10 Best Female Rappers Of All Time

a biscotti are super magazine I'm back

again with another video today I'll be

presenting the ten best female rappers

of all time yep I'll be presenting this

whole list of whitening or the ten

greatest female MCS

to ever pick up the microphone now as

always before I start to slaves here

some audible mentions first honorable

mention goes salt and pepper now I

really really wanted to put them in my

top ten but due to the fact that since

they're a group it's pretty much the

main reason why I didn't because I want

to do my top ten list based on solo

female artists but there's no denying

that they played a huge role in

revolutionising female hip hop so they

definitely deserve an honorable mention

for that but anyways here my other

honorable mentions yo-yo mony love raw

digger baja media Lady of Rage the Bratz

and Remy Ma so without further ado let's

get started

starting at number ten Lisa left eye

Lopes while she was a part of the

legendary R&B group TLC but she was like

the only member of the group who mainly

rapped which definitely earns her a

number ten spot on my list with her

unorthodox rap style and her dynamic

rhymes matching with the pop melodies of

t-boz and chilli is definitely what made

the group such a perfect match whenever

it was her time to shine on a track

whether it became the TLC's biggest hits

like waterfalls in no scrubs or on

another artist a song she would

definitely have the best standout verse

she even released a solo album called

supernova which did poorly in terms of

sales but I definitely think it's a

solid piece of work

well her life was tragically cut short

in 2000 to be a car crash left I will

forever be remembered by her colorful

personality and her flamboyance rest to

peace left-eye coming at number 9 Foxy

Brown now it's me Foxy Brown probably

has to be the most underappreciated

female hip-hop artist because I always

kind of felt like her legal issues and

her numerous peace with other female

artists overshadows her success because

she definitely held it down for females

and hip-hop back in the day she would

burst on the scene and hip hop at the

age of 17 for being featured on member

guest spots from LL Cool J's I structure

remix which featured her and a bunch of

other rappers as well as jay-z's ain't

no [ __ ] off of his debut out reasonable

doubt she was even briefly a part of a

group called the firm which featured the

likes to AZ and nas she would then

release her debut album ill night now

which became a huge commercial success

debuting at number seven on the

Billboard 200 and also selling over a

million copies while Foxy Brown could be

a bit of a heat magnet in the rap

industry but y'all cannot deny her

resume especially with her working with

hip-hop legends such as the likes of


and dr. Dre number-8 Jean Grey

no no not Jean Grey from the x-men okay

yeah yeah that Jean Grey

now Dean Greg definitely has to be my

favorite female rapper and for those of

you who don't know who she is she's an

underground rapper and I gotta say she's

definitely the illest in the game and

she could definitely rap better than

most current male rappers is with their

conscious topics her beat selection

especially the ways that she spits her

double syllable flows which is pretty

outstanding she's best known we're

working with hip-hop legends such as the

likes of comments Holly Holly and most

death and she definitely has an amazing

catalog as well you should go listen to

all of her albums from attack of the

attacking things to her previous album

everything spine which is definitely a

great piece of work coming at number

seven evey e Eve before she pursued an

acting career the Philly native was

running the rap game as the first lady

of Rough Riders along with the locks and

most notably DMX after the release of

her debut album she made quite of a huge

impression when she rock with the best

what made Eve stand out is the way how

she could be very feminine yet very

aggressive at the same time cuz I got a

say gig where she bring on a track was

just outstanding she's best known for

his signature tracks from satisfaction

gangsta lovin and most notably her

collaborative track with Gwen Stefani

let me blow your mind which were going

to win a Grammy for Best rap/sung

collaboration in 2002 and I gotta say it

definitely has a pretty solid

discography rather comes to evolution

scorpion even her previous album

lip-lock was pretty damn good as well

and while sure it didn't sell as well as

her earlier projects she still proved

that she has something to deliver to her

audience and for a 20 year veteran like

Eve that's definitely a great

achievement as she proves that she's

still one of the best number six

misdemeanor herself Missy Elliott now

Missy Elliott's deafening one of the

most innovative rappers both male and

female she would start her career as a

songwriter and producer working with the

likes of SWV genuine total and the late

great Aaliyah she also deserves credit

for help putting on her childhood friend

and longtime collaborator Timbaland

who's now recognized as one of the best

hip hop producers of all time she's best

known for her classic hits from loose

control get the freak on and most

notably her fan favorite track working

from winning five Grammys to selling 30

million records worldwide and even

having all six four albums go platinum

making her the first and only female

rappers to ever achieved

and earlier this year she would make

history by becoming the first ever

female rapper to be inducted into the

Songwriters Hall of Fame so I gotta say

big congrats Missy for that number five

Queen Latifah

Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah is better

known to be an actress nowadays but back

in 1989 she burst on the scene a hip hop

with the debut album all hail the Queen

what makes loctifas so legendary in

hip-hop is that she became the first

ever to provide a voice for women in

hip-hop especially the way she told

stories under wraps addressing relatable

things from troubled relationships as

well as domestic violence from tracks

like ladies first just another day and

her best-known track you and I see why

where she addressed the issue of the

disrespect towards women and with that

the song would earn her a Grammy for

Best Rap solo performance in 1995 by

being one of the first female MCS who

provided a strong message for women and

well if it comes to her being a rapper

or actress definitely makes Queen

Latifah to be one of the most beloved

and devoted feminists in female hip-hop

coming in at number four Roxane Jean say

in 1984 at the young age 14 Roxane shot

say we'll make history by not only

becoming one of the first females to

have a rap but also being one of the

first MCS to originate battle rap and

also being credited for making one of

the first ever districts call Roxanne's

revenge before there was MC Lyte salt

and pepper or even Queen Latifah Roxane

battled her way to the top of the game

by furiously going one-on-one with male

rappers in a battle rap which is very

unlikely for a female where I parties at

the time and for those of you who didn't

know this one right here is who nozzles

influenced by so that's definitely

something after looking at the

contributions to female hip-hop by

becoming one of the four mothers of

battle rap definitely earns our number

four spot in my list number three I have

the queen bee herself little Kim

kimberleigh Denise Jones better known as

Lil Kim began a rap career at the age of

19 when the late grey notorious b.i.g

took her under his wing and recruited

her to be a part of Junior MAFIA which

features likes of Faith Evans and low

seas after the release of her debut I'm

hardcore she would solidify her legacy

by becoming the first-ever female rapper

to portray a more sexy and feminine

persona along with unadulterated Rhymes

and explicit lyrics and she was very

unapologetic with it and for there she

were going to release numerous classics

from La Bella mafia which is definitely

my favorite album foamer

and the naked truth which are going to

receive a prestigious five migrating

from the Source magazine making her the

first and only female rapper with that

achievement and while it is saying that

people in this generation love to poke

fun at her cosmetic

surgery and don't give her the respect

or credit she rightfully deserves but

y'all need to put some respect on little

Kim's name because she's paved the way

and set the blueprint for most of these

current female rappers you see today

including the licen party B and Nicki


even though Nicki's the one who stole

her image off her but all I'm trying to

say is lo Kim is without a doubt the

most influential and most important

figures and female hip hop coming at

number two Lauryn Hill when she started

her rap career as a member of the

legendary rap group The Fugees along

with prize and Wyclef Jean it was very

clear that Miss Lauryn Hill was bound to

become a superstar

whether it came to her complex rhymes

her intelligent lyricism

and her melodic voice she proved that

she was just something special while the

goofs first album blunted on reality was

pretty lackluster but after the release

of their second album the score in 1996

it pretty much took the whole world by

storm now only was it critically

acclaimed but it also was a huge

commercial success especially when it

was six times platinum and would sell

over millions and millions of records

and I gotta say throughout the entire

album Lauryn pretty much stole the show

cuz not only did she out rap but she

also out shine fries and white club

especially when it came to tracks like

Fuji la and killing me softly and

because of this the score is widely

regarded as one of hip-hop's greatest

albums to date but when the group split

up in 97 Lauren decided pursue a solo

career which lets her releasing her

debut studio album The Miseducation of

Lauryn Hill which is definitely an

instant classic the album contains a

great combination of neon soul hip hop

and R&B which definitely makes the album

soul flawless pretty much this album

cemented her as a pop icon especially

when it came to promoting tracks from

x-factor and most notably do OP that

thing which wants peak at number one on

the Billboard Hot 100 and remained there

for two consecutive weeks held this

album would even gain her five Grammys

at the 1999 Grammy Awards you know back

when the Grammys actually meant

something what makes Lauryn Hill so

legendary is that she became the first

solo artist to successfully master both

singing and rapping at the same time you

know way before Drake made it popular

and well yeah it is a shame that she

didn't put enough material after that

due to the fact that she has one

official studio album but her impact on

female hip-hop is so undeniable and she

had more material she definitely would

have taught my list for sure but no that

would be and the number one best female

rapper of all time is

Drake okay okay okay I'm just [ __ ]

with job I'm just playing it's it's it's

MC Lyte of course this MC Lyte hey if

y'all [ __ ] want to know who the real

cleaner hip-hop is it be none other than

miss MC [ __ ] life

yep the very female MC who not only has

influence but has paved the way for most

if not all female rappers both past and

present from Latifah Missy

Kim Rhapsody is so much more sure she

wasn't exactly the first-ever female to

ever rap but she damn sure was the first

one to successfully pursue a solo career

especially when it came to the release

of her debut I'm light as a rock which

is the first ever rap album to be

released by a female hip-hop artist and

not only that she also became the first

ever female rap artist to be nominated

for a Grammy with her hit single

roughneck after being in the rap game

for over three decades - dropping ten

studio albums and by being the first who

made a series to become a female rapper

definitely makes for one of the most

respected icons in hip-hop and with that

def be makes her in my book to be the

best female rapper of all time and

that's the list so what do y'all think

do you guys agree if not let me know in

the comments down below and please feel

free to share who you guys think is the

greatest female rap artist of all time

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