Top 10 Doctor Who Companions

I'm the doctor by the way what's your

name rose nice to meet you rose run for

your life

you can't embark upon a journey through

time and space alone that's why this

Time Lord has these friends Martha tell


welcome to and today we're

counting down our picks for the top ten

Doctor Who companions living or dead for

this list we're looking at those

companions who spent more than one story

with the doctor but not necessarily just

those who traveled on the TARDIS become

any life that man saved how many wells

we've excluded Captain Jack Harkness

because he's more well known for his

time as the lead character in the

spin-off Torchwood

thanks for everything computer

it's been great oh and there may be some

spoilers regarding the fates of these

time travelling companions so spoiler

alert I tend to stay for a week before I

left and during that week she died

number 10 Susan Foreman


our first pick is the first doctors

granddaughter and the doctors first-ever

on-screen companion to date she is one

of the only relatives of the doctor that

we've seen on screen and it shows it's

really where you live but it was just a

telephone box perhaps initially

appearing to teachers Barbara Wright and

Ian Chesterton as an enigmatic

schoolgirl she displayed her fear by

yelling for her grandfather but she

turned out to be fiercely opposed to

injustice wherever she found it goodness

me the TARDIS number nine Martha Jones

story goes let's just drive when the

doctor first met her she was a medical

student but under his wing Martha Jones

helped to save the world

on multiple occasions I'm sorry I'm

really sorry but in the two-part episode

human nature the family of blood she

took on one of the hardest tasks of all

overcoming the racism of the 1910s when

she went undercover as the doctors made

in an English boarding school future

concussion I have and I daresay I know

not more about it than you she proved

herself more than equal to the challenge

and later used her wits and courage to

rally the world around the doctor when

he really needed it

finding the whole human race together

with all of them every single person on

earth thinking the same thing at the

same time in that word its doctor


number eight Jamie McCrimmon well I'll

give it a go but I'll see this so your

security systems rotten I'll have to be

changes this companion from the Scottish

Highlands is one of the few across

doctor who's 50 plus year history that

has come from somewhere other than

modern-day Earth specifically the 18th

century well shall we go let's just get

back though his lack of knowledge of

modern concepts and objects was

sometimes played for laughs he made up

for it by being incredibly loyal to the

doctor creating a memorable pairing that

is still fantastic to watch today I do

tend to get you involved with oh you can

say that again

whenever there's any trouble is in it

right up to his neck number 7

Clara Oswald day 363 the Tarot continues

the young woman first appeared in the

first episode of the seventh series

under the incarnation Oswin Oswald with

a tendency to cook souffles and was

later revealed to be trapped in the body

of a Dalek he guarding me she then

turned up as a Victorian governess

before abruptly dying and being found as

a young nanny in the present day which

certainly took the doctor by surprise

Doctor Who

oh just the doctor virtually sorry could

you just talk to that again

could you just ask me that question

again Doctor Who over the years she was

on the show she matured from a woman who

was frightened by new situations into a

brave and adventurous lady who was not

afraid to tell off the doctor when he

needed it this is why I've already done

you've already seen me do it I'm the

impossible girl

number 6 Dorothy Gale ace McShane right

Hugh male chauvinists built back just

you wait

this rebellious lady met the doctor in a

diner and quickly proved herself a

capable equal to the time traveler

making her name as an explosives expert

we destroyed it I aim for the eyepiece

when there was trouble to be found

odds were good that ace was nearby I'm

16 I'm too young to be freeze-dried

indeed she was so eager to defend the

man she called professor that in one of

the more memorable scenes of the

franchise she beat up a Dalek with a

baseball bat if that doesn't take guts

we don't know what does look like I

could run forever like I could smell the

wind and feel the grass under my feet

and just run forever

pan is gone it lives on inside you

number five Amy Pond no have an apple

all I can think about apples this kiss a

gram turned supermodel first met the

doctor as a child before he accidentally

left her behind for 12 years let me go

look at me you know this is all just a

story don't you you know there's no such

thing as stains for psychiatrists

couldn't shake her unwavering belief in

this man from the stars and it was

incredibly satisfying to watch the

moment when the adult Amy first walked

into the TARDIS okay kid

eventually traveling alongside her

husband Rory whom we also considered for

this list Amy Rory and the doctor sought

out many adventures that are worth a

lifetime of memories which made their

departure at the hands of the weeping

angels all the more tragic

No All Things Considered she went

through hell for the doctor and still

came out on the other side traumatized

but intact sorry you two should know

still a bit busy you know

number four Romana - my name is Ramana

dragna London I'm sorry about that is

there anything we can do though the

first incarnation of Romana played by

Mary Tam was a good companion in her own

right it's the second body of the time

lady that fans really remember

but you can't go around wearing copies

of bodies we're not going back to

actress always played by Lalla Ward she

was the doctor's companion in the

universally acclaimed story city of

death and multiple others he's just

having one of his funny times one of my

funny turns the whole world took a funny

tear part of her character was that she

was smarter than or at least as smart as

the doctor but wasn't as experienced

but in this case book smarts aren't much

of a setback as she has still placed

highly on our list where are you going I

don't know do I


number three Rose Tyler many of you were

no doubt expecting Rose Tyler to be

number one on our list but she hasn't

quite made it that far

before I go I just want to tell you you

were fantastic

absolutely fantastic we doubt she's

losing much sleep over it though she

went from shop worker to working for a

parallel version of Torchwood all in the

span of a year or two so she's clearly

doing all right for herself

the Oh team shivered Shh

which one Shiva Oh watch shake played by

the lovely Billie Piper she imbued the

first on-screen companion of the 2005

Doctor Who series with warmth and

compassion while still being capable of

having a laugh I've only got one life

Rose Tyler

I could spend it with you one number two

Donna Noble

his companion played by British comedian

Catherine Tate was a special guest star

in the Christmas special the runaway

bride and utterly stole the show

hi moms you tell me right now where am i

inside the TARDIS it's no surprise that

the producers of the show then invited

her back in 2008 tell me why you do like

this I do not understand miss why are

you saying this so I look single back to

the point yeah over the span of series

four she was changed by her experiences

into a kind and humble person who helped

save the day on more than one occasion

he's been good to us man what of us what

were they everything we did

cute brilliant before we unveil our top

pick here are some honorable mentions

let's do this we all have to repress our

feelings from time to time I suggest you

get back into the habit number one Sarah

Jane Smith I don't mean to be rude or

anything but who is that Pru Sarah Jane

Smith I used to travel with the doctor

she's the companion who kept coming back

initially a companion to Jon Pertwee's

older third doctor she left during Tom

Baker's time in the role she then

returned in the 2006 story school

reunion I took $10 walker cheese this

time where she proved wildly popular and

was given a spinoff series the Sarah

Jane Adventures which continued until

actress Elizabeth Sladen straght death

in 2011 means regeneration that last

body of yours was he okay him yet

oh it hurts Sarah Jane Smith was brave

funny and appealed to all generations in

a way that most other companions just

can't and she interacted with nine

incarnations of the doctor which is why

she's at the top of our list you know

you act like such a lonely man but if

you you've got the biggest family on

earth do you agree with our list it's

nothing to do with me who's your

favorite Doctor Who companion for more

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