

simple was smurfing

got bored of watching him roll everyone


spat out zyewu just to spite him what

was it that made zai wu

so ridiculously absurd you ask

honestly it's kind of hard to explain he

wasn't a wild card like simple

on the contrary he played cold


surgical cs he just played it

perfectly it's like he's always two

steps ahead of his opponents

like like his brain has wall hacks

i don't know it's just annoying to play

against you know like whenever he gets

into a position where he where he has

after plump and anywhere he is on any

side like it's always annoying i feel

like he's more well-rounded

uh i feel like simple like often kind of

lets his teammates create space for him

but zyu creates his own space

and i think that's pretty impressive

saibu a lot of time i see him especially

in high pressure situations i i see him

he's got obviously a lot of flick but i

do see him sometimes

sort of reading the game at a what looks

to me like a slightly deeper level by

the end of 2019 he'd edged out simple to

secure the top spot on the hltv

top 20. for a rookie to take down

sasha the smasha in his first year of


it was incredible unthinkable the fact

that he was able to do it again

in 2020 is just i mean the kid's a

[ __ ] unicorn

an electronic looking for the cleanest

finish he's been turned on

die woo no health really but he's still

hitting shots he's already got three and

four and five

and oh my god zywoo

unbelievable practically godlike

now to be fair simple did hit back

hard in february of 2020 he led his


navi to the most significant tournament

victory of the year

and put up one of the most staggering

mvp performances of his life

he needs a multi-kill first found twist

aggressing they have to double peak he's

getting his shots he's heading

simple oh simple that's unbelievable

what in his name number one in the game

he's done it again and then

right as if it was looking as if navi

were about to establish a

dynasty cove it happened

thus began the so-called online era of


one in which lands were non-existent

up-and-comers were king

and tier one rosters struggled to stay

on their a-game

unfortunately navi fell off a cliff

and remained coin flippy as hell for the

rest of the year now does all of this

mean that xaiwu has somehow

superseded simple as the colloquially

accepted greatest of all time

personally i think no not even close

not yet at least simple spent years

putting struggling rosters on his back

and pulling off

disgusting unthinkable [ __ ] with little

to no support

you can't just undo that in a year or

two what's more simple could

very easily have taken last year's top


seriously it was even more of a toss-up

than in 2019.

unfortunately fanboys such as myself had

to watch as navi made a comeback

at the end of 2020 only to get reverse


in not one but two grand finals

had they won even one of those events

especially the one they lost to zywoo

the top two could have shaken out

much differently as for who's better

right now

it's impossible to say just this weekend

we saw simple slap zyu in the semis of


premiere where he managed to spearhead

his roster

to a sorely needed tournament victory

that's right the undertaker

and his team they get the better

of every single challenger sent into

that lower bracket

did simple get up to his usual nutty

antics you ask

brah simple on this passive angle down

in secret on the right side of this peak

glaive oh my god not ready for that one

simple's gonna stick around with just

the pistol

and then he goes back servings from

simple no scope from simple

and even further damage as for who

actually emerges as the best player of


who can say what we do know is that

simple is keeping his nose to the


since well he wants his goddamn spot


i'm not gonna have relax as i told

before i want to be

on this level for so many years and it's

great there are

a lot new players and players that can

play really really good because that's

exciting for me as well i'm

learning their game and i'm trying to

see something new for because of my game

all i know is that even as a die-hard

simple stan

i am here for this sick ass clash of the

titans-esque rivalry

dare i say not since flash and jaedong

has esports bore witness

to two certifiable gods battling it out

like this week after week

vying for ultimate supremacy i for one

can't wait to see how it pans out

i'm going to start a church you want to

start my church of simple highlights


central the church of the undertaker

sasha the smasha

could be like your right hand alderman

yeah go

let's [ __ ] go bro you can you can

there's a i think at one point i had a

script someone cut it but i had it

there's a tab there's a there's a tab on

broken hub that literally just says

simples deagle

and you can click that and it's just

highlight clips from fpl did simple get

up to his usual

nuts antics you ask