Top Ten Greatest Dunkers Ever

Gerald Green his head is even with or

slightly above the rim this breakaway

Duncan like we saw with Paul George



there's dunk contests dunking

who knows I'm told is I read somewhere

his age five five

- it was get the ball Ranger for three



he came to the NBA fresh out of high

school destroyed his second backboard of

the season this time it didn't rain all

down the rim popped out landed on floor

he's done so the ferocity never seen

before and he combined his austin powers

with a colorful personality

and this man has no conscience


number one overall draft pick and a

former MVP but have we seen the last of

Derrick Rose Derrick Rose's game was

predicated on athleticism


year after year after year in Chicago if

you'd like the guy who's both returning

to glory like Michael Jordan




there was brilliant that we were

deprived of thing with Derrick Rose


just exploded on that and then explodes

you to the room he was the guy everyone

used to loves to love and he has a

tremendous ball handling so he get

anywhere on the floor at any time



they're gross probably means more to his

city than any other part means they're




MVP of this league and then you have an

answer Gerald Olin is the father of

power Duncan I'm just one of his sons

probably his best son

no shot

throughout his career Shaq has been one

of the games to show it wasn't pretty

no but it was unstoppable power

is the most dominating force in the

history of basketball


with the shot clock that's a violation

that's a 24-second clock violation



Shaquille O'Neal makes it a six-point

difference at 41 seconds life has made

an immediate slam-dunk impact as a

rookie already considered among the

elite out of the University of Houston

where he belonged to a fraternity called



Clym Wexler

Phil Coonrod he was a first-round draft

pick for the Portland Trailblazers




just nice and high it glides it's like a

bird flying through there you believe

how far out he took off station although

we look at the career for campus and

there is a lobster


to the one-point lead five minutes left






in the history of the NBA James making

much awaited


we just don't know


he is averaging 26 z12 already this

year's team owns the franchise record

for wins and they clinched the best

record in the history he's still only 18

years at 8 months old can he live up to

all I've no one can live up to this time

I'm five or six championship they called

it the dark side or the villain whatever

they call it

I'm Lois those definite challenger



I can let the world know what I see all

along I've been chasing this guy in

Chicago who's been retired for over a

decade LeBron James to me is easily a

top 5 play of all time he can never play

basketball again he's one of the three

greatest players ever does he want to be

better Michael Jordan yes

Moore's bid expected of him says 18

years old than any other single athletes

Michael Jordan


he was different from everyone else live

here in a hole a bottle though I've

never seen in the 18-year of it the oil

was coming he was kids really cocky or

you he believes them whoa perfect timing


thanks to mom nature and ten pounds

thicker after frequent trips to the

weight room in the offseason




nation you have mr. brute force and

shack you had that aerial artistry of

the younger Kobe I was on the team with

Steve net when he won back-to-back


the best player in the league was Toby




slowly right Pacific Division title I'm

gonna go with the guy that made it cool

before all the guys that you mentioned

dr. Jack Malone

pass the deflected gonna be stolen I

think by the doctor to this guy could

see him slow motion going up and going

up going up going up going up going up



there wasn't anything like this and if

you look basketball you had to learn

this about to bear witness to one of the

most spectacular events in professional

basketball the slam dunk contest dr. J

measured off from the foul line then

went back to midcourt I didn't know what

he was gonna do to be honest with dr. J

because he did that first from the

free-throw line


dr. J with the grandfather was also all

would I give him okay



whoa dude the greatest in-game dunk I've

ever seen in person I think you shot it

in the Falla

but you jump from the other side of the

circle and I just never seen a human

being do that before I witness at

courtside what Dominique was dumb did

you hit an opponent screaming you had

one on bird when he jumped up to try to

challenge it throw it down I mean he

fouls you say look I like you you got


that you almost murdered how I was I was

very angry there game in game dunking

particularly in traffic those are the


but he's the best

in-game dunker Michael Jordan Michael

Jordan substitute that Knicks right

there could be Jordan laws Lakers Jordan

are Celtics and everything else

everywhere you go you're getting this

kind of a last night your first

appearance at the garden and you have

shot to stardom already although still

in his first month as professional blank

I've never seen him I play like he plays

great tried to get it away but broken up

by a daily it gets it away the Jordan

you can fly there's a whole generation

of kids now is gonna swear by LeBron

James because if you're watching LeBron

James it's hard to imagine that anyone

who's ever better than that but kids I'm

here to tell you there was someone

better for his tenth flying out of the

box are glad to qualify there's a cool I

love it you know everyone's picking us

to do somewhat bad and it takes all the

pressure off this team watch you know

get ready to hit it all the way down the

court number two Michael going baby


time to slam now we got the real Jam

going down welcome to the Space Jam be

Space Jam




man you just got post around

when you mention the team George went

through those Knicks especially I mean

Mason Oakley Ewing Jordan's going to the

hole against them


you could say he had a problem he was so

competitive his entire life just

revolved around beating other people

that's how it measured himself that's

how he measured every one he played with

why did they call him a black cat

because he was smooth welcome to flight

3 p3 it was a wrap for everyone in the



he has to meet some of the best in-game

guns that she would ever see it



miss Carter


they can go home

right here is Fitz pile of his Christ


just exploded greatest dunker ever was

Beth Carter Vince Carter

oh my I might have to go a Vince Carter

also over Michael



spices in

this guy was doing stuff these kids

still can't do to these days 20 fun

downtown this year 20 of them



what they wanted


watch this one John

about that slam dunk from Vince Carter



nobody's rings at home like Joe Vincent


make itself