The Top 10 Most Broken Dota 2 Heroes

guys just about anybody who plays dota 2

has a love-hate relationship with this

game and a lot of that has to do with

just how powerful some of the heroes are

an alternate term would be broken in

fact some of them are so broken they can

cause even the coolest captain to

completely lose their [ __ ] that's why in

this list we're counting down the top 10

most broken heroes in DotA 2 and look if

you can get through this one without

smashing your keyboard or your monitor

well you're a better man than me coming

in at number ten is phantom assassin of

magenta that's my plate let's not

sugarcoat it guys this heroes design is

completely rng based and while she is

one of the most infuriating heroes to

play against she's also one of the

easiest to play when did it become okay

for her dagger to crit again and don't

tell the next one in their sights they

get salty out onto him but before the

pops gets his kill an Illidan lives with

the hit site for a dagger while Bala

strike you want to get it it's not

pointed up the turn he's gonna be able

to walk away from let me get across seal

Illidan thanks

oh you can't stop this man

the store yeah okay that's fair

next up at number nine is everyone's

favorite pain-in-the-ass

Ricky seriously whose bright idea was it

to give this guy passive inves cloaked

and dad and listen before you say

anything I know he hasn't picked often

in Pro play but do you think anyone in

my pubs buys detection this [ __ ] is not

by invisibility may as well be

invulnerable idli for the spring parka

solar kill universe diffuser plate

yes chef all-stars jump over burka he's

talking you from the from the church the

trainees get the kill he solos universe

and maybe now he goes home on ember

spirit will come in another fuse a fly

shot Barbic has himself a double kill

next up at number eight is storm spirit

oh you a stall must mean now this hero

can do some seriously broken [ __ ] with a

large pool of mana don't believe me just

take a look at how all bad times the

regen from is expiring Aegis with a

massive zip across the map almost wiping

the entire enemy team in the process any

newcomer to dota would say that that's

absolutely broken but the truth is crazy

broken hero mechanics are exactly what

makes this game so amazing and equally

as frustrating what you're gonna do what

you're gonna do in this storm comes for

you keep some attack speed the kid

self-destructing their way to number 7

is everybody's favorite demolition


my god it's turkey we're to start with

this freaking annoying broken character

the constant paranoia when walking

through a jungle infested with landmines

combined with the fact that almost every

game lasts over an hour is truly trauma

inducing little did they know I was

baking so please for the sake of

everyone's mental health leave techies

for certified professionals only

or don't


coming in at number six is the hero of

choice for account boosters everywhere

of course we're talking about meepo

downtown nobody in the right hands this

hero can look as if they had cheats on

the entire game and with the ability to

farm multiple areas of the map at the

same time no other hero can level up as

fast unless your team is coordinated and

shutting him down you're probably in for

a loss the pros of trouble countering a

good meepo player there's gonna be no

respect fan so long on that little pink

minor I am so excited


at the halfway point on our list is

Punch Ferrari now Pudge had a huge role

in shaping the dota 2 community and

later became one of the most popular

heroes of all time starting with this


broken mechanic despite being fixed

Pudge continues to terrorize the pub

scene and has even brought out every now

and then in competitive games to wreak

some havoc Oh

we were not blessed last TI with any

sort of Pudge this time wings do us the

honor here he heads the arrow bank bench

and then he leaves him Kenny Cobras blue

she's a patoot baby's gonna come to

resolution I think at the buckle fetch

them up that goes ship blink actually

dodges it's narrowly the timing wasn't

there now mister he's in trouble

alright sighs looking for a second kill

he's gonna get it nice pickup by the PUD

our next year old has two separate

Ultimates deals an insane amount of

magic damage and has an ability that

makes her untargetable sounds broken

right that's because it is and it's why

dark willow finds her way in at number

four on our list is God creatures all

killed a puck I forgot why I hate to

this dark you look so much like bubs

icefrog please fix this [ __ ] terrorize

terribly can receive all the damage that

dark willow has to offer

what about zeros you straight kill them

seriously how is the support allowed to

solo kill a carry like that there goes

the chances for infamous

rolling his way into the top three is

Earth Spirit this hero was a nightmare

for icefrog to balance and it took over

two years for it to become pickable in

pro play easily the old turnaround like

that right there I feel like it's a

perfect microcosm for the state of this

game for Navi Oh immersion he did the

play I caught one seen that one before

he might not be the most popular hero in

lower MMR brackets but let's be honest

players like Jer axe can make him look

straight up broken okay oh my god oh I

thought that was just a cute play or

something he straight-up executed oh


taking me runner-up spot on our list is

peggle ear

the Honorable don't a bundler it's your

service now look guys even if you're a

huge pango fan you have to admit that

certain elements of his design are just

plain broken the fact that his

swashbuckle can proc attack modifiers

like skull basher is just ridiculous and

fnatic capture another already finding

three here is absolutely huge and what's

with the 17% chance to silence and

disarm get rid of lucky shot icefrog I'm

begging you this hero was literally

broken back when he was released in 2016

which is why we're crowning Monkey King

as dota 2's most broken hero don't look

so surprised human my arrival was full

toned the life steal from his Jingu was

calculated before taking into account

enemy armor values


the most portrayed I've ever seen


and the game did get low priority fun

experiment to know how broken our hair

is peg we learn that is very broken then

you need to fix this [ __ ] right now

thankfully this was patched almost

immediately but other broken took his


ultimate easy wings that look for that

one too

looks like very violent another ten now

guys as tilting as this list was I know

some of you are already planning to hit

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what's your most hated hero to play

against in a pub is and why it's techies

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