Disney Villains: Evil to Most Evil 👿

they say that Disney is the happiest place on earth where dreams come true

dog share plates of spaghetti and princesses break out into songs with

lyrics that conveniently summarize their internal struggles what a magical world

but for every hero who goes the distance there's an over-the-top villain looking

to take them down today we're putting the very long list of Disney villains in

a free-for-all showdown to determine who is the most evil and believe me when I

say this it was no easy task Disney villains are pretty screwed up

twisted and sadistic jerks I'm Kyle with wicked binge and this is Disney Villains

evil 2 most evil starting with the least evil we have Sid how could such an

iconic villain be ranked this low well as we broke down in our Toy Story get

the evil episode personally I don't think that he's evil you have to look at

it contextually since a bully to his sister sure and he has anger problems

but from his perspective those toys that he's torturing are inanimate objects

he's not the sadist that the toys view him as he's just pretending to be

violent which is pretty common for little boys plus he gets his comeuppance

when woody scares the living daylights out of him and presumably he never goes

back to his quote unquote evil ways the soap today nice assuming

this is him we eventually see him again in Toy Story 3 as a garbage man not

doing anything nefarious at all looks like he learned his lesson for our

second pick who barely even qualifies as evil we have Pete Pete is the oldest

villain on this list and his legacy has since been softened and his black and

white days he often appeared as a foil to Mickey bossing them around or getting

in the way of Mickey's antics by World War two his sour demeanor was

rehabilitated and he was often cast as a drill instructor though in a Mickey

comic he was seen as a spy for Germany in the decades since he has been

portrayed more as gruff or a jokester than a true villain even in Kingdom

Hearts for example his turn as Maleficent's Lackey was far more napped

than malicious he's also appeared in a theatrical short called get a horse

where he did kidnap Minnie only to be rescued by Mickey back in 2013 but aside

from that he's kept his evilness to high jinks at worst pretty low threat a step

up from Pete is madam in the twisted witch from the sword in the stone she

captures Arthur and challenges Merlin to a duel for the boy's life why well she's

crazy and hates Merlin's brand of magic anyway the rules are simple no turning

invisible no imaginary monsters like pink dragons immediately she turns

invisible and follows it up with the best Disney loophole of a purple dragon

Merlin god bless finally best sir by becoming a bacterium and infecting men

not cheating but thoroughly outfoxing his zany rival now we get to a fellow

who is certainly a bit more devious Edgar Edgar is the butler in the

Aristocats he begins the movie as a kind-hearted loyal servant he takes care

of madam Adelaide and her four cats until he listens in on Madame's new will

where she leaves everything to her kittens this does not fly for Edgar his

sense of entitlement kicks in and he decides to drug the cats with creme de

la creme de la Edgar oh and abandons the cats in the countryside when they

finally return to the house he locks the kittens up and tries to ship them all

the way to Timbuktu all the way to Timbuktu in classic Disney fashion he's

the one who ends up locked in a trunk victim of his own evil plan clocking

above Edgar weir at Clayton Clayton hunter and turncoat

in Tarzan immediately presents himself as a bigger threat than our previous

felons he's burly he's nefarious he kidnaps an entire collection of gorillas

and in prisons Jane and her father Clayton betrayed us but if we remove

ourselves from the point of view of Tarzan a man who was raised by Apes

Clayton is just a jerk who decides to round up some animals for a buck pretty

typical of his day and age it's really only through showing the movie through

Tarzan's eyes that were more easily able to empathize with him

Clayton's step above Edgar was his imprisonment of humans as well and the

fact that he tried to kill Tarzan again in his view an ape-man evil for sure but

low man on the totem pole when juxtaposed with a lot of the other

characters on this list our next toy story villain we have stinky Pete he may

reveal himself to be aggressive and a bit crazy at the end of Toy Story 2 but

like many characters in the Toy Story world he too is dealing with his own

existential crisis it's a dangerous world he was deprived of love and was

desperate to finally be appreciated when put on display

yeah he's violence and ultimately kidnapped woody but he's a sympathetic

character to say the least the next evilest on our list is the

Queen of Hearts - mainly to her insanity and depravity

she'll chop someone's head off for white roses she loves to lose her temper and

constantly threatens her subjects saying that she'll kill them even if they make

the smallest mistake

well she's sadistic she isn't a strategic thinker everything with the

Queen is moment to moment one moment she's playing croquet with you but next

you're about to die she knows this about herself and seems to use her instability

as a weapon of fear to keep her subjects in line confronted with a mile high

Alyce though her resolve disappears and reveals her for what she is a coward

propped up by an army of carts moving on down the evil ladder we get to the duke

of weaseltown the duke starts out as a harmless old man don't they all being a

bit of a goofball on the dance floor he's motivated by creating a trade pact

with arendelle and we eventually discover he won't let something as

trivial as human life get in his way you ought to put an end to this winter he

suggests treasonous acts and eventually goes along with Hans plan to kill Elsa

he allows himself to be manipulated in order to get what he wants

he's not a fool he's just too greedy to allow himself to objectively view the

situation after the Duke our next evilest character is Prince John Prince

John is the Pretender to the English crown while King Richard is off fighting

the Crusades he and his lackeys sir hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham make it

their life's business to drain the public's money for himself he's the evil

taxman even directing a sheriff to steal from the poor box at the church he has

no leniency for dissent jails and tries to execute any man who dares stand up to


deep down though he's a Cowardly Lion he uses his power to mask his insecurities

and when stripped of his office shows the world just how truly weak he is no

one fights like Gaston and a wrestling match no one bites like Gaston and no

villain list is complete without Gaston Gaston is a total creep

he demonizes intelligence specifically female intelligence relentlessly pursues

Belle even though she is completely uninterested and gets Belle's father

committed to an asylum don't worry Budweiser will take good

care and to top it off he Stokes the fear of the citizens to go and murder a

reclusive beast who at that point was basically just minding his own business

he's a narcissist who can't imagine his opinions or views not being the gospel

of truth he uses his popularity and good standing as a way to manipulate others

into helping him achieve his goals furthermore he's so self-centered that

he can't see himself as anything other than the victor so he underestimates his

opponents his arrogance and narcissism eventually cost him his life but not to

play devil's advocate Gaston although a narcissist does showcase a good deal of

bravery and let's not forget that the beast wasn't much of a saint himself I

mean he kidnapped Belle until she had Stockholm Syndrome

continuing our line of evil nobility we get to Lady Tremaine the wicked

stepmother Lady Tremaine is wicked she doesn't try to kill any hero conquer any

nation or unleash hell on earth instead she finds suit to be abusive to

her stepdaughter encouraging her biological children to get in on the

abuse as well she forces Cinderella to do all the chores in order to go to the

ball and then gets her daughters to shred Cinderella's outfit at the last

minute in a bid to stop her attendance later on when the Prince is on the hunt

for Cinderella she locks Cinderella in a room trying to prevent her from marrying

the Prince she's a social climber manipulative and abusive and underrated

Disney era let's talk about Bill Sikes with the

behavior of a mob boss it's not a surprise that he's guilty of extortion

kidnapping and attempted murder this is your last chance

Bill Sikes has a cruel and sadistic personality as he's heard on the phone

talking to an underling about torturing and murdering an unknown victim

yikes I don't think you really appreciate a situation moving on to

someone who's more evil but I suppose understandably evil we have Captain Hook

he's the nemesis of Peter Pan the flying boy who cut off Hook's hand and fed it

to a crocodile now he wants to kill Peter slight overreaction but we can

appreciate where the captain is coming from it's his process of revenge that is

more evil he kidnaps Tiger Lily using her as bait for pan later on he captures

all the Lost Boys and darling children and tries to make them walk the plank

walking the plank is execution he was gonna kill like a dozen kids just

because he lost his hand to a flying kid named Peter big overreaction big evil

enter the Voodoo man dr. facili a facili a is a voodoo priest who use a shady

language to get his clients to agree to spells that are actually detrimental to

them he tricks prince naveen into becoming a frog turns naveen's valet

into the spitting image of Naveen and then convinces the valet to go along

with a plan to marry the richest girl in New Orleans and kill her dad thus making

valet and facili a rich that we will be splitting that juicy LaBeouf for tonight

down now that's pretty evil but it gets worse as his plan gets a little wobbly

and he has to borrow some help from his friends from the other side who demand

the souls of New Orleans citizens as payment facili a is fine with this in

fact he suggested it and you

design he'd trade the souls of the city for some cash and power as is the case

of all Disney Villains his plan destroys him in the end and he loses his soul to

his friends permanently next we have Mother Gothel Gothel is a fun villain

because she straddles the two types of classic Disney villain supernatural

witch and emotional manipulator great no I'm the bad guy she steals rapunzel as a

child to take advantage of her hair's healing powers and then locks up

Rapunzel in a tower far away to keep her hidden which is super mean but she's no

lady tremaine about it over the course of Rapunzel's life she convinces her

quote/unquote daughter that everything she does she does out of love the world

is dark and selfish and cruel she's protecting her daughter mother knows

best when the jig is up she tries to murder

Rapunzel's newfound love Eugene who courageously sacrifices himself by

cutting Rapunzel's hair ending her magic this causes Gothel to revert to her true

age and die a truly fitting ending moving on back to

the classics let's tackle PETA's biggest villain karela deville gorilla loves fur

so much so that she's happy to drown boil or bash dogs on the head to make us

spotted fur coat well wearing fur is a bit of a moral battleground these days

dog fur is taboo that's where we see the evil in karela deville

she is not held down by society's morals she'd kill a pack of puppies for a coat

even though society finds this reprehensible when Anita won't sell her

puppies to karela she decides to steal as many Dalmatians as possible and I'll

be honest if it were other animals I probably wouldn't rank her so high but

puppies come on that's evil post karela we find another underrated villain

Ratigan from the great mouse detective ratagan who plans on getting rid of the

Queen of England and ruling via a robot Queen a wacky plan

unfortunately a Ratigan doesn't stop at wacky he straight up feed 10 CH min to

his pet cat on a whim he has no regard for life at all

but a step evil err is Madame Medusa another villain in the Tremaine category

Medusa is a conniving woman who just wants to get rich quick she more or less

kidnaps a young orphan girl penny bring her to the swamp to crawl in a cave to

retrieve the devil's eye diamond the cave is at low tide and high tide will

drown penny and Medusa threatens to not bring penny up without the diamond

this is classic Medusa no respect for human worth a diamond is more precious

to her than a life and as you might be able to predict her downfall is greed

moving on to yzma evil check scary beyond all belief check fabulous check

the Emperor's advisor she puts it bluntly herself it is no concern of mine

whether or not your family has what was it again food you really should have

thought of that before becoming peasants she loves basking in power when cusco

fires her for being insubordinate she teams up with Kronk to poison him which

is attempted regicide we say attempted because Kronk mixed up the potions and

turned Cusco into a llama afterwards she takes the throne and attempts to kill

him throughout the remainder of the movie it is hard to think of her as the

worst kind of evil however because she's so cartoonish in a net plus she gets

turned into a kitten at the end of the movie and that's her entire punishments

life as a cat

moving on to the digital world we have King candy definitely insane

King candy or turbo is also smart and manipulative he game jumps putting

everyone in his game and the racing game in danger and ultimately goes mad with

power his corruption ultimately nearly destroys the game which easily could

have killed its entire population a total madman

next up Hans Hans is a subversive Disney villain he sets out appearing to be the

romantic lead he and Anna even get engaged but as the movie progresses we

find out that he has ulterior motives I knew I'd have to marry into the throne

somewhere he sets out to kill Elsa Mariana led on a die and then take the

throne what a dastardly plan his plan is of course ruined by the love between

Anna and Elsa but he tries to stab and slice Elsa to death with a sword for his

two-faced nature horrible manipulation and attempted murder for political

reasons he ranks higher than King candy but let's throw in hopper here the

easiest way to describe hopper is as a dictator who enslaves the weaker

population of ants through threats of violence someone could get hurt

he's similar to other dictators throughout history in the sense that

he's willing to commit violence not because he's a sadist but because it's a

tool to force others to do what he wants it's about keeping those hands like

other dictators he experiences karma as soon as there's an uprising on the topic

of dictators let's talk about the cuddliest villain on the list

lots o hugging bear now I know it might be a surprise to see a cute little Care

Bear ranked as more evil than our previous dictator but that's the thing

Lotso 2 is a dictator one who runs Sunnyside daycare with a fluffy iron


he has no problem using violence or getting rid of dissidents but truly lot

says most evil moment is when after Woody and Buzz helped them escape the

conveyor belt leading to their deaths instead of pushing the button to save

their lives he looks down with a sadistic smile knowing well that those

innocent toys who just assisted him will be sent to their fiery deaths total

psycho now let's continue down the King killing path with shan-yu leader of the

Huns Shin Yu for reasons that aren't really that clear wants to invade and

take over China tele Rambler to send his strongest armies I'm ready

he's a warlord and kills by the hundreds eventually he aimed an elite band of hun

warriors captured the Emperor and Shan Yu tries to murder him it's again

unclear why he wants to take over China so badly but the guy is happy to

slaughter any man or woman in his way for his indiscriminate destruction and

murder will give him the nod over hopper and lot so what could be worse than

killing a king how about a god enter Hades Lord of the underworld now

Hades does have a bone to pick his older brother Zeus made him ruler of the dead

and gave him the boot out of Olympus this Spurs Hades elaborate act of

revenge which involves killing Zeus's son unleashing the Titans in prison

exuse and magma and becoming ruler of Olympus classic villain stuff and I

think I'm gonna like it here of course along the way we see more personal

examples of his evilness in one-sided deals he in acts with mortals he's like

facili a getting people into binds that they don't need to be in mag is now his

slave since she sold her soul to rescue her first love his soldiers sold to me

to save your boyfriend's life he exploits this to wound and weaken

Hercules he's a chess player he moves people around to do his bidding

this comes back to haunt him as Hercules is able to best Hades deal through

finally becoming a true hero something a huckster like Hades couldn't foresee and

in classic Disney fashion his punishment fits his crime being drowned at his own

river of death we've now entered the ten in tenth place we have Jafar Jafar

is a classic Disney villain evil advisor tries to kill the hero tries to force

the princess the Miriam gets his comeuppance in a fiendishly appropriate

manner it's all there he has the Sultan

literally brainwashed and will stop at nothing to gain as much power as he

can't - you he like many others just loves the power and doesn't understand

the ramifications of it aside from the murder attempts on Aladdin and the

princess however he doesn't have much else there is note a lot below the

surface level it's a standard love of power it's a little bland

it's classic evil but is it really innovative evil we're ranking Jafar

attempt place in ninth place we get the Evil Queen from Snow White one of the

oldest villains on the list she's a vain cruel woman who upon

discovering her stepdaughter is prettier than her decides to have her murdered

when that doesn't succeed she turns herself into a witch and poisons her

side know what blows my mind about this is that she turns herself ugly she

becomes ugly to kill the prettiest woman she's not content to be pretty she must

remove the possibility that there is a prettier woman than her in existence

she's magic she could possibly make herself prettier but it's not about

bettering herself it's about taking others down and it's that jealous

mentality that puts her at number nine on the evilest

at number 8 we have oogie boogie oogie boogie is a sadist in the purest sense

of the word that's what makes him stand out from all the others santa claus more

or less falls into his lap through a new effort on boogies part and boogie

basically decides to torture him to death what he has no secret plan he just

wants to rip people apart I mean he's so happy about this that he sings a song

about it that's pretty messed up when Jack shows up he does engage in a toying

battle that just amuses boogie he finds the entire situation to be a game which

is a classic sign of sociopathy right up until his cover is ripped off when his

cover is blown and his entire being is shown to be a sentient colony of bugs

panic finally sets in and he dissolves into a pile of insect goop a gross and

pathetic end number 7 is a real deep cut the coachmen from Pinocchio if you

haven't seen this one in a while go back and give it a watch the coachman is a

monster he lures young boys to a fun land called pleasure Islands where they

can play smoke and drink as much as they want I'm that sounds a lot like how

crime documentary start and then he abruptly turns the kids into donkeys to

be sent away to God knows where

he's part kidnapper part slave trader part metaphor for stranger danger he is

basically the Disney variants of a serial killer and truly one of the most

disturbing villains on our list I get the creeps just thinking about him yuck

time for a fan favorite in our number 6 spot Ursula

modeled after the drag queen divine Ursula is an exiled sea witch who like

many other villains makes sheisty deals with unsuspecting villains to get ahead

in life she has a whole cavern full of souls who couldn't uphold their ends of

the bargains that they made she gets Ariel to trade her voice for her legs

and then makes it her life's mission to Wed Ariel's

I'll see him she nearly succeeds though does prevent Ariel from kissing Eric

takes Ariel hostage and blackmails King Trident into giving her command of the

Seas as queen of the Seas she causes predictable Disney villain mayhem

zapping ships and causing total chaos her newly giant frame makes too great a

target and Prince Eric seizes the moment to make an Ursula skewer on the bow of

the ship coming in at number 5 we finally get to a real king Killer scar

scar gets this spot by the fact that he actually killed a king he orchestrated

Simba being caught in a stampede got his brother to run into the gorge to rescue

Simba and then threw his brother off a cliff then he blamed Simba for the

entire mess telling him to run away for good measure he sent his hyenas after

Simba to kill and eat him so scorer gets bonus evil points for King slang killing

his hyenas were not successful but scar took hold of the kingdom where he

mismanaged it to the point of famine he's a murderer and an ineffective ruler

he ruled through fear and deceit when Simba came to challenge scar for rule

the pride lands Skaar played off of Simba's misguided guilt in an attempt to

weaken Simba and it would have worked had scars pride and sadism not gotten in

the way causing him to admit to Simba that he himself killed Mufasa eventually

Simba overpowered him throwing him down to the hyenas below where he was mauled

by his own betrayed followers at number 4 it's judge Claude Frollo judge Frollo

sauce in everywhere except within himself

he's a viciously cruel man who makes it his life's mission to rid Paris of the

gypsy people an ethnic group he views as subhuman moment

Palace of Justice in the first few minutes of the film he kills a gypsy

mother who is pleading for sanctuary at notre-dame when he strikes her for his

punishment the Archdeacon makes him care for the

orphan child who Frollo locks away in Notre Dom and like Gothel plants false

stories of how cruel the world is and how Quasimodo will be mocked and scorned

by those outside eventually another gypsy woman Esmeralda shows Quasimodo

some kindness and stands up to frollo's cruelty in public he tries to arrest her

but she finds sanctuary and the cathedral at this point

Frollo becomes enamored with Esmerelda and worked tirelessly to secure her

capture when he does he offers her the ultimatum die or be his mistress she

chooses death choose me for the fire of course Quasimodo saves the day and it is

for Allah who ends up consumed in the raging inferno in Paris but along the

way he tries to stab Quasimodo he's a hypocrite who uses his power to try and

remake the world in His image willing to wipe out anyone who doesn't look like

him he's a monster now let's get into the top three the bronze medal of evil

goes to Maleficent not the Angelina Jolie version but the original Sleeping

Beauty one this is one vindictive fairy she puts a spell on baby Aurora to die

on her 16th birthday just because the king and queen hadn't invited Maleficent

to Aurora's christening celebration I mean that takes pettiness to a whole new

level then when the plan looks to be foiled by

Aurora's love Philip she kidnaps the prince locks him in a dungeon and

reveals an even more sadistic plan she's going to imprison Phil up until he's

about to die from old age then we'll let him go free so that he can rescue the

sleeping Aurora and give her true love's kiss he'll be ancient

she won't of aged a day and he'll die right after

sleeeeep she advised repo all this because she wasn't invited to a party of

course this plan fails and phillip escapes she can't give up she's

committed so she turns herself into a freakin dragon and tries to burn Phillip

and the kingdom to ash naturally she fails Phillip strikes her

in the heart with a sword but she got really really close she caused the whole

mess of mayhem and destruction over a social slight for her sadism cunning and

avenge hundredfold mentality she takes bronze for evilest villain but the

silver medal although it was a tough decision has to go to the Horned King

he's the evil king from the Black Cauldron a criminally underrated movie

and this guy is pure evil he's a demon Lich like king who desires to raise an

army of the Dead how by finding the Black Cauldron to get

that he scores the land to find any soothsayers or magicians who may aid him

in his quest of course these prisoners escape and look to find the cauldron to

destroy it but through the magic of storytelling the Horned King tracks them

down letting them do the hard work once he gets the cauldron he raises an army

of the Dead who promptly go about killing anything living in his path even

the Kings own allies he's a Hellraiser he wants to kill every living thing does

he want to rule does he care that it will be ruling over the dead it doesn't

matter death and destruction is his true desire

in this sense he is primordial evil he isn't a sadist he isn't a manipulator he

isn't even interested in power for powers sake he just seeks to destroy

life of course as a classic villain he is destroyed by the power that he sought

being devoured by the evil cauldron itself and finally in first place the

gold medal of most evil Disney villain Chernabog Chernabog is the demon from

the Night on Bald Mountain Fantasia sequence Chernabog is the name of an

Eastern European evil deity and is for Disney purposes the literal devil he

awakens and raises all the evils of the world he is their master he brings them

to life he plays with them he morphs them he destroys them he is their God

and all cower before him he is raw evil raw power unlike every villain on our

list he isn't destroyed by his own power in

fact he's not destroyed at all instead it is the dawn and with it the bells of

the church that banished and weakened Chernabog

he withdraws into his wings and retreats into hiding overpowered by the light and

the good but he isn't vanquished he's waiting for the dark to rise once again

but make sure you let us know in the comments section who you think is the

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