Ranking Every Doctor from WORST to BEST (Doctor Who)

they may be the same character but some

play it better than others do I become

you well there's a few false starts but

you get that in the end welcome to Doctor Who from worst to


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this list will be ranking the various

incarnations of the Time Lord the doctor

in order of amazingness at least as of

2019 that's not to say those at the

bottom of our list aren't awesome in

their own right however that's the

beauty of Doctor Who everyone has their

own doctor so feel free to share your

favorites and rankings in the comments

also watch out for spoilers number 14

the thirteenth doctor Jodie Whittaker no

one connect users of recency bias the

current doctor gracing our televisions

is the first woman to play the role

Jodie Whittaker has only appeared in one

series as the heroic Time Lord he'll

rather time lady so far but she's fit

the role fairly well you were dr. Ryan

no shame looking for dr. V thirteenth

doctor's fascination with the universe

and hopeful optimism are endearing

however her first series proved

polarizing among fans and even those who

liked her doctor haven't been impressed

by the writing of her error thus far

very nice just Mikey

sorry but ultimately she's in the last

spot because unlike the others here time

isn't over yet so we don't feel like

we've seen everything she's capable of

earth is protected by me and my mates

this year and every other


number thirteen The Sixth Doctor Colin

Baker most people were probably

expecting this doctor to be last on the

list but you were wrong the Sixth Doctor

is characterized by his arrogance

verbosity and generally standoffish

nature which clashes as much with his

wardrobe as his clothes do with

everything else the interesting thing is

before it became good it was evil and

that's what you are don't let me evil

it's these qualities that generally make

him one of the least revered doctors

even so despite his smugness he uses his

righteous anger to stand up for those in


could you hurry up please we haven't got

all day while the many issues behind the

scenes during his tenure may have doomed

public perception of Colin Baker's

doctor Big Finish audio dramas do The

Sixth Doctor justice so give them a look

if he's your favorites or think he

deserves another chance forgive me if I

don't join you number 12 the war dr.

John herds

the odd doctor out you might say since

he and even the other doctors largely

believed him unworthy of their name the

ward doctor is the version who fought

during the horrific mind-boggling

conflict called the time war despite

only appearing in a few episodes John

Hurt's performance nevertheless makes a

profound impression as an aging warrior

tired of war who manages to find hope

again with help from his future selves

having a midlife crisis why are you

pointing your screwdrivers like that

there scientific instruments not water

pistols Hertz version of the character

was certainly worthy of the name doctor

by the end and while his few appearances

do make him feel more special quantity

is still a factor for this moment I am

the doctor again thank you

number 11 the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann

like the war doctor the Eighth Doctor

appeared on screen only a few times in a

poorly received TV movie them again is

easily the highlight of its and a shorts

for the 50th anniversary


yet like another doctor we've discussed

McGann got his due in other media and

his tenure is actually one of the

longest lasting of any of them depending

on your criteria kind of humans all the

same patterns and things that aren't

there the Eighth Doctor was an

enthusiastic adventurer and something of

a romantic but his pacifism and outlook

were challenged towards the end of his

life as despite his best efforts he

becomes and broiled in the time war we

only wish more of his adventures could

have been on screen at this man back on

television number 10 the fifth doctor

Peter Davison sporting a cricket's

outfits in a sprig of celery the fifth

doctor is one of the physically younger

incarnations of the doctor

but apart from some occasional bickering

with his companions he also displays a

more mature and reserved air almost

anyway it's a fused silica and I not

have pain while this has led some to

consider him a bit vanilla we like this

particular flavor after all how bland

can someone be if they pull off a

decorative vegetable trim Timeship in a

shipshape team this boy is more

laid-back attitude the fifth doctor

could be a man of action when needed

engaging in sword fights and desperate

attempts to save his friends on several



number nine the first dr. William

Hartnell he's not just a doctor he's the

doctor the original you might say have

you ever thought what it's like to be

Wanderers in the fourth dimension the

doctor who ran away from Gallifrey with

his granddaughter the first doctor is a

bit of a chrome Majin and prone to

overestimating his own abilities but his

thirst for knowledge and innate heroism

are already apparent this early on plus

he does have a twinkle in his eye and

plenty of mischief in his heart he gave

me about not meddling with history ought

to be ashamed of yourself

nothing to do with me it would be higher

on the list but as the foundation doctor

he doesn't quite reach the heights of

the others even if he does always come

back one day until then there must be no

regrets no tears no anxieties number 8

the second doctor Patrick Troughton the

first doctor was a tough act to follow

particularly since it had never been

done before but Patrick Troughton pulled

it off with style the second doctor is

arguably even more influential than his

predecessor as it's in this incarnation

that the doctors silly yet brilliant

personality penchant for running away

for strategic retreats and more open

affection for his companions all got

their start with him



although he's another doctor surpassed

by those who followed we still love him

for the clever avuncular cosmic hobo

that is our lives are different to

anybody else's that's the exciting theme

nobody in the universe can do what we

are doing

number seven the Seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy don't let his bumbling

demeanor and questionmark vest fool ya

the Seventh Doctor is actually one of

the most devious incarnations of the

Time Lord and this should have an

inquiring mind although still a

protector of the people across time and

space this doctor is best known for his

Machiavellian scheming often treating

both friends and foes as chess pieces to

achieve the best possible outcome

this can make him come across as

ruthless but he still cares about his

companions often acting as a mentor to

them and his motives are good even if

his methods push the boundaries this

dichotomy makes for a fascinating doctor

number 6 the third dr. Jon Pertwee

stranded on earth by the Time Lords

during the 70s or maybe the 80s the

third version of the doctor made the

best of things by working with units to

combat Britain's higher-than-average

alien invasion rates I don't think so

besides being a deaf addresser the third

doctor was a man of science as well as a

man of action

equally comfortable in a laboratory as

taking down thugs with Venusian Aikido

or handling all manner of vehicles


although prone to fiery tirades when

forced to suffer fools the third doctor

was nevertheless kind to his friends

cordial to his enemies and possessed a

sarcastic sense of humor he might not

carry a gun but he's as close to James

Bond as the doctor has ever gotten

number five the ninth doctor Christopher


the first doctor in the modern error of

the show the ninth doctor is also the

first following the time war haunted by

the conflict this doctor is often Curt

and rude while also prone to bouts of

blind rage particularly where Daleks are

concerned however he can still be

chipper and enthusiastic about his

travels and the doctor by the way what's

your name

rose nice to meet you rose run for your

life while he is often overlooked due to

his single-season stint on the program

Eccleston's doctor deserves all the

credit in the world for helping bring

the show to the 21st century and he is

in a word fantastic before I go I just

want to tell you you were fantastic

absolutely fantastic

but you know what


souls are number four the twelfth dr.

Peter Capaldi the next most recent

doctor as of this writing the twelfth

doctor has some of the most character

developments of any of the characters

incarnations initially he's hesitant

about his own morality before

rediscovering himself and becoming

something of a relaxed rocker he took

those notes and phrases together who

really composed eventually he finds a

happy medium between the two though he

retains a sarcastic stand offish

attitude throughout which belies his

inner kindness what do you think

the singing towers though this can make

the twelfth doctor feel less consistent

than the others his growth is still

great to see and Capaldi's performance

is a powerful and compelling one

throughout how much blood will spill

until everybody does what they were

always gonna have to do from the very

beginning sit down I'm talk number three

the 11th doctor Matt Smith physically

the youngest of the doctors thus far the

11th doctor is an old man in a young

person's body able to play the fool as

well as the world weary Explorer the

doctor at times excitable alien and

quickie and prone to talking with his

hands the 11th doctor is also able to

deliver many a speech with plenty of

fury and swagger

through the smoke thing

let somebody else try first as the final

incarnation in the doctor's first

regeneration cycle Matt Smith's doctor

manages to draw on all his predecessors

while adding his own flair to the role

which is just what every doctor needs

were it not for how iconic our remaining

entries are to the character Smith would

certainly be in contention for one of

their spots


number two the fourth doctor Tom Baker

for many Doctor Who fans the fourth

doctor is the doctor the definite

article you might say you may be a

doctor but I'm the doctor

the definite article you might say okay

doctor you're not fit not fit not fit of

course I'm fit and that's hardly

surprising since Tom Baker played the

role for a record seven years on

television and still is in audio dramas

the fourth doctor's hat coat and over

long scarf are all iconic but it's more

than just his appearance first stuck

with fans

his incredible wit lust for adventure

sense of wonder and completely off the

wall behavior have many convinced that

Tom Baker isn't just playing the role

but embodying it in a way few before or

since have ever been able to match what

a wonderful but he's so violent

number one the Tenth Doctor David

Tennant yes by process of elimination

and possibly knowledge of the Doctor Who

fandom you all knew this was going on

the daughter I'm a Time Lord I'm from

the planet Gallifrey in the

constellation of Kasterborous I'm 903

years old I'm the man who's gonna save

your lives six billion people on the

planet below is the Tenth Doctor

overrated possibly you fangirls and

fanboys but he's still rather brilliant

and his rank is well-deserved always

ready with a devil-may-care attitude and

a joyful enthusiasm for discovery the

Tenth Doctor can also be deadly serious

when pushed too far under winner attire

Time Lord victorious is also one of the

more human doctors confessing his

melancholy and insecurities to his

friends and engaging in several romances

whether it's because of his relatability

his confidence or just that damn

handsome face who viens have a special

place in their hearts for the Tenth

Doctor do you agree with our picks

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